Friday, January 18, 2019

Normal Temps this Morning

I woke up with normal temps this morning.  Doc said stay off til Monday but I am going in for a little while today to print/scan/offload/transfer some things over.  With no fever the threat of spreading the virus is gone. 

Do I feel my best ever?  Heck no!  But I can tell I'm more normal than I have been all week.  I had a rough day yesterday and wondered if that meant a turning point.  It sounds familiar - the day you start to pull your hair out and get angry at everything - the next day is better suddenly.  Wonder why that is?

Supposed to be a nasty weather system come through.  I am likely going to work tomorrow either from work or home.  Depends on what I get done today and what I need to do tomorrow.  I just can't print, scan, and such. 

As for personal contact today - I plan on staying cooped up/holed up in the small chance it has not been enough time - or the cold part is still contagious - so it's not 24 hours fever free to make sure - so there is that.  So I'll keep my distance.  Likely will not feel like staying the whole day but will do what I can.

My entire back area is sore - like sensitive.  I thought it might be from coughing but I've not really coughed that much.  I woke up with it like that yesterday and it's still like that today.  I have not experienced anything quite like that except for when I had shingles - it started out that way but on one side.  So it is still that way this morning and I hope it goes away as it hurts for anything to even touch my skin.  Did I toss and turn so much I chaffed my skin? I've never had that happen before either.  It started before I took the first med yesterday so I know it's not the Z- pak.  Or did I scald it in the shower while feeling cold with fever and couldn't tell how hot it was?  It feels like a sunburn kind of sensitive but it's not red at all.  Weird.  I will take Tylenol b/c it is my main worrisome symptom right now?

And wow - that Z pak starts to control the crud really fast.  They don't want to give it to you.  It's supposed to be for infections of the ear and bronchial - and can be given for pneumonia as well.  I DO think my ears were going into infection.  She agreed they were filled with fluid.  That normally is next.  Also I was wheezing yesterday afternoon - and I wasn't doing that earlier so I think it was about to go into pneumonia - maybe or just in my bronchial.  But I am breathing better, have hardly any sinus drainage or coughing - some but minimal.  It is clearing it up.  They don't want you to know that a z pak will do that.   I have many and I know what works for me.  It won't clear up the flu but it will knock the crud.  I mean I guess they don't consider snot an infection?  lol Well the Z pak must think it is b/c it clears it up in a hurry. 

Can you believe my doctor (at the walk in center) tried to play dumb with me?  She acted like she didn't know what a z pak was?  Really?  So I played along with her act acting like she really didn't know.  I explained to her what antibiotic it was and that she should google it sometime ::insert giggle here::  She said "well I can't give you that because what you have is viral".  I explained that it was not for the viral but for the infection that is happening in my ears and bronchials - b/c I will be back in here in two days again.  I explained to her (playing her game) it was not for the flu itself but complications of the flu.  She then said "Ok I'll give it to you but tried to get me to switch to steroids".  No I'll take the z pak thank you - I have to do this every time and I know what works. 

So yeah.  I knew I had to fight but I know what works with me.  The doctors and the pharms can continue on with their games and rules.  And I have my own set.  While they own the world, I'll at least be able to breath again.  I pray that one day for the sake of the earth that doctors are allowed to practice again and treat people with what works and not be controlled by the $$$$$$$$$$.  It'll never happen as our world continues to spin out of control, but at least in heaven we won't have sickness. 

And no night.  Hmmm.  I may miss night.  I kinda like night.  I have never thought of that before but I like the fact that there is day and night.  We'll have God's love and God's natural light and to be away from that in heaven will not be good, so I'll take it.  But I do love the coming and going of the sun - the sun rise and sun sets.  The moon and it's mystique.  The stars. 

Anyway, I'm getting off tap here so I need to go and get my shower now that dogs are fed and walked, coffee has been made and sipped on and George is through with his shower. 

Soon I'll catch up on pics, but I have to catch up on work first. 

Can we start this year over?  Geez. I think if I knew I was going to catch the flu I would have cancelled the trip to Phoenix.  It was a good trip and I loved loved loved the Botanical Gardens and my day out, loved the info at the conference, and loved making new friends.  But geez I could have gone without the flu.


  1. I do hope you make the work day a short one. Don't over do and end up worse than what you were. Keep warm, take it easy and get home early. A short day at work is better than not working at all so do what you can and take care of yourself.

  2. sorry to hear you've been so sick. glad you are improving. take care and don't rush your recovery.

  3. I am glad you got some antibiotics. If it is in your chest that bad it will not clear up. I feel the same way you do about some dr.s. They use any tactic they can to get you to keep coming back in. And insurance doesn't want to cover hardly anything. I know they sent my friend home from open heart surgery within a few days. She could not barely walk. If she would not have had family to help her she would have died. It is scary times I am telling you. But I am glad you are feeling some better. sounds like bronchitis or walking pneumonia. Take care and get some orange juice. It always makes me feel better when sick.

  4. Glad that in the end you got what you know helps it infuriates me when Drs look at you as if you know nothing...anyway hope your almost back to normal, hope that you don’t go to work tomorrow and that you managed to get enough done today....take care love and only work if you really are better....night night. God Bless xx


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