Thursday, January 17, 2019

Flu Continued

Up this morning.  Slept well the first half of the night but the drainage has kicked in and coughing as it goes into bronchials and nasal passages and throat. The world is blessed as I've lost my voice.  My fever is at 100 at least w/o Tylenol.  So that means with Tylenol it would probably go down to normal.  So I'm going to the doc today so I can see if I can get the z pak.  I didn't want to have to go twice - so I just waited til I was in an infected state.  Otherwise they won't give it to you.  But now it's in my ears and chest and sinus hurting really bad above my eye when I look up.  So now is the time for doc.  I suppose I should stay out another day with still fever at 100.  I will plan on trying to go tomorrow.  And Saturday if our offices allow.  One could argue I get more done at home as far as being able to concentrate on things.  But it makes it hard w/o a proper printer and scanner. I have one but it's not a good one and very cantankerous.  I may have to try and use it today though for a couple of things.

I felt pretty good yesterday with the Acetaminophen bringing it down from 102 to 100 and it was before all this drainage did its damage overnight.  I was even down to 99 last night before bed with more of it so I could work through until dinner was ready - then we watched Below Deck. The coughing surprisingly has made my muscles very sore this morning.

All this is so very annoying but what can you do.

So off to the doc today and hoping for Z pak.  I hope they won't be stubborn about it.  If so, They will witness me being stubborn.  I am not wanting to argue about it but I'm liable to, lol.  I am ready to feel better and I know the zpack works well when I'm in this condition.  I don't think I'll be taking no for an answer.  :-O  It won't be pretty if they say no.

I looked in the mirror - I look like death itself.

I thought the year was getting off to a pleasant start other than work being wildy overburdened, but I guess not.

This too shall pass.  In the mean time, off to take a shower and to be first in line at the doc.  To make matters worse - the rain is heavy outside and I'll get to be out in that.  No one to drop me off or anything like that.

So far George is clear and not infected with it.  He either has good immune going (normally he does) or the virus stays laden for a few days which I think it does.

I think I've had the flu like every other year?  I'm not really sure but I think I'm done with the flu shot.  I think - not sure - but I think it impacted me in a negative way in my gut biome and still not corrected totally.  And then it didn't even help.  Even some doctors are finally admitting they don't believe in the flu shot anymore.

My eyes look horrible too - big huge circles.  I guess it is from no solid sleep the past few days.  I was thinking I was sleeping pretty good but I guess not so if it is in 2 hour spurts - so I look horrible.

My throat is sore, can't talk, and the congestion has really set out to make for a miserable day.

So off to the doc I go for the first appointment at walk in.

I have to make sure my company's insurance will cover the walk in center I use - it's a little more selective than Gibson's insurance was.  I don't want that to make me mad so I need to check that to see if I have to drive across town (that will make me mad too).  My walk in center is very close and right at the end of our neighborhood.  Tempted to just go there anyway.  At worst out of pocket.

I know I'm a little moody today - my positive self is not glowing during the flu days.  Just dealing with all this crud now.  Good grief.

And I don't like being behind in life!  I'm catching up though slowly.  Everyone including me will have no choice but to be patient.  We were short anyway in help so whenever you try to take off whether it be vacation, funeral, sickness - it's just a disaster.

Anyway - ya'll take care and I hope you don't get this in your circles!

Oh - one more thing!  I called Comcast and got the router fixed.  All they needed to do was reboot.  I had asked George if he would call the night before but he didn't.  So I had to call yesterday so I could work as it kept knocking me off and then I'd have to relog into our internet and then into our VPN at work - was soooo annoying.  Once I got annoyed enough I called.  Now we are back in business and the router is reaching everything.  Not sure why it has to be rebooted or what that does.  It's an Xfinity router so at least the cable company could do it.  They were really nice but they don't want to let you talk.  I couldn't half way talk anyway.  I kept teller her the reboot hadn't taken yet that we had to wait til it reset but she was rushing me on to try my PC.  I told her it is not going to work until the router has had time to reset.  She kept saying "oh don't worry about the network - it's ok - just try your computer now".  Well ok dumtwat, if that is what you want I will follow your directions just to prove a point.  And of course it wasn't working.  She put me on hold to get more help.  In the meant time the router finished booting up and of course it was working but I had to wait til she got back to say "it's working".  I started to hang up but that didn't seem nice.  She laughed at our internet title (network).  That was good b/c we meant for it to be funny. 

Well ok off of here to see what the doc says.  I don't think we are going into pneumonia or anything as no pain and I'm not sick at my stomach and fever going down.

Have a good day!


  1. Glad you are going to see the doctor. It sounds like you need help for sure. So far the flu bug is staying away here. I got it last year and was very sick and took me about a month to recover. But I didn't go to the doctor and should have. We never really appreciate how good we feel until we get sick it seems. Hope you are feeling much better soon!
    Hugs from far away! Mostly known as 'ma'

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! It's good you're going to the doctor.

  3. Sounds like a good idea going to Dr. He needs to give you something to help you rest. My daughter has had issues with dizziness and feeling light headed ever since she took flu shot. It had never done that i didn't take this year. Get you some good hot soup somewhere and drink lots of water. Maybe it will help you feel better.

  4. Glad you are feeling some better and after you see the doctor much better. I haven't taken the flu shot this year I did last year and had something most likely the flu. Like you it took a while for me to feel better. These rainy, cold days is keeping me in. I’m looking so forward to spring. Take care. Jean


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