Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Just Babble.

So true!  

It was really foggy yesterday.  George says "We go from Ground Hog Day to Ground Fog Day".  At 5:30 in the morning, I wasn't expecting humor - so it made me laugh. 

 I took this shot while at a stop light on the way to work.

Got thru cleanse day fine yesterday.  It works out well to do it on Tuesday.  I had the team meeting call at 7 and it didn't interrupt our evening plans since I was already slated for not eating and doing the cleanse.  I took a snapshot yesterday of my chocolate.  Not many cleansing/fasting days can you have chocolate.  

Yesterday was so pretty and was the day before.  I've been able to get in 30 minutes of walking briskly and went by the picnic table out back.  A pretty spot. No wonder the smoker's disappear out back.  lol  Maybe I should take it up - JUST KIDDING!  I don't need that mess in my body. 

Found this yesterday.  

Mine still needs some work and I'm no where near bikini situation.  I don't know that I would want to be in a bikini anyway at this point in my life.  But I'll be thrilled to go to a suit w/o a little skirt to cover thighs. 

Not much to tell that I can talk about on here w/o attracting the wrong groups.  But mainly just a work day yesterday.  

I'm anxious to get started on a few things when I get some time - in getting the office ready.  George has been working on taxes.  Looks like we'll get some money back.  I'm really surprised.  Despite George's loss of job, the Severance package, and having a temp job - he's had the best year ever income wise and everyone withheld a bunch and I raised mine so we get a chunk back.  Plus I have the business side gig with tax breaks.  

It's Wednesday - over the hump day so at lunch time the week will be half over.  Half way there to working on the office time!  

I think the first thing I'm going to do is order that floor lamp.  I need light while working anyway.  If I order my needs one thing a week it'll be all spread out.  

I may move the back porch seating to the front also.  And get rid of the front wicker furniture.  It looks a mess.  I never sit out back.  We are never home.  If we were retired I'd probably have more time to but we have only enjoyed it a few times.  George junks it up with things under there - wheel barrow, gardening tools, and all sorts of stuff - and it is hard to keep clean so when you do have time you don't want sit there.  So I give up.  I'll use what I have.  

I looked downstairs and glad I can use the desk that was once Katy's.  I'll probably order a filing system of sorts.  And some white book shelves.   

Well, I better go and get ready for work.  Going to rain a lot in the next few days and possibly strong storms.  Gonna need to get ready, fix my shake and head out.  Ya'll take care.  

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  1. Have a great over the Hump Day! Weeee...time flies when we're having fun!
    Love and hugs,


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