Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Flu Bug

Well, I can't believe it has been 3 days since I posted and I didn't get to post much last week either.  You all have probably thought that I have quit blogging.

Monday about 2:30 I began feeling a sore throat after having a dry cough all day.  I thought something was in the air.  I guess it was - the flu bug.  Likely was caught in Phoenix.  But so glad I got home before it hit.  When I got home my fever was shooting up to 101.

Tuesday morning I got up at 5:30, dressed and headed in to work - in sweats - to retrieve my computer and work to take home.  Oh gosh you would not believe how behind I am.  I did a few limited things yesterday and responded to email but found it hard to concentrate with that kind of temperature and took naps all through the day.  Was miserable with the fever and head pounding and feeling like my eyes about to bulge out of my head.

Last night I began taking Acetaminophen when the temp reached 102.7.  It brought it down 2 points.  This morning again it was 102.7 and I took more. The head is breaking loose now and I have kleenex boxes in every room and cough drops not far.  With the Acetaminophen kicking in, I've been able to eat today.  Some mac and cheese and peanut butter and crackers, and now munching on blue corn chips with my coffee.

The internet keeps going on and off - our TV has not been able to connect in several days.  And now our devices and laptops are having issues so I think the router might be going bad.  It's extremely annoying as I'm trying to work and it keeps knocking me off.  That said our internet here has always come and gone momentarily but usually comes back as quick as it left so I've not fussed but once about it.  But it is getting worse now.  Sometimes you can't even recognize our website or wifi - which means to me the router is going bad.  But what do I know?

I need to be at work ya'll!  It's so hard to work from home with no printer, no scanner and away from our files.  I feel so disconnected and helpless.  I may work Saturday if our offices will allow it (alarm wise).

So I'm unsure about tomorrow.  I probably need to stay away another day so as not to infect anyone else but I'm tempted to go and hole up in my office with door closed and be remote from everyone.  I feel better today with the Acetaminophen and will feel even better tomorrow.  If the internet keeps acting up I may have no choice.  I would feel bad though if I still had germs and spread them.  So I guess I'll keep trying to work from home and then knock it out of the park on Friday and Saturday.

Well, just wanting to pop in and say hello.  I'll be posting some Phoenix pics over the next few entries.  Just don't have it in me today.  Behind on everything in life.  Just wanting to feel good again.  But today is certainly an improvement on yesterday!  At least Tylenol is getting me out of bed.


  1. You probably caught something on the plane. I have seen on TV how germ infested those planes are. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is awful enough without having to worry about work too. Maybe your husband can go to cable place and get a new router. Ours did the same thing. Husband had to get a new one.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Sorry to read about your flu/cold/fever...I think it’s a case of ....join the club....I’m in the same situation but mine has been with me for a week...thankfully toda y I’m feeling as if I am going to live...hope that tomorrow you will be able to get into work. I know how good at work you are and how you hate not getting things done...take it easy love. God Bless. Night night. Xxx

  3. Oh dear ... I do hope you are well soon. I had a terrible cough for nearly 3 weeks - but no fever - so I guess mine was a cold? Either way - take good care of yourself and don't rush back to work. Hope you get that new router soon too - internet connection issues are so annoying! Happy Wednesday...

  4. sorry to hear you caught the flu bug. feel better soon.


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