Sunday, February 24, 2019

Grazing Tables, and Sky High Steakhouses, and Office Pics

We went to our friend's daughter's going away party.  She is moving to Singapore for her job.  I had never seen a "grazing table" before.  But we loved it!  A little bit of everything and nothing in dishes.  There was cellophane on the table underneath.  What a great idea. 

 Our friend Steve made Singapore Slings for the occasion.  

They live by the lake.  I was thinking it would be flooding, but it wasn't really noticeable. 

Claira had her dog "Stella" there.  She is so cute. 

And here are sisters, Claira and Megan.  Megan, on the right is heading to Singapore.  We have watched these two grow up! 

George is either pondering a hard moment or making a face b/c he knew I was taking a pic?   

After the party there we braved the tumultuous weather and headed down town for the dinner party we'd had planned since the first of the year with Paul and Judy and Cheryl and Joe.  We got there and parked nearby the Marriott where our steakhouse reservations awaited us on the 34th floor at Bourbon Steak/Modern Steakhouse - Michael Mina Chef.  

I ate on the ledge right here hanging out - and had a nice view of the city. 

We went in the lobby and had a cocktail while waiting for the others.  We must have had a great time as the others made it through the lobby to the elevator to the 34th floor and to the table and went past us and we didn't see them and they didn't see us.  lol

George had a drink and I was jealouse of his "mint julep" silver cup.  Drinks are so good in a metal cup.  Please forgive George of his finger presentations in the background. ::sigh::

Every drink had a "rogue" alternate version of the original drink.  I loved it.  I totally forgot what it was I had - it had vodka and grapefruit in it.  My lime was held in with a mini clothespin.  lol

Since we were late, we had the seats with our back to the windows but that is ok.  I turned around often.  I hated that I did not get a pic when we got there b/c the rain messed up the windows which messed up the view a bit.  It was still incredible and we were happy to be there and thoroughly enjoyed our "fine dining" excursion.  I already knew my prime rib was not on the menu so I had filet mignon.  We had the full experience too of appetizers, meal, and dessert.

My prime rib with a creamy horseradish topping.  Kinda helped me forgive them that they didn't have prime rib. lol  I liked the plates also.

I have been thinking about switching to black stone plates at the house or possibly a natural stoneware of some type.  

Joe and Cheryl ordered the Tomahawk steak.  

Cheryl, Joe, and George.  

Paul and Judy.

George and I. George told me we didn't need to dress up if we wore a nice shirt.  The others had on dressier clothes.  Oh well. I should have known better. 

No one seemed concerned however.  No one sent us away.
And later at a different window, I got my view without rain!

Here is the office (also the blog topper at the current date) - rug is in, bulletin board up.  

Hopefully soon I'll have some success here, lol! 

Have been able to pull this together at minimal expense.   So that is good.

I need to go and work a few things.  It's after 5 and I still need to get some things done in planning for the week.  These weekends sure do go by fast.  I need to put the sheets on the bed too.

Ya'll have a good week.  I can't wait for spring!  ;-)


  1. I love your new office it looks so nice.

  2. dinner looks like fun. your new office is lovely.

  3. What a wonderful day you had. Great party and dinner too. How exciting it would be to be going off to Singapore. I do love the looks of your office. That rug makes a big diffrence.

    Love and hugs,


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