Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Finding Joy, My Forever In Box, and Cold Weather

Loving the Bible App on You Version.  This is the one, above!  

Yesterday's "stack". 

Worked on end of year DOT drug screen reports, Service Award Letters, and doing some offer letters for positions we have hired and worked on Benefit Mandates for Child Support.  Today must finish those up and work on FMLA processing, Lord Willing.  The paperwork never ends. Neither do the emails and the incoming "please hire this one" and "please run this ad".  lol  Anyway oops, talking about work - promised I wouldn't so it doesn't attract the wrong people reading for the wrong reasons. No trolling now, you hear me?

Like to never have gotten out of work yesterday.  I was packed up and logged off and someone needed something.  I offered to take off coat, unpack, log on, call home and let them know I'd be late.  I was already late at that point, but they said "nah wait til tomorrow".  I think they'd let you work til midnight if you would.  

Sorry but my home, my spouse, and my other goals require a bit of balance so I was off to home to keep my commitment of cooking chili.  George was kind to retrieve things for me - spices, cooking pan, grating cheese for the topping.  That was sweet.  I got the chili going and then got on my team call at 7.  It was moved up an hour.  I like that better.  Although being late from work already and then having to throw the chili together, I was wondering if I was going to make it.  But I did.  

The team call goes really fast.  I am enjoying the plug in each week now.

My "tude" was better yesterday.  Just having to change the focus from negative energy to positive.  From inner mode to serving.  From being closed minded to open minded.  Letting the thoughts come.  Letting the thoughts GO.  Not dwelling on them, not contemplating them, not harboring them.  Holding on to God's definition of loving others.  Holding on to the fruits of the Spirit.  And remembering this: 

And there is nothing in the world that gives JOY to myself like my morning coffee which I'm loving the Starbucks Guatemalan!  

Supposed to be dangerous cold with wind chills and supposedly snowing outside I hear.  I didn't bring work home so I hope it does not do any damage.

A lot of the schools are out b/c of the snow (but it didn't snow) and the cold weather and also some stating flu.  So I think at the end of January the school systems are just wanting to make sure they get their snow days in as they have not had any so far.  lol  However, most of our bigger snows come in Feb and sometimes in March.  We can get it anytime b/w Christmas and April.  The April snows though are quick come and gos.  Anything through mid March could knock us out for a few days. But this is our coldest air of the season.  It's been slow to get here. 

Well, I'm getting off to do a Target order and do some business stuff for my side gig!  Then off to the races (the day job).  Have a lovely day.


  1. We've got the wind blowing the cold here today. Snow on the ground but thankfully nothing new. Windchills well below zero as we are only getting a high today of - 4 degrees. Your chilli looks perfect for a cold day and I'm thinking I will make some for me today. I need all the warming up I can get. Take care and have a great Over the Hump Day!


  2. I am very pleased that you have now got over the awful flu you had. I haven’t commented these last few days....not that I haven’t read your blog.....but I was feeling a bit like you so two of us in a funk wasn’t good. I didn’t feel I could add anything others had said about your dream of travelling the US ...please as soon as is sensible look into the cost of hiring one for perhaps two weeks, that would give you both and idea as to how it might be for weeks on end.......take care love. Night night. Xxx. Keep warm, I have friends in Chicago where the temp went down to -40 last night, I can’t begin to imagine what that would be like. We were very cold and icy this morning-7 but it warmed up a little later, not enough to melt the ice on the fish pond, hope they will be ok, I meant to leave a ball in it...but even if I had it might have burst with the pressure of the ice...just hope the fishes will survive...We are expecting a little snow tonight, it’s certainly very very cold...xxxx

  3. the chili sounded good. good meal in these frigid temperatures.


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