Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Again!

Well, after a very easy, smoothe, and quick flight, I find myself home.  We descended into clouds and into a cold rainy Nashville.  I am some what unpacked, a load of laundry in, and have been well fed tonight by the spouse.  

Maisy met me at the airport along with George.  

We were very busy day and evening with our general sessions and then dinners after the sessions, with the crew.   Then time with George checking in each night.  

Then I would check our groups Instant Message feed for what the latest details were.  It was hard to get all of us in one place w/o reservations, so we ended up splitting up into groups and everyone kept up my IM.  It was a very active feed.  

But now to switch gears.  It seems like tomorrow should be Saturday.  lol  So I'm so off on the schedule but it's all good.  I'm pretty rested.  And I did have some restful time at the beginning of the week with some sleep in mornings.  And it was a lovely and fun time with our crew.  Lots of good information.  

Glad to be home.  It's been a good vacay and a great seminar and I have a lot of good ideas that I am very excited about.  

I had to change the blog decor.  Coming back from Phoenix and to my dull snowy blog - was depressing.  So I had to step it up a bit.  George laughed b/c he said the decor is not "Southern".  Well, who cares.  This Southern girl has some fried up L'Attitude changes every now and then - which is what this is all about - my lattitude changes and my attitudes in between.  

This Southern Fried chic enjoyed her week and made a lot of friends.  I'll be posting more tomorrow or Wednesday, if the time allows.

I do have to spend some time this week setting some goals.  

I'll get her done.  When the goals are in writing, we have so much better chance of reaching them.
So ON TO it we go! 

And tomorrow back to the world of HR and the land of acquisitions and transitions.  My side gig may be taking a back seat in the a.m daylight hours, but it has no monetary ceilings like the day job does. And that is pretty exciting to build something that will pay you while you sleep? 
:-O  :-D

Nite Nite.  Glad to be home!  


  1. welcome home. hope you have a good week.

  2. Sorry I have not been in to comment but I have not been feeling very well..just a very heavy cold but it makes me so tired I have no energy...I am delighted that all went so well at the convention and you made some good friends. Time will tell in the coming months how everything will go. You certainly deserve great success, George and you are both so hard working. I think there’s a great year ahead for you for now, you might still be in bed as it’s only 8-35 am over here..mild with blue sky.....certainly no signs of snow at the moment xxxx

  3. So glad you had a great trip and are safely home again. Nice to go away and get inspired. I can only imagine how over joyed the dogs were to see you home again. And how wonderful your personal chef had a wonderful meal for you too. Hope you do have a wonderful Monday!
    Pam, msstly known as 'ma'

  4. I'm glad you had a good trip. You look so rested and relaxed. Your little Maisy looks happy too. I like your header picture. That is one place on my bucket list. I have always wanted to see The Grand Canyon. My sil has some family who lives there. They retired there. Have a good week. I know your hubby is glad to have you back home.

  5. welcome back home. glad you enjoyed your time away.


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