Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hello from Phoenix

Maisy misses me George says! And I miss her. He gives her food and treats to console her but she is sleeping a lot when I call! 

She licked my hand the morning I left, knowing something was up. I’m not used to being away for this many days. But I miss her at bedtime as we talk and I rub her tummy and then we sleep. 

I am in Phoenix with our team.  We have eaten dinner the last two nights with various parts of the crew as they arrive. 

I need a selfie stick... good grief! lol 
Here is the view from the front of my hotel suite.

And here it from the back at sunset. 

We ate dinner at the arrogant butcher on our first night.

Here is the hotel courtyard where did a zoom conf call with our group. 

Last night we ate at a favorite restaurant of mine called T-Bones. The filet was wonderful.

So yesterday while the group hiked a very steep and treacherous hike, the Lord led me to the botanical gardens instead. It was perfect. I loved it and took so many pics. I’ll wait til I get home to share them though. I was on my own but had a good day and was happy to be where I was! 

But until then here is a pic...It was a gorgeous 70 degree day and a wonderful walk through dessert life with dessert flowers blooming. 

I also had lunch there on the grounds and had watermelon green tea. Yes I got the burger. Mainly because it was so much cheaper than everything else and it was awesome. I also ate with a bird sitting opposite me so I wasn’t alone. 
And those fingerling potatoes were really good.


Then off to a brewery because it is what George would do lol and I had the time. So off to The Beer Shop in Tempe nearby. I Uber’d every where! 

Then off to register for the event and get my badge etc. 
Here’s the brewery pics.

And The Phoenix Convention Center area.

And then walked around downtown waiting for friends to get off the hike and Uber over. They registered and we all headed for dinner on the side of the mountain overlooking Phoenix. Slept pretty good last night. We have a tour of Isagenix headquarters this morning and then a free afternoon and our big team dinner with everyone tonight. 

Y’all have a great day! I’m so tempted to rent a car and go to the Grand Canyon and skip the conference lol. But I won’t! 
Take care! 


  1. So nice to see you are having a good time and enjoying some warmer weather. I would have forgone that hike too. Hope the conference is worthwhile and you learn some new things that will inspire you.

  2. everything looks wonderful. enjoy.


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