Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Trying Saturday and Business Reflections

Just had to share some photos from the last few days.  We had an AWESOME lunch Friday of chili and dogs.  

Speaking of dogs....

This one.  It's like having a baby in the house again.  She is in diapers for the most part.  Her skin has been having some issues for a while and we have had meds for that.  She will be 18 in April if she lasts that long.  At least that is what I have figured up.

 These dogs are lazy ones.  Just hanging out with their 'rents (parents)!

The MLM Woman is on the table.  And my inspiration to go ahead and set up the office.  It's making the world of difference what little time I've had.  

Found this little charm of a photo yesterday and I really like it - just a picture of time.  It's always a battle and that is what this week's crisis has been about really. 

I know that my family and probably some friends don't believe I can do the things I'm setting out to do.  In a way it kinda hurts my feelings.  I think they think if I was going to do it I'd have done it already.  When I got into HR, I didn't know what I was doing.  It took time, effort, learning, training, reading, practice.  However, with HR, there is a trade-off of time for money.  With Multi-Level Marketing (my side hustle) the income is residual.  Most importantly you continue to get paid after the work is done.  I really want enough for an RV- any thing over and above that - we'll see.  Maybe funds to support an earlier retirement - as my retirement age is 67.  I'd like to be able to do it earlier and be young enough/healthy enough to do some travel.  When you believe in the product you are working with to get that residual income and are going to be sharing it with others anyway - then it is a win-win for us all.  When I told George I had cycled again (residual pay) yesterday and that I just planned to keep going at each step, he replied "Good Luck".  It wasn't a smart tone but I knew what he meant (it's not easy).  I took it as he didn't have faith that I could do it.  And I feel those vibes and I see those snarky looks and I can even feel the comments made behind my back.

It's happened to every successful person out there so far.  They laugh at us going for our dreams.  And for me I guess that just makes me dig my heels in further.  And even more determined.  It's ok.  I get it.  I understand why they think I can't do it.  So I'll be forgiving.  In addition to success on the financial end, I'll also be achieving my other goals of more weight loss, dropping the blood pressure meds, and helping some others do the same. 

So they say that you meet the goals of the things you put in writing.  So I'm going to do that.  
The bulk of this afternoon will be spent in planning.  My most productive weeks have been when I did the planning for each day's activities.  I can see it paying off.  I'm making some headway. 
It is a slow process.  They say at each year's event you go up one level as long as you don't quit and you continue to "do the do".  lol  Last year I didn't even know what all the "do" was.  I started about March I think - whenever George lost his job.  I began to feel better, I got excited about it.  I lost weight.  I learned how to cleanse and was surprised I could do it.  Lost a lot of visceral fat and toxins around my organs and deep from within my cells.  Was able to come off the sugar meds.  Others were interested and so Lisa and Lou introduced me to the comp plan, saying if  others are interested you may as well get paid.  I also took the Mind and Body program b/c it was a course that helped your mindset as you learn to treat your body better and the mindset to have in order to do that.  
Then I went through and printed out all the materials I needed and set up my notebook of reference, ordered brochures, a white board, set up a couple of sip and samples.  I also sold some essential oils to supportive family members who wanted to support my efforts.  I sold to neighbors and friends and so I have a few customers who are ongoing.  I have gone to Global Celebration in Nashville and NYKO in Phoenix.  I've seen, I've learned, and watching and figuring some things out.  I took Oct thru Christmas off from the business - pretty much to focus on Christmas and our vacation and such.  so I have had about 7 months last year.  

And this year a rough January with the flu coming back from Phoenix, and getting behind at work and having to work more hours to catch up.  And then focusing on getting the office set up.  So it's been a minimal amount of time really to focus.  Life will always get in the way and I'm pretty methodical at how I approach anything.  So it's all good.  Things are on track.  And I'll continue to move forward.  There will be mountains and valleys.  And I will continue to struggle with TIME. 

Yesterday the frustrations had just led me to a breaking point though.  I got up and Tugie had pooped had an explosion all over my office floor.  So before coffee I was scrubbing carpets on hands and knees.  Taking them to get trimmed, and taking her diaper off in my lap before taking her in - she had pooped in her diaper.  I kept it from going everywhere, but it was a tense moment.  I had Maisy jumping all around me trying to get out the door and George throwing around directions and I could not move to tend to either b/c I was NOT letting poop go all over me and the car.  I had to laugh later at my heart rate record - at 9:00 a.m. it was high - the highest of the day and off the charts.  lol  Mostly my heart rate record is on the downtrend with my exercising but poopie diapers made it go up!  

Then we went to look for things for my office at Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, Good Will (I knew that wasn't going to have anything, but it was next door), and then Essex.  No rug, no file system, no bulletin boards, no white boards, no calendar systems.  Oh well.  Struck out.  We've truly come to an online world I think.  So I'll order these things one by one.  Except the rug I'm not sure about.  I may have to keep looking for that one.  The one I wanted at Walmart was $69.  I think I can find one cheaper.  Maybe.  But I was disappointed not to find some addition to the office. 

Then we went to the grocery store.  And then home.  George emptied the groceries out of the back and he told me to go ahead and try to fix the bluetooth in my car if I wanted and then pull in.  So I fixed the blue tooth that had gone out the day before.  I've spent about an hour an a half trying to make it work.  And then pulled into the garage and "bam".  I didn't know that George had not shut the back of the car - the hatch door was up and hit the garage.  I feared all this damage.  But somehow there was none!  I can't believe it.  But I believe this was my last straw and my breaking point.  I should have been happy at no damage, but I was mad.  I was mad that it seemed like life would just not give me a freaking break.  It was a poop filled, technically challenging, unsuccessful shopping, time wasting, door banging kind of day.  So I slammed the door the garage as hard as my body could muster it to let off the IRE that had built up.  And then the release of tears. 

I came upstairs and George saw the tears and I said "I just want something to go right today!"  It's literally been a _______ (insert favorite S word here) day.  I explained the door being left open and hitting it on the garage door but its ok.  He gave me a hug and then said I should be thankful for all the things that do go right.  I said "I know, I's all my fault that I'm in a bad mood b/c I'm not looking at life like everyone wants me to but I'm tired of today and just want something to go right."

That translates to "I need some freaking time on my own - some quiet time to rejuvenate my soul". 

I got a little bit - I spent it working on the house and trying to iron out the sore spots that really bothered me.  Now as I go through I see clean lines, clean carpet, folded laundry, a clean kitchen, straightened up dog beds, a finished blog entry.  

I cooked us a casserole which was akin to swedish meatballs.  We loved it and we began watching Nurse Jackie.  Friday and Saturday nights are good for TV watching/moving watching.  So I may talk to him about focusing the week nights on my business.  

Anyway, it's time to focus on God and I need to get my shower and get ready. 

But that is where we are!  I'm better.  Less frustrated.  On the backend of it, I see that it is part of it.  Working through it, making tough choices on time, deciding what is important, and weeding out the rest.  To climb this little mountain and come out on the other side stronger, better schedule, stronger goals, more determination - is just one more step toward the goals.  Another step past those that decide to turn around.  It feels good.  I've gone through several valleys, I've always come out on the other side of it with more drive and determination and a clearer perspective.  

Oh yeah, time to go worship! ;-)  


  1. Your dogs are so sweet. I am sorry Tugie is having issues. Its good they have diapers for older dogs. I would give her anything her heart desires Our dog had the same issues, we had to take to vet. They gave her some kind antibiotics. She developed bald itchy spots but the meds cleared it up. She lived to be 17 before her heart gave out.

  2. Sonya, don't let others get you down. You can do anything you set your mind to. Follow your dreams.


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