Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day and Frustrations Listed

Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's day!  We get to eat pizza tonight and I'm looking forward to that.

I am happy to say that the week has been a bit better and has gone by quickly.  I just get so many interruptions and fires that it is hard to get anything done until about 4 when most every one has gone for the day so I can have some peace and be able to work.  And then I usually stay until I get to a good stopping point.  Not sure I want to stay late every day b/c that has really infringed on my time this week at home. Wouldn't be so bad if the drive wasn't so far, but tacking that on both ends of the day it makes the day too long and life off balance. So probably making up my time there from the flu days anyway - probably have already.

I don't really have much to say.  But going for another cup of coffee here and maybe I will think of something.  I guess I'll talk about what has been on my mind some this week.  It's a bubbling bear at times so why not just open up and go there.

My frustration levels are coming up so I need to spend some time trying to bring that down.  So let's talk about that.  What frustrates me?  By doing so maybe if I fix it I'll be less frustrated.

1. I love my dogs but dealing with it all in the mornings is terribly frustrating in my already crunched up time.  Since George's job change I've had to add that to my mornings.  I am a morning person but I do NOT like to rush.  I really don't like rushing through anything.  In the afternoon I'm more patient though.  In the morning, I really don't have time for it.  And if I ever have to take Roger out - he won't come back in and he wants to go a different direction from the others. It's a process.  One I don't really have time for.

I get up and Tugie gets up with me.  I take her out.  The cat (outside) wants to love on the dog. The dog wants no part of it.  The dog wants to scrounge around for cat food on the porch and you have to coax her to go pee and coax her to come in.

I go make coffee, and as I'm in the middle of that, Maisy gets up.  I have to stop what I'm doing and take her out.  She is the smoothest one to get in and out at least. 

Then I go make their breakfast and feed them.  Then I can get the coffee made finally and get in the shower and get dressed.

Back to coffee, and then back to my blog.  I also do some residue business from the night before. 
Before  I know it, it is 6:15 and time to finish moving - sometimes past that time.  And then we have to finish getting ready, dogs out again, treats done, and lunch grabbed and out the door again.

2.  Having to start on something else before I can finish what I'm doing.  Having to stop the blog in the middle of writing - honestly I usually just keep writing.  I'm stubborn that way.  But it's frustrating none the less b/c then I feel like I have to hurry.

3.  Being so busy with others needs and agendas that I can't get my own work done.  Understanding that being information central is part of my job.  It's still frustrating if I'm trying to get a project done and plan to do it and can't get started until a week later b/c of everyone elses requests and needs which is also part of my job - but it is frustrating not to be able to work on the things in front of me that need processing.

4.  Not having enough time at night to do what I need/want to do.  Matter of fact just not enough time anywhere.

5.  I would say traffic, but I've been able to combat that with podcasts I love to listen to.  But since traffic takes up time to do other things, that is not good so I'll list it.

6.  Computer issues, defunct software, internet issues, electronic issues, streaming issues.  When I want to do something, I want to be able to do something.

7.  Ghosting.  People who don't return your emails, don't answer your questions, snub you, look down at you, belittle you, bully you, keep information from you.

8.  Incorrect perspectives.  When people assume the wrong things and make it hard on you b/c of their incorrect perceptions.

9.  Having to rush - I'll just let that be it's on entry.

10.  Not getting much free time anymore.

11.  Things not having a place.  And things being out of place or lost.

There are probably more but these were the ones rolling around in my mind.

So I've been able to resolve most of these, but a few linger and need to be worked out so the anger and the ire does not run all through me at various times of the day.

I'll ponder over these for ways to eliminate some of my frustrations.  I can say that the boundary thing and the Joy Junkie podcasts have helped and made a world of difference.  I keep mentioning it but wish I'd done it years ago.  I no longer care nor worry about #8.  And #7 for the most part I can get around it, but sometimes you do need answers and so that hurts all of us regardless of how I feel about it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post how I've resolved or plan to resolve.  Stay tuned.


  1. Happy Valentine's day!
    Enjoy your pizza & your husband. :)

  2. happy valentines day. at least you'll have a little time tonight to relax.


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