Friday, February 15, 2019

Junk Food Researchers, Bag Lady, and Valentines Dinner

Saw this while scrolling in our group this week- totally cracked me up.  It is soooo true.  But you laugh internally, and just bless and release and go to the person who is SERIOUS about their health and wellness.  It IS their choice.  

 I don't know why I have become a bag lady.  I guess I have always been.  But you know what?  They are getting heavy.  I need a Sherpa to help me get in to work!

Ya'll like my diamond?  It's actually the end of an ink pen.  Just goofing off.  

We had a nice time at Calabria Pizza.  Wine was good, pizza was good.  I did not like the pepperoni as it had an odd taste.  I suppose it was just an original Italian type that didn't taste like what we have around here.  But I loved the Hawaiian pizza.  We got two and will have our leftovers tonight. 

We had to go to the grocery afterwards to get hot dogs and buns.  We ended up getting some other things on the list in my head.  And guess what?  Got home and I forgot to grab the buns.  ::sigh:: So off to Walmart this morning.  (Dammit).

I also have to go to the UPS store.  So I need to see when they are open.  May as well do that too.

Here are the babies in bed last night.  Bed felt so good.  I did not want to get up this morning.  Nor any morning this week.  I don't know why it's been so hard.  I suppose I'm not getting enough sleep.

It is Friday and I'm so glad.  It's just been kindof a hard week.  They all are these days.  I'm ready for my 2 day break and have been since Monday.  Monday was the roughest day.   I don't like Monday's anymore.  lol Everyone goes in with their Oh My Gosh agendas on Monday and I do as well and we just all combust each other with our to do lists.  It's nuts.  Then the fires are burning and none of us get to do much on our agendas anyway and the work sits in a pile undone, or on a list unseen.  lol  Oh well. 

The news gave me an alert of ice and freezing rain this evening.  Glad we are not going anywhere.  Might be good to get home early today.  

I decided not to address the issues from yesterday.  I only have 8 minutes.  Eight mere minutes is not going to solve my daily frustration list.  lol  Maybe another day.  Because there is never enough time.  I'm a robot just programmed to move on to the next thing at the appointed hour.  Since I have to go to Walmart and will already be late, I should go.   

I'm not able to go to the store and just get what I went for.  I wondered if I should be worried, but then people do that all the time.  We get side tracked, pulled aside, and then bam - it's all forgotten.  But we will not have bunless hot dogs so off to Walmart I go.  (Dammit!) Sorry. 


  1. I do eat junk food but I eat more of the good stuff so I'm hoping it balances out. Left over pizza is wonderful and I'm glad you can enjoy it a second time around. I love your Valentine bling ! Every girl should have some ! Happy FriYAY!

    from mostly known as 'ma'

  2. The pizza looks so good. And your little dogs are cute as can be. Have a great weekend.


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