Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Fondue, Pizza, New Year, and Books Read in 2018

Little Roger has been snuggling up to me a bit here and there.  Mainly because his Daddy's been in the kitchen cooking a lot.  Momma's laptop provides a good head rest though.  Maisy has snuggled in bed with me - mainly because she heard fireworks on New Year's Eve and even last night remembered it.  Normally she likes her own space to sit and to sleep.  Once she gets tummy rubs over - she's ready for her own space. 

On New Year's Eve, I opened a bottle of Acrobat, Rose of Pinot Noir, which my sister in law gave me for Christmas.  I really enjoyed this Rose as it is smooth, kinda like Pinot Noir is.  

George fixed an excellent fondue dinner for us Monday for NYE.  So thankful to have a Hubster that likes to cook.  We enjoyed our cheese fondue and meat fondue.  I guess I didn't get pics of the cheese fondue.  I worked Monday on NYE but he was off so he did a lot of the prep work Monday.  If he had worked we probably would have had something different.  It takes a lot to chop everything and make the sauces. 

As you can see we had seafood of scallops, shrimp, and salmon and we had chicken and steak.

There were sauces:  seafood sauce, curry sauce, "Granda" sauce (worchestershire, ketchup, and seasonings, creamy horseradish, and a Chinese sauce.

The raw meat looks appetizing doesn't it?  lol

And the veggies.  We put the veggies in a few at the time and let them boil.

My favorite is the brocolli.  

So NYE went by incredibly fast as we had the cheese fondue first, watched the MEG movie, and then later on had the meat fondue and before we knew it we were finding ourselves in the last hour.  The last half hour seeming like an hour and a half.  I kept dropping off to sleep and George would wake me up and say "almost there".  Then we headed to bed.  

I was thankful for a restful NYE and that we did not go out.  I needed some quiet time.  And apparently George did as well.  

New Year's Day of course found us sleeping in til 7.  We would have made it longer but Tugie was not having it.  She began barking and the Maisy began barking at her.  I was thinking What the haybarn? So we both got up, took dogs out and I made coffee and their breakfast.  

I didn't have anything to eat until after lunch.  I fixed a shake. And then we had dinner a bit later around 7 or so - George fixed Pizzettes.  But he read a pizza cookbook from a guy that makes them a little differently - from the sauce, to the dough, to the oven - in which he tells you how to make a make shift pizza oven, and then you transfer the pizza over to another baking stone to finish off the top.  Man it worked!  His pizza was probably within the top three of Nashville.  Oh wow.  It was heavenly.

My favorite was pepperoni.  He put olives, mushrooms and anchovies on his. 

The recipe calls for an herbed up olive oil to be drizzled on the top.  The flavor was incredible. The dough was incredible - he worked on that for two days - three if you include the cooking day.

So Yesterday also went by fast.  Laundry of course, changed our sheets, took some stuff downstairs for storage.  Most of the day though I redecorated the blog for the winter season and did my year in review which was about half effort b/c I just didn't have the time to go scroll through 365 days of  blogging.  But I did the best I could. 

I forgot to post the books I read.  I hate to say that any time for reading was pushed out by my Isagenix learning and planning and doing, and also by YouTube viewing on my favorite shows.  But that is ok. It will likely get pushed out again this year as well.  Most likely some of my blog time and reading time will go as I push through some goals and get set up in a rhythm. 

But here are the books read last year: 

Mississippi Solo, Eddy Harris
Overboard, Michael Tougias
Very Chrleston, Diana Gesslar
Short History of Charleston, Robert Rosen
Hillbilly Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus
River Chronicles: Rediscovering America on the Hudson, Jessica Dulong
Kindness is the New Classy, Candace Bure
The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

It's still amazing that these were even read considering how busy last year was. 

I was disappointed the day went by so fast.  I worked around my desk some cleaning up and washed our sheets and changed them.  I got the vacuum out but didn't get the vacuuming done.  The Christmas stuff is gathered but is not put up yet.  Ornaments and things are still on the trees.  I am questioning myself why we decorate so much for just a month.  lol It truly is a lot of trouble when you are busy, work FT, and are trying to have a side hustle going with a business, still keep a few friends, and try to keep family happy.   It takes a couple of weekends to get it all out and about that long to get it all up when you work.  But it makes the season festive and makes our hearts glad I guess.  

I got my rain boots packed up and ready for shipping.  Had to print the return label.  They were too snug.  So at least that is out of the way.   I downloaded some songs off of the CD's that George gave me. 

We had our pizza, and played games - I played Diamond Diaries and he played his Xbox driving game.  

So, a nice day for sure.  I wanted to go for a walk, put up the Christmas, do some research on wireless ear buds and such.  But didn't get the opportunity to do so.  I have the ability to plan more for a day than there is time to do it.  But we did have some relax time in there.  

Now I need to go to work.  Not going in early and I think my hair cut is this evening.  

I'm cleansing today.  I have to call and check on my hair cut.  I don't think she gave me a card and I didn't write it down.  Busy this week in the evenings.  Birthday is tomorrow!  And Pedi is Friday.  

Have a great Wednesday.  Man it feels like Monday after a 1 day weekend, lol. 


  1. I took my ornaments and Christmas and packed up until next year. Christmas came and went so fast this year. The pizza and fondue looks really good. We use to have a melting pot here and it reminds me of that. Sounds like your little dogs are very loving and enjoy when you are home with them. Have a great week. until

  2. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day to celebrate the new year. Happy Birthday.


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