Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Katy on the Ranch, Wine, Pets, and Other Updates

Here's my Katebug and her Findlay on the ranch.  Look at those Texas earrings.  

Findlay got to go for a ride and see the cows.  Cody is driving of course.  I think it's funny how cows are so curious. 

Yesterday I realized just how many happy bottles of wine we shared in our house over the last few years, by the cork holder.  It made me smile.  

Wine is usually a souvenir from our travels, gifts at Christmas that were especially selected, and a labor of love from George's fermentation and bottling processes downstairs. 

Katy has given us most of the cork holders and she made us a "C" a while back for the dining room.  

We love to taste at wineries and pick a selection.  This week we opened a bottle that we bought from a tasting in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I savored every sip.  It tasted like Muscadine.  I love Muscadine.  I'm usually one for a dry white or dry red usually.  Crisp and oaky chardonnays are what I like in a white and I've settled on Pinot Noir as my favorite red as seems to be more smooth than the cabs and merlots that I had been so fond of.  However, sometimes - for sipping after dinner - there is nothing better to me than a deep dark cab. And cabs are good with spaghetti certainly. I prefer them not sour, lol - but I am ok with a little bite to it here and there if that makes sense.  I'm no wine snob!  

Mister Roger says hello.  He has come to me for petting a few times this week which warmed my heart.  He normally is strictly a Daddy's boy.  But he has come to find and seek me out a few times this week.  

Our dogs are precious.  But Tugie has been a challenge with all the diapering.  I keep remembering the lady that trims her saying "Ya'll need to think about just letting her go.  It's time."  It's close to time, but she is not suffering.  She is not hurting.  She had a hard bowel movement last week that hurt, but other than that and her occasional itching, she is not miserable.  She still wags her tail and still eats and likes to be with us and doing what the other dogs do.  She sleeps a lot.  So no it's not time just yet.  But it's not far off.  

It's Tuesday and Monday was.....definitely a Monday.  lol   

I don't even..........

So didn't get my power hour last night b/c I stayed at work til 6.  And then dinner was ready earlier and I only had a few minutes to see what was going on in my business world.  And then it was dinner time and we have started watching Nurse Jackie during/after dinner.  Nurse Jackie is very good.  We are loving it.  It's light for the most part, has some comedy in it, and very entertaining.  

I ordered some Heart Boost for Mom with the plant sterols in it that is supposed to lower cholesterol and has according to studies.  The FDA puts its stamp of approval on it and gives the recommended amount twice a day which is what our scoop for it contains.  So it's been ordered and on the way to her house.

We have a new shake coming out.  I just ordered it.  It's a higher protein shake - Caramel Latte.  

I just hopped off of here to see if it was up yet.  It was!  So I ordered it!  ;-)  
Going to go do a few things and head out.  We have a dinner tonight with a friend (former vendor) and so that means cleanse day is having to wait and I won't get to do our zoom call tonight, but I'll watch it tomorrow.  

Ya'll have a good Monday.


  1. Loved seeing your Katy girl and also all the cork collections What a great way to remember good times! Your sweet Tugie will let you know when it's her time to go. Meanwhile enjoy the precious moments you have left. How nice you have a dinner out on a Tuesday night! Relax and enjoy !

    Love and hugs,

  2. Just give Tuggie a lot of love. She has been there for you so long. When it came time for Bianco at 18 years 4 months we had discussed that we had to make a decision. I held her in my lap on a Friday night and talked to her telling her she did not have to hang on for us, we loved her but did not wan her to suffer. When Ken came home from work I told him what I had done. He took her in the bedroom nd laid down with her next to him and talked with her. After that she laid down and went to sleep. We freed her to go on as she was starting to suffer. It was really hard for us, but much easier for her. When she knew she did not have to stay and suffer for us she was relieved


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