Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cleanse Day and Clothes Too Big

Love my little God, Grace and Gratitude sign.  A lot smaller than intended.  I failed to see the measurements.  Cleanse day went well.  It was easy.  The day went by fast and I was busy and every time I start to get hungry it's time for the next thing that kills the hunger.  It feels so good to give your body this rest.  And that deep berry drink is good going down and it's that superfood you know is hitting every cell in your body and relieving it of toxins.  Sleep is always superb on a cleanse night and I look forward to bed.  Getting up is good too b/c you feel great and you know you can look forward to that morning shake.  

Sometimes there are some cruelties to your day.  Like taking a walk to get away and enjoy the sunshine and realizing your favorite burger place has a food truck and it's right there in front of you today.  Must make a note to get a burger soon.  Yes, I can still have a burger, just not as often! 

Had our zoom call last night.  And I reached out to a couple of folks that are interested in the paks.  I cycled again last week.  So it feels good to have money coming in for my efforts.  With network marketing there is a lot of work and effort on the front end, but then later while you sleep the money just comes from seemingly no where.  lol  I love getting paid on Monday's and I love the fact that there is no ceiling.  When bosses across America do not give increases - you increase yourself when you are ready for one.  And it's residual income too instead of having to swap time for money on an ongoing basis.  I'm watching people hold on with this, transform before my eyes with their health and wellness journey, helping others do the same, and then their FT jobs turn into PT and then they are cycling so much they can afford to quit their day jobs and work just helping others to feel better and getting freedom to work the hours they want to work and so forth.  That is a beautiful thing.  It's a slow process, but it IS being done and I'm watching it before my eyes! 

Speaking of transformation.  Another plus size top hits the dust (or the Thred Up bag at least).  It's way too big to wear.  I had to go change clothes into the smaller sizes I had bought.  lol  

You can also see where I left wall paper behind the door on the baseboard.  Oops.  I had not seen that til I saw the picture.  I need to take care of that.  I guess I never have the door shut.  

I am going to do two shakes today I think.  I reserve the right to change my mind.  We are having spaghetti tonight though and I have goals.  ;-)  I only need to lose a lb every two weeks to meet the goal so it's doable, but it can easily be thwarted.  I have been on a plateau for a while and only maintaining.  But I looked up the average weight for my size and that is what I'm shooting for but over a 64 week period.  I think that is 4, 16 week challenge periods.  That is a loss of .5 lb a week.  I figure I can make that happen if I try. 

Today is the day that I will send the cards to the people I've been praying for.  I actually believe I will have to do that project this weekend though.  There is a lot planned already today but only one of me.  

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.  


  1. It has to be great finding clothes that are too big! Although it means a limited wardrobe, it's worth giving them up. It's a sign of the progress you've made. Hope your have a great Hump Day! Happy Wednesday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. That is great. I can see the weight coming off. Have you tried Turkey burgers? we have a couple times a week. They are so good and lower in calories.


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