Sunday, January 20, 2019

Phoenix Remembered

Phoenix was just gorgeous!  While it was nasty back home, and very cold at times, we had beautiful weather for the trip.

After the Botannical Gardens, I came back to register for the event (more of a check in point and receive my Isagenix badge and gift bag).  Afterwards, the others were just coming off the mountain and getting an Uber over to the convention center, so I was able to walk around the block at the Convention Center.  I loved this old church.  

And I'm a sucker for palm trees too.  

That night I made the suggestion of heading to T'Bone's.  It's just out of the way - about a 30 minute excursion or more but it is nestled on the side of a mountain and you can see the night skyline of Phoenix.  We almost did not get to go - as you know how it is in a group - people wane in and out and make other suggestions and so forth.  Ultimately though - they must have liked the sound of it, or perhaps no one had a better suggestion, or maybe the sound of a reasonably priced steak in a western setting with a view and no crowd, had meaning.  

On the way, the Uber driver commented that she couldn't believe we were going all the way out for their steaks which she found fat and greasy.  The crew in the car's hearts dropped (the ones that heard).  And I, who am shy a bit around people I don't know very well, was concerned that my pick would not be a good one for these folks.  So my heart dropped.  However, I think most of the car didn't hear it. I told those that did - I could vouch how good it was as I'd been there numerous times.

The next day off the balcony!  Shaking it!  I had shakes for breakfast except for that last day, when I ate a big breakfast at the hotel as it was a big day of flying home and I needed food that would be breakfast and lunch.

But I loved having a balcony.  I had pretty views from both sides of my room.  And this day we went to tour the Isagenix corporate office (huge) in Chandler, AZ.  WE boarded a tour bus.  

Here is Lou and Lisa, my travel buddies.  I work the FT job with Lisa - I'm sponsored under Lou.  So they are my leaders through all of this.  And good ones they are. 

The building is beautiful. 

I took a pic of the in house grill. It was called George's Hangout.  How cool would it be to be able to walk to the grill to eat inside the building and not have to leave?  I didn't take a pic of the grill itself as there were people and it seemed rude. 

It seemed appropriate to take a pic of the Human Resources department.  ;-) 

And here is the man that is responsible for so much of the nutrition and the science behind it.  Actually winning a Nobel prize for the discovery of "Product B".  Between him and another guy Bill Andrews.  This guy is responsible for the formularies of the nutrition and keeping it so that it is nutritious and pure.  Quality of all the ingredients is important, all natural, and when we say "the best nutrition on the planet" we do mean it.  Often the ingredients are sought in countries far away to get the purest forms.  If you have ever had this nutrition, you believe it. I never want to be without it, I know that. 

But this guy above, and Product B, with the telemores and all.  I'll have to do a post on it.  But our DNA gets ragged on the ends - our telemores and that is what causes our bodies to break down - it's our telemores within our DNA at the cell level.  Product B fixes telemores - it repairs DNA - it reverses aging?  Quite the discovery.  I have Product B in my vitamins now!  It's a diffferent name as it's gone through it's 4th generation of improvement.  It's Isagenesis in name now.  I have the regular vitamins + Isagenesis.  It's exclusive to Isagenix.  You can't get it anywhere else.

Afterwards we went out for a Taco - Lou wanted a Taco and so did I. Lisa was ok with whatever but mainly appeasing to us to have our taco fix!

We ate at a place that used to be a church.  They actually kept a lot of the history within it's walls which was really cool. 

                                                    Back at the steak house.....Here is a bunch of our crew.  It's amazing that something like nutrition would bring a group of people together.  An amazing amount of weight loss around the table too if you added it up.

Now back at the Taco place.  The pics got out of order and I'm not rearranging at this point. lol Best I remember the salad was not that great - something in it I was not fond of.

But the tacos were fantastic.  And this was the name of the place.  The Taco Guild.   They are known for Phoenix's best tacos.

More photos of the church at the convention center from the 3rd floor of the convention center.

Panoramic shot.

I was told my future was so bright I needed sunglasses! 

Our team dinner was that night.  I'm not sure I have any photos of our group from that night.  I was pretty full from lunch.  We sat at the bar and had a corona and chips and dip (free) while we waited for the crew.  And so at dinner I just ordered soup.  It was good.

Here's what it looks like walking around the restaurant.  The name of it was Canyon Cafe. 

And back at the convention center the next day!  

After a full day of conference - which was excellent, we headed toward "The Kettle Black".  It was kinda like an Irish Pub feel.  Loved it.  

Sun rise of the last day of conference.  This was coming out of my hotel room.  The view was pretty on both sides.  

The pictures didn't capture it but while the sun came up it made beautiful golden hues on the buildings as we Ubered in to the Conference Center.

On break back at the Conference Center, I found a side porch and did a Panoramic view.

And it was time for a cup of Joe!  

This was an amazing pic.  These folks were there and just seeing how their lives have changed - just because they are putting proper nutrition in the bodies.

And then after the conference a bunch of us began walking to our destination for dinner and also where many of us would be getting the flu.  We don't know that for sure but the guess is good.

But first a pic of our group.   Many are from Atlanta but from many other places as well. 

I was shooting for the decor and not the people and here is what I got for Mother Bunch Brewing.  I thought it was hilarious that we go to dinner here as it was a brewery I was the only one that got beer, but they did have a full menu and other bar drinks so many had wine or margarita.  But what was really served up was the flu virus.  

Of this crew, 5 of us got the flu.  So you had to think that perhaps it was here we contracted it. 

And there you have it.  I'm off of here to go get a day of work done for my day job on a Sunday since I did get that darn flu.  What an inconvenience it has caused for so many, by putting me behind.  But what can you do but try to catch up.  It's so much work and I'm so behind and it keeps shoveling in.  

I'm trying - and determined and committed to getting it caught up as much as I can humanly possibly do it.  It's getting to where I stay behind anyway as we don't have enough help so people end up just having no choice but to wait in line until we can get their thing processed.  

Anyway, once I catch up I can start working on my goals.  What a nasty way to start out Jan with the flu - sure puts a wrinkle on things.  But I'm emerging as I can and we'll take life on from here.  I'm very excited about a few things when I have time to be.  lol


  1. After a wonderful visit and conference too, you should really feel inspired and encouraged right now. Too bad the flu bug had to interrupt you plans but you'll be back to normal with all that extra work you're doing in no time. It's so great to see the palm trees and sunshine. It's going down to a negative 1 here tonight.

  2. Hi Sonya, Glad to see that you are feeling loads better...just snotty you had to go through it in the first place. Thank you so much for taking the the time to share your adventures with us and all the you managed to get so much done with so little time I just do not know....tomorrow starts another week. Let’s hope work quietens down a bit this week and you can track ...night night God Bless...


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