Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Year in Review...Some things were Huge

We closed the year!  Overall it has been a good year of 2018.  It did have it's challenges and its losses, but also had many gains.  I always do a tour back on the side bar in the blog to list a lot of things that we did or that happened.  I did not take as much time this year doing that so I may have missed some major things that I just cannot remember or didn't come to mind.  But here were the events that made "Title" anyway - as I viewed the Blog Titles to jog my memory.  Even so - it was a full year. 

As usual we tried to stay in and hibernate the first two months of the year - with periodic excursions here and there.  We did have Katy here finishing out the school year and awaiting the day when she could move and join her Hubby on his new (but back to the old) job on the ranch in TX.  So we planned a few excursions the first half of the year to focus on things she wanted to do before heading to her new home away from Nashville and away from big city life. 

We went on a tour of the Nashville stars bus - something we have been wanting to do.  That was a hoot!  lol We also went to a Roller Derby with friends - not something I'd want to be going to regularly but that was interesting.  

Oh and we got the new BAT (Big Almighty TV) - all Smart and everything!  That was a huge change.  I now enjoy watching YouTube more than regular TV.  My channels are in the side bar. 

After struggling with some pain, low energy, fatigue, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic sugar numbers, and mental fogginess - I was introduced to a nutritional based program consisting of vitamins, shakes, supplements, snacks, and a cleansing program that removes toxins.  I could feel the power of what one shake did to me and knew this would help me.  The cost however, was more than I wanted to pay.  I said no repeatedly.  My friend kept giving me samples.  Everything I tried I loved and it helped.  I told George it was like medicine.  I began to save up for it.  I wanted to feel good again.  George lost his job and I said "oh well forget it - we sure can't afford it now".  George insisted I go ahead and get it - and get it now!  I was so excited when my "box" arrived.   Much to my surprise it aided me into losing 25 lbs. in the past year.  The weight loss was just a nice surprise compared to what it did for my energy level and the element of the positive mindset that came along as a side car from the increased nutrition which made my brain and thought patterns work better, alongside the new positive friendships formed, and the hope for a better future!  This has been HUGE! 

So yeah, George lost his job.  This also was HUGE!  He had been with Gibson for 29 years.  The company went into bankruptcy and many were laid off during the process, including many of the long time and older workers.  Gibson paid many a bill and put much food on our table and paid for cars and trips and with that and my salary too had kept us in with a good prosperous life, so no one could complain.  George handled the change very positively.  He embraced what "could be" and went after the next career adventure.  His people loving spirit kept him moving forward looking for the next connections, while keeping up with his current work buds all along.  He eventually found work in Purchasing through Robert Half, with a mine company in Gordonsville, ironically about the same amount of time to get there, just in a different direction and a pretty drive with little traffic.  He has fit in beautifully with the staff there and is reportedly making a difference, as I watched his boss tell him so at the employee Christmas dinner at Texas de Brazil, this year. 

I think I should mention here that it seems like crime is spreading more into our outlying area from Nashville, which is quite unsettling.  More shootings everywhere, more carjackings and random but violent things.  I remember thinking how scary the Pioneers must have been of the Indians back in the day, but here we are in our own towns having to watch behind our backs at malls and parking areas and even in our own neighborhoods at times with cars cruising through connected with crime, hiding out from crime and so forth.  I'm not sure what the answer is?  A gated community? 

So Katy moved to Texas mid year after her school let out. We spent a month or so getting the house reorged after that to just the two of us.  

We also hired a financial adviser this year who has made some suggestions and recommendations on our finances in preparation for our retirement - so that we keep the ability to travel, eat out and do some things we want to do.  We are happy that even with the job changes, we think we are on track still.  Anything could happen so as life changes, we have no choice but to adjust.  But we both feel better about our retirement than ever before and you have no idea what peace that brings.  

We did a lot of things with friends throughout the year.  We are blessed with friends who are like family to us.  We also found a church we like that have good friends, and we enjoy going.  We have a hard time getting there though as it's a bit aways and our schedules are demanding.  That said, God still is very much a part of our household and our lives and he walks with us.  My studying and worship is often done on the road, or who I'm with at the time, in prayer, in word, in conversation.  I have a lifestyle to worship where I am.  We are on the move and God is where we go. 

I created a Vision last year for my life, after finding the nutrition program.  I went through a Mind and Body course - that helped me to learn a lot about how the mind works and how we set habits and become grateful and positive people.  Priceless.  The Vision was part of me setting my life in motion to things I want to accomplish and realizing that I actually CAN reach them.  I no longer have to settle for dull routine of life.  I have an avenue there that I can tap into any time I want to go after what I want.  I set my Vision up and worked on my "Base Camp" and spent a lot of the year working on myself more than anything.  I am looking forward to 2019 and setting some very specific goals in paving the way to move ahead with some plans.  

That said, in my mind I'm already there!  ;-) Sometimes I have to reign myself in and say "woah, slow down".  But I've learned that the Joy is in the Journey and once that is reached there will be another Journey - so I'm just enjoying the journey, but setting some very specific goals for myself and rearranging some things in life so it's reachable.   You have to "Start where you are!"  

One of my dreams is to have an RV or Travel Van - we are not quite sure yet, but we go to an RV show this month to seek clarity on the vehicle of my dreams, lol.  No there will not be an RV purchase in January but I'm inquiring into the dream and learning more.  While I would be willing to sell everything and travel FT and do the whole YouTube Patreon Travel Channel thing and HR Consultant on the road thing - I could and would do it right now, but that is not George's wishes.  I realize I would miss having a home base too though at some point.  So we will compromise somehow and figure all that out.  2018 was a year that showed us though, that we could experience change and do fine and not be so locked into a rut zone of a life.  Not that our rut zones have been bad - we almost manage to stay out of the ruts by our adventures.  And so we do "Start where we are" - RV or no RV, we have many adventures out already.     But the creating a Vision thing was huge for me this year as it made my goals more specific.  Now I have to set some specific goals on getting there!

We went to the Rolling Stones exhibit late summer and also I went to Global Celebration in August for the first time with the Isagenix group.  While there on the first day, George's Mom passed.  While I offered to come home - George insisted that I attend the seminars by day and do the visitation and family things at night since the event was in Nashville.  He wanted some alone time to process and it seemed to work well.  I also had to work some during this time so it was a very busy time frame for us - and a range of emotion on so many levels across the spectrum - of highs and lows. 

We had some excursions east of Nashville with friends to visit a farm, Harmony Lane Farms and visited goats and went to Calf Killer Brewing, and Cellar 53 Winery and dinner out at a nice restaurant on a farm out in the middle of no where against the hills of east TN.  It was a nice day out and much needed for all of us.  We had a "twilight zone" experience and got stuck in a "hollar" of east TN and couldn't find our way out of it as GPS left us off the grid.  We kept going deeper and deeper, back in time, to a foggy dark place, huge looming trees, washers on the front porch, rusted cars in the woods kind of adventure - until finally a ping caught and took hold and brought us out just as a late summer storm unleashed its havoc upon us.  A day we'll not soon forget! 

I went a bit blonde this year!  In conjunction with my life's change, I wanted to make an outward change as well and it seems to fit the mold.  I am convinced that blondes DO have more fun but it's the new spirit within me making that happen! 

I learned a lot last year about myself and about how to set boundaries.  I've always let others actions manipulate me, quite a lot, without even realizing they were doing so.  I've always kinda thought the Self-Help things were sappy and needy, but have discovered that Self-Care is quite the new term with quite the new meaning.  One must be careful to delineate the difference between self-care and being self-ish!  It is OK to take care of yourself! Matter of fact, if you don't do it successfully you cannot co-habit, co-operate, co-own anything in life with success. 

So what does all that mean?  
1.  I learned that I AM ENOUGH.  That others thoughts or perceptions of me don't define me. 
2.  I cut the negative self talk.  What do you say to yourself?  "Oh they don't talk to me so they must not like me?"  Oh no - that kind of self talk has no place in our world.  We talk ourselves down so much.  I have begun stopping the negative self talk.  We talk ourselves into a negative nutshell sealed with glue, if we do!  No, I am enough.  I am. 
3.  If there is something negative you need to fix, then fix it with yourself  (and others) and do better next time - no dwelling on it. 
4.  I've learned that I don't have to walk on egg shells around others.  If someone has a problem with me they can have the guts to address it with me, and we'll talk about it otherwise I'm being myself.  I am not playing the passive aggressive games of the South here.  And I'm not going to sit and try to guess if I'm making someone angry or pleasing them.  Communication people.  Communication.  Leading to the next point.
5. I'm shooting straight with you and I expect the same - in a nice way - no yelling.  It's ok to let each other know what we need from each other.  Can you please not do this ___ b/c it makes me feel _____.  Can you please do _____ because it makes me feel_____.  You can do this w/o attacking another person. 
6.  If you do attack me, talk negative all the time, be ugly to others, talk about others and have a sucky attitude about life - I'll likely not be spending time around you. And I've learned that is OK.  And I don't have to feel guilty about it. No one wants to be around a miserable cow.  I was a miserable cow for a long time.  I'm out of it and I'm not going back.  I'm much happier now. 
7.  Gone is the worry. God is in control.  He has this.  Things that seem too major to me now to deal with I literally hold my hands up in the air and physically hand to him.  He takes it with my Prayer of Asking.  
8.  It's fine to ask questions of those around you who are judging you.  Inquisition them to death about why they feel that way.  You will back them into a corner.  Instead of responding just keep asking questions?  It's quite unnerving for them.  
9.  Expect some anger when defining your boundaries.  If people are used to manipulating you or trying to make you feel guilty to get their way, when you place boundaries they may not be prepared for that.  Use de-escalating methods from there, lol!  "I notice you are angry - why are you angry - how can I make this situation better for you - but don't give into your boundaries.  

ie.  Boundaries are as simple as letting people know what you need from them or what you expect from them and you can nicely tell people why b/c it makes you feel ______.  It's really setting a form of respect.  And if the other person cannot abide by your boundaries then you may have to set some new rules and limitations - like "I'm not going to be able to travel with you if you curse all the time because that is conversation that I am just not comfortable with and while I value your friendship, it just crosses my moral boundaries" or "if you drive over the speed limit I'm not going to ride with you anymore because it scares me".   These are just examples. 

We had so many outings this year, in wrapping up this year in review thing - anniversary at Fin and Pearl and doing something completely different and going to a Borns concert, a gun show.  And buying a part of a cow and pig for the freezer from someone up in KY, and having an Italian Christmas with Don and Lisa.  So many fun things we did.  Even went to a flea market and Christmas village - new for us.

I had a few issues this year - after getting the flu shot in the fall - have had some "issues" that are still not completely settled but much better. I'm blaming it on the flu shot b/c that is the only thing that really changed in my world.  Docs tests find nothing wrong - no parasites - nothing wrong -  but say it's acting like I've had antibiotics.  The only antibiotics I've had were in the flu shot.  That along with my system that tries to rid of toxins in the body is making my world a bit chaotic at times.  No one else but me has had this issue that I can tell until you read deeply online about the flu shot this past year.  It has impacted a lot of us.  I just eat more bread, bananas, and cheese - lol of which I really am not supposed to have and therefore makes the weightloss a bit harder, but I'm going with the flow.  As the impacts of the flu shot leave my body over time - it gets better.  

I also had a spider bite and that scared me but it healed without issue.  So overall I cannot complain.  George has had some aches and pains here and there but so far so good. 

The big highlight of the year, besides my health and nutrition gold nugget of a system, was our trip to Texas to see Katy and Cody.  We needed our fix of them, and the ranch and Texas.  We have come to love it all so much. We relaxed and spent Thanksgiving with them. It was nice for once not to wake up and not have to travel anywhere.  The ranch is a gorgeous spot and a special place.  And that part of Texas, a prairie like land, but filled with a natural beauty and wonder of it's own.  A big sky kind of place! Will forever hold the place in my heart. 

To end the year, I cannot say how special it was to have my mother come visit us for several days at Christmas.  The way the weekend fell against Christmas allowed for several days for her to come visit and to get to see Katy and Cody when they came.  They had a very short visit and many people to see while they were here.  I know it was hard for Mom to experience change.  But she did it!  And it meant the world to me.  

And I'm sure I missed a lot of high and low points but those were the things my blog titles reminded me of.  And it was a great year over all.  I keep thinking I kept saying....

"That was HUGE!"  So many profound things changed or made a difference.  
And Bigger Things yet to come!  And this day is going to be over if I don't get on with it. 

So Happy New Year to you! 

If you made it to the end let me know.  

Today I'll be doing some household clean up from the holidays (takes several days apparently), and working on the to do list, and doing some planning.  I'm looking forward to 2019.  

May the learning continue, the goals be met, and the dreams come true!  Til then we'll enjoy the journey! 


  1. I read every word! It was good to read all this, because sometimes I miss an entry here and there, so this filled in what I have missed.

  2. A very heartfelt blog. You set out so much of your life this year along with your feelings, and dreams for the future. Have a great 2019

  3. happy new year. may 2019 bless you with many good things too.


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