Monday, January 28, 2019

Geeky Restful Sunday and Feeling Better Today

I miss having a calendar above my desk.  I haven't bought one yet since George said money was so tight. I was waiting for the sales to go on for the 2019 calendars. I guess I'll pin the $20 George threw at me for my monthly blow money in place of my calendar on the bulletin board, and use that to buy one with so I'll know what day it is eventually. Being that $20 is a joke for blow money for a month at least it should go to something worth while that will last all year.  Heaven forbid it come out of the joint account.  Or I should just give the $20 blow money back if we are that tight and just not care what day it is.

I did order some cheap rain boots with a refund from the others from Christmas that did not fit and I bought a blood pressure monitor with a gift card from my sister - which is not a very good birthday present for me to pick for myself but our household needed one and of course my a$$ is gra$$ since I spent so much last month so I'll punish myself ALSO and order the blood pressure monitor with the birthday money.   I wanted the Sperry's rain boots but went with the cheap rain boots instead.  I'm sure I'll get what I've paid for but tried to pick a pair that had good ratings.  We'll see. I may be returning pair number two.  

So I slept all night last night and woke up 5 minutes before the alarm.  That was awesome.  I don't usually do that.  I didn't wake up once.  I did have a bad day yesterday - a sad day - a day of working through some stuff in my head - or more like ignoring the need to work through some stuff.  Still not worked through.    

Anyway, yesterday I didn't want to do anything.  I didn't want to move.  I guess b/c we were gone the day before and my energy level still not up to par from flu.  I did do some laundry - minimal.  I mostly ordered a few things, as mentioned above.  I redecorated the blog, managed my icloud storage which was using up my all my icloud space.  I had to delete the last back up and reback it up.  I deleted a bunch of AOL mails with graphics and that saved a lot of space.  I had graphics I was going to download from 2014 and just never found time nor the desire to do it.  It mainly harbored a bunch of ill will though b/c the leader of that group was so ugly to me.  I never figured out why.  She made up her mind she didn't like me.  I think it was because I worked and didn't have time to sit and make graphics all day like the rest of them. But I did my minimal weekly duties to remain in the group and still got kicked out, lol.  It hurt my feelings so badly.  She couldn't grow a pair and tell me what I'd done wrong  ( Because I'd not done anything wrong.) So I just deleted them and got rid of the evil spirits that went along with that.  I could care less about the graphics at this point.  All the good ones I've wanted were collected years ago and I have enjoyed them immensely from the previous groups and they have good karma attached!  Now I don't have those odd feelings when I go through my emails.  They were not really my style of PSP'ng anyway.  So poooof that is all gone and my storage is so much better. 

I also upgraded my iTunes, updated all my iphone updates, and uploaded some Queen and Earth Wind and Fire onto my ipod.  I did some follow-ups for the business, and did a training on the iTools to use for social media posting.  Learned a lot about that.  I was going to go to the store but didn't want to take a shower and go amidst all the other geeky stuff.  So it was a good hibernation day.  

And I feel better today, more "mind" energy, and feel better and feel like doing things and feel like moving.  So that is good.  It's going to be a cleanse day today.  I normally want to do them on Tuesday.  However, if it is going to snow tonight, and I'll be working from home tomorrow - we'll probably have chili.  It'll be harder for me to do a cleanse at home.  lol  So George bought the stuff for us to fix chili.  

I'm very much in the mood to read but didn't get to do that yesterday.  We watched "Oh God" with dinner and after I ate fell asleep during the movie.  George kept stopping it but finally gave up and let it play.  I was comfy and full and obviously needed sleep anyway. 

And so I need to get off and do my hair and get to work.  I'm better today but still have some things to work out in my mind.  But I have decided I'm not giving up on my dreams just b/c no one else has the same one. 

Ya'll have a great day.  


  1. Glad you are feeling better. It doesn't solve any thing, moping about it or whining. It's what we do that is important. Today is another one...we get to choose what we're going to make it. Mondays are a good time to fresh.

  2. glad you let the doldrums slip away.


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