Friday, February 8, 2019

A Little Update on a Happy Friday Morning!

Super stoked that it is Friday!  Running a bit behind this morning so this will be short. 

But it's almost time to get started on the office so I can dive in and organize and have room to operate.  I'm already back there in my mind.  I come home and forget I'm still in the corner here with no room and no space.  Crowds the mind!  A bigger space will grow my mind. I'm so excited.

And if it wasn't Friday, I'd be making it Friday!  That is my Friday saying.  The week has been hard in a lot of ways and I'm ready for a change of thought pattern.

Fixed spaghetti last night.  The sauce was good but I wasn't thrilled with the whole grain noodles so much.  I think I like the spinach ones better.

And here is Ms. Tugie sporting her new diaper.  lol  Bless her. 

Well must run.  No time to have fun. lol 

Off to try to save the world.  


  1. Happy Friday! It's good to end the week on a positive thought ! Saving the world, what could be better ! I guess we'd all be better off if we tried to do our own little part. in that one !

    Love and hugs!

  2. tugie looks so sweet. what a dear little thing she is.


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