Saturday, January 19, 2019

Geeky Day and Phoenix Botanical Gardens Video

Well, here we are on a Saturday and my day has all but rearranged itself.  My intentions were to get up early and start working.  Work I did but on a couple of projects I've mean meaning to do.  One thing led to another and after about 10 geekified hours later, I find that my photos have all been redon on my iphone - a 2018 project I vowed would be done by end of year.  And I wanted to show you all my Phoenix photos and it was going to take too long so I put the Botanical Garden all in a video.  And then the perfectionist in me has to go do it the long way.  And tweak every little thing about all 89 some odd photos or video clips.

 Midway through the photo project I got sidetracked.   I realized that one of my customers enrolled a customer and I got all excited.  I had no idea it had happened.  I should have.  It sent me a notice and I thought the notice was about someone that was already a customer b/c she had the same first name.  Anyway, I realized that my team was growing and got all excited.  I had to look to see what was going on in my back office.  While I was there I did my orders for the next month and then also ordered some under George to make the other leg even out for a cycle.  Yes it's legal.  I needed the BV on that side so ordered some under him.  And I needed to do the Walmart order because the dogs and cat were running out of food and I didn't want to have to go to Walmart in person.  So I got that done.

And did any laundry even get started? Nope.  And no ironing done.  So I'm a little put out with myself for not doing work first, but I'm about to go start a load of laundry and then go start on my Full Time HR Job work and then tomorrow I'll still try to wear all three hats of HR job, the PT job and the housework!  We'll see how that goes.

George went to town to get our next quarter's seafood.  We are well stocked in seafood, beef and pork still.

And it has rained cats and dogs today.  And that is why I brought stuff home to do.  I didn't want to drive in the rain.  Trying to do work on a weekend day though when you are home is so hard.  I kept thinking "ok in a minute, ok in a minute", but after this blog entry it's time.  Working on a Saturday night.  I'm unreal behind.

My voice is getting better with each and every Zpak pill.  I'm mending quickly.

My back evidently was scalded a bit - although not red and no blisters - from the hot water while I had a fever.  I kept turning it up hotter but it didn't feel too hot on me.  I guess it was.  My back has felt sunburned for 3 days.  I can't figure out anything else it could have been.  But I do remember leaning over in the shower to let the heat sear through the core of me when I was chilled to the bone.  Today when I put aloe on my back - it's the first relief I've felt in two days.  My back has been what has made me feel the worst the last two days, lol.  Is that not weird?  It's almost embarrassing.  I will put on more aloe before going to bed.  I think that has also impacted my not sleeping as good.

Last night I slept in 4 hour chunks instead of two like the last few.  So that is good.

And I'm going to leave you with the Phoenix YouTube video of the Botanical Garden.  I need to start taking my better camera with me for these shots so I can do away with the black sides when using the iphone.  If you watched it - let me know and give me a thumbs up on YouTube if you can.  And even follow me.  I'll be doing these more often to practice a bit.

Tomorrow I promise to post the rest of the Phoenix pics!  There are not as many of those but I went wild at the Botanical Garden as it was crazy!  So this video is six minutes of dessert and southwest botanical and landscape scenes out there and not much else.  It's beautiful but if it bores you just click off.

Ok off to get stuff done and quit being geeky!

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  1. Trying to catch up when you've been off is not easy and takes some extra work. Not only at work but at home too. And being sick means we need to take it easy in order to get well again too. We had lots of snow and not rain here and it is bitter cold.
    Hope this weekend brings you lots of progress!
    Pam, mostly known as 'ma'


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