Saturday, January 5, 2019

Birthday Pics, Ice on the Ranch, Vacation Time, and To Do List

I stole this pic from my daughter so I could share with you the beauty of the Texas ranch in the winter!  She did a great job with these pics!  They've had ice last week.

I was unable to post yesterday morning.  Just too much going at once.  And I wanted to get to work earlier.  But on the 3rd we went out for my birthday with Kevin and Susan (my BIL and SIL).  We had a lot of fun and laughs and that is so good!  We are really enjoying our empty nester time with them when we meet and catch up.

BIL and SIL recommended Chloe.  Loved it.  

We had a good meal at Mo'Cara's.   This is in Lebanon, TN and quite the special place.  It's fun to experience an upscale experience, at a decent price, w/o having to fight Nashville traffic. 

We all 4 split the cheesecake and I believe it was one of the best I've had.  Look at that maple carmelized fudge topping.  Just WOW!

And here we are! 

And George says he promises another birthday dinner just he and I - and we are going to the Hermitage Steak House.  He asked if wanted to go before or after my trip and I told him after.  

Ahhh so work has been stressful.  The thought of "acquisitions aren't for sissies" crossed my mind yesterday and made me laugh.  I could feel the skin tingling on my arms from the constant state of "fright or flight" mode yesterday.   So I downed some Ionix (stress formula) and was amazed at the calmness it brought.  An e+shot around mid afternoon which has adaptogens in it also helped.  There's just way more than the two of us can handle anymore.  I know the initial acquisition stuff will go away and things will be more streamlined soon, but it's been a crazy week.  I will say, however, that we have accomplished MUCH in a short time and have had a handle on most of the critical pieces.  Of course it comes fast at you with little reaction time.  My goals are to serve the most people, take care of the most critical issues, keep my bosses happy, as much as humanly possible with the resources we have (or don't), and with as much grace as I can muster without losing my freaking mind!  I have been in my field long enough to know that the expectations are endless of HR and that we will NEVER be able to please or meet everyone's expectations.  And also not many even realize all the details of what we do and track and maintain and answer and look up and get interrupted and - not many get it.  But now at age 56, I've decided ---that's ok!  lol  The fact remains whether people see it or not.  It really doesn't matter.  

So it has been crazy but we'll get through it.  Or not. lol

It was hard to fathom that I would actually go home last night and not be getting up for work.  There was so much to do I'd have been ok with another day of work but there is too much to do here today at home.  

At 5 when I left I had an Isagenix call with a friend who is interested in the 30 day system pack.  So we caught up - it's a high school friend of mine.  I did that call while driving back to MJ Town for my Pedicure at 6.  I sent him the pack this morning to view. 

I have found that over the past year, I have begun to come out of a shell.  I'm talking more.  I'm engaging more.  So the first year of this Isagenix thing was just getting comfortable with myself and in talking to others PERIOD.  I'd been quiet for so many years except with one on one and certain individuals.  So for me to open up and talk to people about a system that would make them feel better - it's all about education - is just amazing.  This year it feels natural.  I'm getting better!  It's been a big growth year in so many ways.  I think I didn't grow up til I turned 55.  lol 

Anyway it felt good to be able to drive and talk instead of being in front of my notes and at home.  So being mobile and on the go and having calls is going to help me a lot.  That is huge!  Did it go perfectly - probably not.  We fail forward though.  And I am looking forward to helping people feel better.  The education of this system is going to be my goal for the next year.  I want to educate folks on what the system can do for them.  If they only knew - we wouldn't be able to meet the demand!  

Anyway, I'm looking forward to all that the future holds with this business and in helping others.  And I'm looking forward to our future as things take off!  The comfort zone is so much better now!  My brain is so much better, nerves better and so forth, being on the superfoods! 

Well, so today is critical in getting things done. 

____Christmas Packed up 
___Trees down
___Packed for Phoenix
___Check weather in Phoenix
____Figuring out my Isagenix food for Phoenix
____What book to take to Phoenix
____Ordering Wireless Earbuds or Headphones from Amazon
____Just cleaning up in general
____A bit of planning as always along with some market strategy stuff
And lots more but I can't think of it right now. Most of that will take most of the day. 
We have a full day planned tomorrow, starting with Church and lunch with friends after!

So I forgot to say that George got my perfume and a couple of special bottles of wine.  

I also spent my birthday money buying Rodan and Fields "Soothe" from my sister.  It should come in today.  It's expensive but I really thought it was the best thing I've tried for my face.  I found some similar products but I like the real thing better.  Considering you get several items in the pack, it's not really that bad I guess.  

I am excited to get started on the day!  And VERY excited to be home today.  I'm going to start the day out with a Pina Colada shake and add some pineapple juice to it just for fun.  

I can't believe Thanksgiving came and went, Christmas came and went and now it's time for NYKO (New Year Kick Off) and vacation.  I scheduled so much vacation time at the end of this year.  And beginning of 2018 for my rollover part. It's made it harder to get anything done at work but earlier in the year was not a good time to take off either.  So I've decided it's never a good time and will continue to never be a good time.  Most every time I try to take vacation, it's an issue now.  I don't see that changing so am I to just not take it? I don't think so.  It's a part of the package deal, and with not  getting any reviews and increases, and already spending all of our life time working in an off balance situation gone from 6:30 in the morning and back at 6 pm at night.  It's critical to be successful, to take some time off.  It just is. So I refuse to feel guilty about it.  But people will let you and I let myself time before last, but no more!  Boundaries! Women also have a harder time.  Get over the gender thing. We just do.  We are expected to do so much in the home that we don't have time to do.  A full time job in both places. 

So anyway I'll be gone most of the next week, leaving Tuesday for Phoenix.  I'll take my laptop b/c no doubt the earth will shatter if I don't. And I'll pay for taking off.  But time has flown and here we are in the New Year.  Time to bust a move and make some progress b/c this chic has some big plans! And some big reasons for it. 

And you know what?  I'm worth it!  

Ya'll take care! 


  1. dessert looked scrumptious. your birthday sounded like fun. very nice indeed. the time off work will be appreciated i'm sure.

  2. I've been having difficulty posting a comment as I don't have a google account, It's something to do with the settings on comments, so I am trying anonymous, but this is Pam, mostly known as ma. Busy days for you coming and going, but sounds like you have a handle on it as usual. Happy Birthday!

  3. I enjoy your pictures. One person can only do so much. The more you do the more they expect it sounds like. They are never happy. I hope you have a safe trip to Phoenix. My daughter uses the Rodan and Fields and it really does work. She has beautiful skin. And the mascara does really make your eye lashes grow longer! I want some but just can not bring myself to pay that much. It is a beautiful sunny day here. I am off shopping for sales.


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