Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekend To Do's Accomplished and Gift Card Purchases Made

Somebody had this posted on Facebook or somewhere and I saved it b/c it struck a chord with me.  Isn't it true how this happens?  I never thought of it in terms of this before.  But how true. You just have to hope that REAL people see the truth in you before they jump to false perceptions that had leapt out the mouths of unbridled toxic folks.  

I'm so happy with the ability to "let this pass" now, all the perceptions that come flooding at you, or that try to fill your mind, that had planted by others - that I used to let myself be worried over and troubled by.  It is so very freeing when you don't let these things bother you b/c you know you are ENOUGH and not defined by someone else's judgement - whether right or wrong. 

 I am now able to let those thoughts come and go fleetingly and with the gusto similar to expelling a bad gas after eating a bowl of chili!  lol  It feels so good to let go of toxicity and not be at the butt of someone else's criticism.  It simply is their own thoughts and judgment.  They have no options but to own the information they have tossed about and the Bible says they will be responsible for it.  And as for the rest, we have a choice to rid of it within our minds before it has a chance to pollute us.  The END.  

So I had to share this.  I love to look at the transformations with our plan.  When you see someone go from one state to the other into a healthy situation, it's so heart warming.

Just having these shakes, cleanses, vitamins, snacks, meal replacement bars, supplements, and hydrate drinks - have placed me on the right track.  I'm grateful to have found it, to be a part of the lifestyle.  Every year, I will get better and better.  I'm trying to find ways to exercise. But that is only 20% of the equation.  It's necessary to get nutrition, which is not always in the food we eat. My apple watch encourages the steps and actually I am surprised at how much I move around.  I had considered myself sedentary as "others" had called it that.  That goes back to perceptions.  However, with things I do at work and at home and in between - I am meeting my move and stand goals - closing the circles daily.  It's only cardio I'm missing, but I have discovered I'm not sedentary!  I'm up and doing things even with a desk job - files, coordinating with others, etc.

So it was truly a busy weekend.  All the Christmas stuff packed away, a lot of laundry as usual. How two people can generate such is beyond me.  But the Christmas stuff was never ending and quite the chore.

And I ordered my wireless bluetooth ear phones.  They are not very pretty but I liked these the best.  I don't trust the kind without the ear piece.  I'd lose them the first hour.  Bought these with an Amazon card from my BIL and SIL, Kevin and Susan.  I'm on Amazon a lot.  

I will enjoy these a lot at work so I can hear music, take calls, etc. No wires.  I'm always having to get up for something and so this will help! No wires!

I have packed my Isagenix product for the week.  I am not sure how my cosmetics and jewelry case are going to fit now.  My suitcase is already full.  there is no telling how much it weighs.

Anyway it's nice to have the packing and Christmas stuff done.  The next weekend at home, I'll dust and put out the normal stuff again.  The NYKO kickoff is Thurs thru Sat and the flight home is Sunday so no weekend for me to do anything this upcoming weekend.  It'll be the next.  I fly out tomorrow morning to Phoenix and then Wednesday we have free and will hike.

Saturday night I fixed spaghetti for dinner, and it was so good!  

We went to church yesterday morning and that was great.  Afterwards went to Ruby Tuesday with Richard and Kathy.  Love love love their salad bar! 

Afterwards, we went to JC Penny's to swap some PJ's.  I swapped for some long spandex gym pants.  I needed some more.  Then we went to Belk and used my gift card to buy eye liner and I bought a top.  Then we went to Walmart (well I did while George got his hair cut nearby).  And I bought Pioneer Woman casserole dishes - only $18.88 and also two pillows at 5.88 each.  I have found a pillow I like that is cheap - thank goodness! But they lose their "umph" after about a year.  I had to get rid of two pillows that really were deflated and I bought these two and rotated them around and now everything is replaced.  All the guest rooms have pillows and also sham pillows.  

So these things were bought with my company Walmart card.  I went over everywhere but paid for the rest on debit.  

Anyway, I think we just have restaurant gift cards left and we'll be using those up during the year. 

I've not written up and hung our bucket list yet.  Just have been busy.  Was able to catch my YouTube shows while resting/eating here and there.  

And today is the last day of work.  I was going to go in early this morning and still will a little early, but since I worked some last night, I'll not be there at 6 as planned.  I also will be working while I'm gone.  I was asked to provide resumes while I was gone.  So as I have time I'll be reviewing and forwarding those to my boss for a key position that is open.  I would give that to my assistant but I think she is going to be busy enough this week.  As I get older, having less vacation time or having to work during it rather- is not something I'm really keen on at this point in my life and that will need to be addressed at some point. And will be taken care of-  as things transition in my life. But I am allowing the reviewing the resumes - THIS TIME.  I agreed to do it, so I will.  I chose not to set a boundary there since it is a busy time - but heck it always is now.  lol. I normally am not gone this time of year and was willing to compromise and still am as long as it not terribly intruding.  

So ya'll take care.   I'll likely not be posting again until Phoenix.  


  1. Good for you on getting so much done. I am still working on putting away Christmas. Your trip sounds exciting and I'm anxious to hear about it. I love those casserole dishes from Pioneer Woman. Gift cards are fun and I have some left to enjoy myself. Happy Monday! ' Pam, mostly known as ma

  2. Safe travels I have you in my prayers....I’m so glad that you have at last become more contented within yourself, I have been trying to help you get that way for so long in my prayers for you....See we can pray for a very long time, but our God acts in his own time...take care. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.....Mary bought me my new I pad this morning a present for birthday and Xmas..I am a lucky friend.... God Bless. Xxx

  3. I love Pioneer Womans bowls and glasses. Yours are very pretty. I hope you have a good time on your trip. I am looking forward to your pictures.


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