Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Watching Everest and George has the Sniffles

We have been watching Everest expeditions - I think Season 2 via Netflex (DVD).  Having always read books written about it and the dangers, I find it very interesting.  No I don't want to do it and would not be fit to do it.  Heck I even have altitude sickness going to Greenbrier, TN on the ridge, lol lol lol. 

But yeah at dinner time that is what we have been watching.  

Not much to tell really.  Just all work, a lot of responsibility and very little play (watching the above). 

George thinks he has a sinus infection.  Obviously not the flu, despite the small fever he has.  If it was the flu we'd all know it - you can't get warm and all you can do is lay in bed and try to get away from your misery of aches, pains, and discomfort.  He's not that bad - just stopped up.  I suppose he could have got the cold part from me too.  He has a pretty good immune system.  His symptoms have been different from mine as well as to how it started.  So obviously he doesn't have the flu or he wouldn't feel like working.  But he is stopped up and coughing.  

Anyway time to figure out what is going on with this wild weather.  And get to work.  

Last night I did the zoom call with our nutrition team.  

Not much else to say other than the RV show is this weekend and guess who is going?  ;-)  No we won't be leaving with one but I will be fueling my dreams.  Maybe 2 to 3 more years? 

Anyway, ya'll have a good day!

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  1. there is lots of flu and colds going around. Sorry George had to catch one and hope it doesn't come back round to you. Heights get to me too, I can hardly handle being on the step ladder here. It is crazy weather. We were near zero and now today it's to be 45 and raining, tonight we're dropping down to 23degrees. Crazy for sure. Take care out there! And hope you have a good Over the Hump of the week day!


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