Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cleanse Day and Clothes Too Big

Love my little God, Grace and Gratitude sign.  A lot smaller than intended.  I failed to see the measurements.  Cleanse day went well.  It was easy.  The day went by fast and I was busy and every time I start to get hungry it's time for the next thing that kills the hunger.  It feels so good to give your body this rest.  And that deep berry drink is good going down and it's that superfood you know is hitting every cell in your body and relieving it of toxins.  Sleep is always superb on a cleanse night and I look forward to bed.  Getting up is good too b/c you feel great and you know you can look forward to that morning shake.  

Sometimes there are some cruelties to your day.  Like taking a walk to get away and enjoy the sunshine and realizing your favorite burger place has a food truck and it's right there in front of you today.  Must make a note to get a burger soon.  Yes, I can still have a burger, just not as often! 

Had our zoom call last night.  And I reached out to a couple of folks that are interested in the paks.  I cycled again last week.  So it feels good to have money coming in for my efforts.  With network marketing there is a lot of work and effort on the front end, but then later while you sleep the money just comes from seemingly no where.  lol  I love getting paid on Monday's and I love the fact that there is no ceiling.  When bosses across America do not give increases - you increase yourself when you are ready for one.  And it's residual income too instead of having to swap time for money on an ongoing basis.  I'm watching people hold on with this, transform before my eyes with their health and wellness journey, helping others do the same, and then their FT jobs turn into PT and then they are cycling so much they can afford to quit their day jobs and work just helping others to feel better and getting freedom to work the hours they want to work and so forth.  That is a beautiful thing.  It's a slow process, but it IS being done and I'm watching it before my eyes! 

Speaking of transformation.  Another plus size top hits the dust (or the Thred Up bag at least).  It's way too big to wear.  I had to go change clothes into the smaller sizes I had bought.  lol  

You can also see where I left wall paper behind the door on the baseboard.  Oops.  I had not seen that til I saw the picture.  I need to take care of that.  I guess I never have the door shut.  

I am going to do two shakes today I think.  I reserve the right to change my mind.  We are having spaghetti tonight though and I have goals.  ;-)  I only need to lose a lb every two weeks to meet the goal so it's doable, but it can easily be thwarted.  I have been on a plateau for a while and only maintaining.  But I looked up the average weight for my size and that is what I'm shooting for but over a 64 week period.  I think that is 4, 16 week challenge periods.  That is a loss of .5 lb a week.  I figure I can make that happen if I try. 

Today is the day that I will send the cards to the people I've been praying for.  I actually believe I will have to do that project this weekend though.  There is a lot planned already today but only one of me.  

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

Measurable Goals and My Joy Meter

Not long ago I worked on my goals.  And as life does, we lived our lives and were busy and I did not get them on the calendar yet.  But they are now!  And they are visible where I can see them on my bulletin board.  Each goal has to be measurable to know if you achieved it or not.  They are here open and raw for you to see.  Sharing them is accountability.  Breaking them down makes it easier.  Kind of.  This is truly taking "becoming a better person" to the next level.  It is my Mount Everest.  And let me tell you the harder you try to be a better person, the more the devil throws his lovely little fiery darts.  He's the pitfalls in the ice crevices.  But I've made the decision to climb the mountain.  It will most likely turn out to be one of the biggest challenges in my life yet doing these.  And I am the biggest obstacle.  I've made my goals attainable so they may seem like low easy hanging fruit, but I working FT and our lives are busy.  Here are the goals. And how I will measure myself.

______Change others lives - 2 people in 2019 losing weight, feeling better, seeing results in their health and wellness.
______Sharing God's word - 3 Spiritual Shares per week. 
______Helping others to spiritually grow - 2 Conversations per week in helping another become stronger in their faith/walk.
______Helping Senior Citizens - In 2019 this will equate to a tithing donation from earnings to Alzheimer's Foundation
______Become an expert Enroller - For me I've assigned 1 person a week average, next year it might be a different number. 
______Increase my cycles - This is a comp plan thing and right now I'm at 1 and or 0.  So I want to be constant 1 by April 1 and 2 cycles a week by 6/1, 3 by 8/1 and 4 by 10/1 and 5 by 20/20.  I think this is probably not low hanging fruit, but let's see what I can do. 
______I have a weight loss that I want to meet by 6/1 and by 10/1 set over a period of time at the end of my next 4 challenges - two falling into this year.  
______Be more outgoing - Increase conversations by 3 per day.  This is talking where I ordinarily wouldn't.  
______Be more content - Joy Indicator at 7 or above on average.  Yes I had to create a happiness poll, lol.  Have to be able to measure it.
______Photography - Since this will help me in my business I put this in my goals.  To find/take 3 cool photos a week. 
______Grow the Business - The above cycles will result but I want to have 3 enrollments by end of March and then in April I want to begin recruiting consultants and have 1 and in May another one.  By 6/1 I myself would then by Manager..  A manager has two consultants.  A director has six consultants.  I don't see that happening on my schedule in 2019 but I could be wrong if my momentum got going. That is a 2020 goal.
______Exercise more regularly.  3 times cardio per week is considered success for me but will allow a full 5 days of 30 minute exercise as a substitute knowing that 3 times cardio may be hard to do every week.
______Lower cholesterol.  Continued lowering of cholesterol based on the docs reports
______Lower blood sugar numbers.  Continued lowering of blood/sugar readings. 
______Lower heart rate.  I added this b/c I'm tracking my heart rate to see the difference as I begin exercising more. Apple watch helping track exercise, heart rate, standing goals, and activity goals.  I have found I walk 2 to 4 miles just in the course of my day without exercising.  :-O 

And here is my Joy Meter.  It was a bit difficult to make a Joy Meter on a scale from 1 to 10.  Well it's really including Not Joy vs Joy on a scale of 10.  Blew my mind trying to do this.  But I did it based on "my realm" of how I feel when I go from a lack of joy to full all out elation of joy.  I found it interesting that words like:  tiredness, frustration, anger, feeling like a robot, "being on the fence", not feeling loved were associated with the lack of joy.  Well not surprised, but it was an interesting step for me to do this exercise.  Yes I came up with it on my own.  lol Other's chart would be different - perhaps they have their own demons that keep them from experiencing joy.  But this chart works for me and was very revealing. 

The feelings of joy were associated in my persona as focusing on happy things, sharing happy things with others, being confident, organized, sharing, laughing.  Both ends of the spectrum have tears.  Tears of unhappiness vs. tears of joy. For someone else, their meter may be different.  But here is how I'll measure mine.

10.  Extreme elation, confident, sharing, laughing, and contentment to the point of happy tears. 
9.  Feeling strong feelings of joy and looking for ways to share the joy and inspiration with others.
8.  Feeling highly satisfied, organized in life, and able to share. 
7.  Finding some joy and focusing on happy things, sharing.
6.  Recognizing joy but not wanting to share it. 
5.  On the fence - could go either way in mood - some joy and some discontent
4.  Feeling like a robot, not seeing a lot of joy in the day
3.  Tired, involved, and nothing seems to be going right. 
2.  Extreme frustration and anger. 
1.  Tears/feelings of worthlessness, falling out of Maslowe's chart (not feeling loved). 

So God says we should be content in every situation.  The Spirit (God's counselor and a gift he provides to those who believe) is speaking to me now on this and bringing it to mind.  You can't help but notice how you "feel".  But I'm really trying to find joy through those moments of levels 1-5 to break through.  In the last week(s) I've dealt a lot with frustration.  

Getting this office is helping me to be more organized and more fruitful in my time and in my thoughts.  And for that I am grateful.  <------and I ordered a Gratitude sign on Amazon this week to hang up in my office.  

So being more "content" is hard one for me.  I'm a serious person.  And it takes a special person that I can trust to laugh at life with and open up to and be silly with.  I have a few friends that "get me" and laugh with me.  So this goal alone has required a lot!  Geez. 

So yeah, taking steps to help other people, is really making me focus on taking myself to the next level.  It feels good to do this.  But I realize this is not easy.  There are some low hanging fruits, but taking the baby steps forward is not always going to be easy.  

But today is my starting date of reality and taking footsteps forward to grow myself, help others, and in taking strides toward my personal business - or "my hobby" as George and the IRS have called it.  Well ok.  I'm off to do my hobby.  lol

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Grazing Tables, and Sky High Steakhouses, and Office Pics

We went to our friend's daughter's going away party.  She is moving to Singapore for her job.  I had never seen a "grazing table" before.  But we loved it!  A little bit of everything and nothing in dishes.  There was cellophane on the table underneath.  What a great idea. 

 Our friend Steve made Singapore Slings for the occasion.  

They live by the lake.  I was thinking it would be flooding, but it wasn't really noticeable. 

Claira had her dog "Stella" there.  She is so cute. 

And here are sisters, Claira and Megan.  Megan, on the right is heading to Singapore.  We have watched these two grow up! 

George is either pondering a hard moment or making a face b/c he knew I was taking a pic?   

After the party there we braved the tumultuous weather and headed down town for the dinner party we'd had planned since the first of the year with Paul and Judy and Cheryl and Joe.  We got there and parked nearby the Marriott where our steakhouse reservations awaited us on the 34th floor at Bourbon Steak/Modern Steakhouse - Michael Mina Chef.  

I ate on the ledge right here hanging out - and had a nice view of the city. 

We went in the lobby and had a cocktail while waiting for the others.  We must have had a great time as the others made it through the lobby to the elevator to the 34th floor and to the table and went past us and we didn't see them and they didn't see us.  lol

George had a drink and I was jealouse of his "mint julep" silver cup.  Drinks are so good in a metal cup.  Please forgive George of his finger presentations in the background. ::sigh::

Every drink had a "rogue" alternate version of the original drink.  I loved it.  I totally forgot what it was I had - it had vodka and grapefruit in it.  My lime was held in with a mini clothespin.  lol

Since we were late, we had the seats with our back to the windows but that is ok.  I turned around often.  I hated that I did not get a pic when we got there b/c the rain messed up the windows which messed up the view a bit.  It was still incredible and we were happy to be there and thoroughly enjoyed our "fine dining" excursion.  I already knew my prime rib was not on the menu so I had filet mignon.  We had the full experience too of appetizers, meal, and dessert.

My prime rib with a creamy horseradish topping.  Kinda helped me forgive them that they didn't have prime rib. lol  I liked the plates also.

I have been thinking about switching to black stone plates at the house or possibly a natural stoneware of some type.  

Joe and Cheryl ordered the Tomahawk steak.  

Cheryl, Joe, and George.  

Paul and Judy.

George and I. George told me we didn't need to dress up if we wore a nice shirt.  The others had on dressier clothes.  Oh well. I should have known better. 

No one seemed concerned however.  No one sent us away.
And later at a different window, I got my view without rain!

Here is the office (also the blog topper at the current date) - rug is in, bulletin board up.  

Hopefully soon I'll have some success here, lol! 

Have been able to pull this together at minimal expense.   So that is good.

I need to go and work a few things.  It's after 5 and I still need to get some things done in planning for the week.  These weekends sure do go by fast.  I need to put the sheets on the bed too.

Ya'll have a good week.  I can't wait for spring!  ;-)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday and the Current State of Being

Good morning!  I spent this morning putting together my vision board in the Paint Shop Pro.  Just bringing it all together in one place.  Printed it out and hung it in my office.  Only my color ink is not working too well.  lol  It looks pretty here though. 

Well, It's been an odd couple of weeks.  But aren't they all now?  You can only rise above it to get over and above it.  At least the frustrations were fewer this week.  I truly think the weather, the rain, the lack of sun has everyone in low spirits.  We have to make our own energy.  Thank goodness I have the power within me to do that now.  That and good friends that love to laugh with me and talk and listen.  Much needed.

So I'm thankful to have a few minutes this morning in the office.  Maybe I'll get some pics of the changes tomorrow.  The Yearly Planner up.  I hung up my dry erase board and also the bulletin board/dry erase combo.  The rug is in and moving forward. 

This past week week I spent some time in training, and less time connecting.  I was not in much of a connecting mood anyway and needed the training segments anyway as they were important ones. 

As I type Alerts are going off in our area - Flood Warnings.   

  They sky is lighting up in the distance though - I think the rain is closer to moving out but storms coming tonight - and severe ones as well.  Pray for us as we will be up on the 34th floor in a restaurant with a view of it all.  Lord please watch over us with no tornadoes!  A 34th floor tornadic experience would be one hell of a ride, and probably your last adventure.

I have Alexa going on a lite rock station this morning here in the office.  And the "Content" essential oils are emitting their wonders across the room. 

Tugie and Maisy are in here with me now snoozing. 

The laundry is going and almost finished.  We have two outings today.  One for a friend moving to Singapore.  And tonight our night out into a nice steakhouse in Nashville way up high.  This makes my heart pound.  I'm not one to be high up in a building - the fears from 911 and any other emergencies that could happen.  Makes me really uncomfortable for this gal that likes to be in control.  But I will just look at it as an adventure and pray and hope for the best.

The shakes have been good this week.  Added strawberries to this one.  

Got to go have lunch with a friend at Cracker Barrel and get my salad.  A lot of fun.  

Got to sit close to the fire.  

And I love this salad.  I have it about every other week.  

Nummy Nummy.  I often do this meal the day after a cleanse day.  I love the eggs, the chicken, and the cheese wedge the best! It hits the spot.  One of the switches I've made is moving from Fried Chicken salads to grilled chicken salads and to a vinaigrette for dressings.  I do allow the occasional ranch and french when I am overpowered with desire for it.  It's best to get it now and then than to feel bummed eternally that you can't have it.  You blink and go "lifestyle choice" - get it and enjoy it - then your cleanse day will forgive it.  I do dessert that way too.  I don't want dessert much anymore but when we go out sometimes I'll get it.  Most of the time I don't.  As I improve and go forward I want these things less and less because I know how they make me feel and I want the good stuff going in!

Well, I wish I had more exciting stuff to talk about. 

George and I have been watching "Nurse Jackie" and we are already on Season 2.  lol  I was thinking we'd have a while, but we are addicted and enjoying it. 

I'm behind on my "shows" on You Tube and even a new season of Sister Wives is on I think.  My goals and dreams have been on front burner though.  (This seems odd to say this since at home our primary cooking is done on the back burners, lol).  Anyway - I will have the shows to watch during pop corn hour one Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Or the next time I feel a burnout coming on.  So it's ok I guess. 

I need to keep moving forward here - finishing laundry, cleaning a bit, planning the week, doing my Target order and this week's additions to the office include finding my "gratitude sign"  and a phone tripod holder so I can do some live videos without fear of the phone falling over during it.  It's one of those small ones.  Oh and I must change the sheets!  And we need to do the grocery - may do that tomorrow.  Tugie needs more diapers.  ;-(  It makes me so sad to see her little body shrinking up.  I just want to bawl at the thought of losing her.  What a wonderful dog she has been.  It's coming and soon.  But right now she is not suffering.  But it has been a little frustrating dealing with the diapers and the poop and a few other things.  But we love her.  She still eats and enjoys hanging out with us and loves her treats and sneaks and gets Rogers every now and then.

This weekend I also need to take the goals I've written and plug the breakdowns into my calendar/schedule.  They do no good if you write the down and put them away!  ;-)  My biggest challenge is always time.  Trying to do things that are income producing during the nooks and crannies of the day.  All one can do is the best they can.  At least having this office is helping me to focus on it.  It's very snail pace slow though, this building of a business in 30 min here and 10 min there.  Others have done it.  That is encouraging.  Building blocks here to the momentum stage:  learning myself, educating others, healing myself, healing others.  As it gears up on all fronts - it will all interplay and be a furthering of success.  Right now I still have fat on me.  Why would anyone want to listen to me yet?  lol  I still have splurged more often than I should have.  The beauty of it that only I see - is that through all my splurges I'm maintaining my weight loss.  I've not been able to do that before. 

I just have to continue to try to put God first, others next, and me last.  Sounds easy.  But all will be on track when that happens.

You all have a lovely weekend.  What are you doing that is fun?  Or are you getting caught up or doing spring cleaning?

Off to be productive! 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Jammies, A Nite Out, Computer Woes, and Area Floods

I've always been one to match....Grey striped jammies called for grey striped socks on a grey day!  ;-) I love my grey striped Liz Claiborne PJ's from Penny's.  Year round comfort.  But George pointed out that I looked like a Dr. Seuss character.  lol  I really was thinking Pippie Longstocking!lol 

So here's what's been going on..... Work has been busy but has given me a slight respite this week as I've gotten further down into the stack than I usually can. 

Our new caramel latte shake came out.  Mine should be arriving soon and I can't wait to try it. It has a bit more protein than the others.  So I won't be doing this one daily.  The Pro shakes are usually if you are working out OR if to break a plateau.  I'm learning that it is good to have higher calorie days, lower calorie days and that your body works best that way so I'll be including this in on occasion whether or not I exercise as it'll give the extra protein w/o a lot of extra carbs and fats to get it. 

Our shakes are about $3 for each one.  

Something not going right with the computer this week.  Usually I roll my eyes, reboot and keep going, but the dreaded blue screen would not fill with anything but blue void and I had to get IT involved.  The crashing of my Microsoft has not ceased.  (It crashes about 2 to 5 times a day usually after typing a very carefully worded long email before hitting send and you have to start over  ROLL EYES HERE.)  I may or may not have any hair left. 

After a while it gets annoying.  Apparently no fix is evident, as it keeps happening.  As long as the "blue screen" stays away and I can reboot then I can at least maintain *some* forward movement.  lol 

It has been raining herds of cats and cows over the last week and more to come in the days ahead - particularly this weekend.  Even severe weather on Saturday which is not good b/c we will be at a couple of friend events on Saturday.  I'm going to try and pray it away b/c I don't want to be out riding around in tornadoes.

The skies being so gray, has led us all to looking forward to spring flowers.  I changed my desktop theme to a spring theme (when it's not crashed and I can see it, lol).  

We had a friend come to town and we took him out to eat and then he took us for drinks after.  

We had dinner at Hattie B's and then wonderful drinks at Bar Taco in Nashville. 

I'd love to go back and eat there at BarTaco.  

I loved the Mojito!  It was not sweet at all which most would hate.  It was very minty and herbal.  And perfect for me. 

We may or may not have ordered a Key Lime pie in a jar.  ;-) 

And I did cleanse day the next day!  lol 


Leaving the neighborhood I stopped and took a pic of our creek that runs through it.  It's very swollen.  This is not our house, but we live around the corner and the creek flows behind us.  We are up on a hill so it has never reached us.  But it's close to reaching the road here.

George and I took pics outside each of our office windows yesterday.  Here is mine.  lol  Just a grey looking day.  I don't know if we will see the sun or not today.  I hope we do.  

It is Thursday and that is very exciting to me.  Week almost over.  I don't get a lot of time at home this weekend so have to do the best we can with the time we have.  At least what we will be doing will be fun. 

My rug came in for my office and my 2019 planner also came in.  
I have focused some training in pockets of time this week in learning the various ways to enroll in our system.  I'm memorizing it.  There are 4 different options.  And I've been studying the scripts for the calls and closing.  I think that is going to make all the difference in the world.  I have to feel comfortable and know what I'm talking about.  All I've known is how it's helped me, but just how to speak to the various packs and what is in each one and what is not and all that has been the slower part for me.  But I'm getting it.  I'm not near as overwhelmed as last year.  Overwhelmed in a good way.  There is so much exciting information and so much about this system to learn.  You don't have to know it all and you don't have to know the science.  But I have to know to feel confident to talk to others.  I feel confident about how the system has helped ME.  But my situation is not the same as everyone's.  And I'm determined to help those that our serious about their health/wellness situation.

And I need to get off of here and get on with the day.  Hope you all are having a great week.  Thursday is Friday's sister!  Never forget that.  lol

Take care!