Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Greater Joy

Ahhh, I have been in quite the horrible mood.  However, yesterday I began coming out of it.  I think I even sang and laughed.  Not everyone can appreciate that, but.... whatever!  

I started a Bible course in YouVersion, which I believe is the best one yet.  It's called "5 Days to Greater Joy with Tommy Newberry" and it has little videos that you can watch.  It has some great tips, great graphics in the video.  It really spoke to me and is helping.  

I think any unhappiness lies from life not being as you visualized it.  And instead of focusing on that, you focus on the blessings instead and your future goals.  What I got out of yesterday's lessons was to not give up on my dreams and desires as they are a part of me.  They are what brings joy to a downtrodden day.  I had asked for God's opinion if I should just give it up and he said "no do not" very loud and clear through this video that I just happened to have selected!  How cool is that? 

Not being happy also happens when you are not focused on God so I've shifted my focus to him and that means instant control over my day and He washes away all the negative with his Love and Peace and Fruits of the Spirit. It leaves no room for negativity.   And the negativity of the world cannot pierce it b/c of my shield of faith. 

Yee Ha.  I love it when I find the way through the maze of uncertainty and unhappiness to find the light at the end and the open fields and the sunshine and rooster crows and we are on our way again!  


So I transferred $200 of my Isagenix earnings money to George this week.  I thought I only had $150 but apparently had gotten paid more.  That happens.  I love pay day.  So George was happy about that.  That goes toward Phoenix trip.  

Anyway, it is the last week of Jan and only 3 days left.  February always lifts my spirits in the way that we have some hope of a 68 to 70 degree day.  I was even happy with yesterday's 56 degree day.  That was a treat.  I've not done my bucket list for Jan,Feb, March yet.  So when I do it I may actually go through May.  lol  And just call it the Spring Bucket list.  I've not been wanting to do it b/c it seemed to me to add stress of "more to do's" and that is not what I needed the past two weeks while I've been so behind.  

I thought I was catching up at work but then yesterday's in box dumped a foot of mail off and now I fear we have a lot of employee child support withholding to do now from our acquisition.  At an hour each for processing - my week is kaput now.   But I do what I can do and prioritize and go from there.  It's so easy to get sucked into the 70 emails asking questions and not get your desk work done.  So on some days I've actually had to do some desk work first to guarantee it got done.  Life is hard and priorities coming from all different modes but you can only focus on one mode of communication at once.  You have to laugh at cell phones ringing, office phones ringing, emails pinging, texts pinging, the office IM on Skype pinging (which I turned off b/c it kept crashing), and walk in questions/situations - so the paperwork builds and all you do is talk to people and put out fires.  lol   Anyway sometimes I have no choice but to make everyone wait til I get something - ANY THING done!  

So off to the races!  I brought work home in case it snowed.  Of course it didn't so now I have to cart it all back.  

Ya'll have a good day!  


  1. So glad you found that Bible study...God's word does hold all the answers. So many times I've found that to be true. My faith has gotten me through many rough days and there have been many Here we are looking at a minus 4 degrees for tomorrow and the news is full of warnings to keep warm. We have snow and it's not going any place soon. Keep the faith, and you will get through this...nothing ever lasts forever!

    Love and hugs,


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