Monday, February 25, 2019

Measurable Goals and My Joy Meter

Not long ago I worked on my goals.  And as life does, we lived our lives and were busy and I did not get them on the calendar yet.  But they are now!  And they are visible where I can see them on my bulletin board.  Each goal has to be measurable to know if you achieved it or not.  They are here open and raw for you to see.  Sharing them is accountability.  Breaking them down makes it easier.  Kind of.  This is truly taking "becoming a better person" to the next level.  It is my Mount Everest.  And let me tell you the harder you try to be a better person, the more the devil throws his lovely little fiery darts.  He's the pitfalls in the ice crevices.  But I've made the decision to climb the mountain.  It will most likely turn out to be one of the biggest challenges in my life yet doing these.  And I am the biggest obstacle.  I've made my goals attainable so they may seem like low easy hanging fruit, but I working FT and our lives are busy.  Here are the goals. And how I will measure myself.

______Change others lives - 2 people in 2019 losing weight, feeling better, seeing results in their health and wellness.
______Sharing God's word - 3 Spiritual Shares per week. 
______Helping others to spiritually grow - 2 Conversations per week in helping another become stronger in their faith/walk.
______Helping Senior Citizens - In 2019 this will equate to a tithing donation from earnings to Alzheimer's Foundation
______Become an expert Enroller - For me I've assigned 1 person a week average, next year it might be a different number. 
______Increase my cycles - This is a comp plan thing and right now I'm at 1 and or 0.  So I want to be constant 1 by April 1 and 2 cycles a week by 6/1, 3 by 8/1 and 4 by 10/1 and 5 by 20/20.  I think this is probably not low hanging fruit, but let's see what I can do. 
______I have a weight loss that I want to meet by 6/1 and by 10/1 set over a period of time at the end of my next 4 challenges - two falling into this year.  
______Be more outgoing - Increase conversations by 3 per day.  This is talking where I ordinarily wouldn't.  
______Be more content - Joy Indicator at 7 or above on average.  Yes I had to create a happiness poll, lol.  Have to be able to measure it.
______Photography - Since this will help me in my business I put this in my goals.  To find/take 3 cool photos a week. 
______Grow the Business - The above cycles will result but I want to have 3 enrollments by end of March and then in April I want to begin recruiting consultants and have 1 and in May another one.  By 6/1 I myself would then by Manager..  A manager has two consultants.  A director has six consultants.  I don't see that happening on my schedule in 2019 but I could be wrong if my momentum got going. That is a 2020 goal.
______Exercise more regularly.  3 times cardio per week is considered success for me but will allow a full 5 days of 30 minute exercise as a substitute knowing that 3 times cardio may be hard to do every week.
______Lower cholesterol.  Continued lowering of cholesterol based on the docs reports
______Lower blood sugar numbers.  Continued lowering of blood/sugar readings. 
______Lower heart rate.  I added this b/c I'm tracking my heart rate to see the difference as I begin exercising more. Apple watch helping track exercise, heart rate, standing goals, and activity goals.  I have found I walk 2 to 4 miles just in the course of my day without exercising.  :-O 

And here is my Joy Meter.  It was a bit difficult to make a Joy Meter on a scale from 1 to 10.  Well it's really including Not Joy vs Joy on a scale of 10.  Blew my mind trying to do this.  But I did it based on "my realm" of how I feel when I go from a lack of joy to full all out elation of joy.  I found it interesting that words like:  tiredness, frustration, anger, feeling like a robot, "being on the fence", not feeling loved were associated with the lack of joy.  Well not surprised, but it was an interesting step for me to do this exercise.  Yes I came up with it on my own.  lol Other's chart would be different - perhaps they have their own demons that keep them from experiencing joy.  But this chart works for me and was very revealing. 

The feelings of joy were associated in my persona as focusing on happy things, sharing happy things with others, being confident, organized, sharing, laughing.  Both ends of the spectrum have tears.  Tears of unhappiness vs. tears of joy. For someone else, their meter may be different.  But here is how I'll measure mine.

10.  Extreme elation, confident, sharing, laughing, and contentment to the point of happy tears. 
9.  Feeling strong feelings of joy and looking for ways to share the joy and inspiration with others.
8.  Feeling highly satisfied, organized in life, and able to share. 
7.  Finding some joy and focusing on happy things, sharing.
6.  Recognizing joy but not wanting to share it. 
5.  On the fence - could go either way in mood - some joy and some discontent
4.  Feeling like a robot, not seeing a lot of joy in the day
3.  Tired, involved, and nothing seems to be going right. 
2.  Extreme frustration and anger. 
1.  Tears/feelings of worthlessness, falling out of Maslowe's chart (not feeling loved). 

So God says we should be content in every situation.  The Spirit (God's counselor and a gift he provides to those who believe) is speaking to me now on this and bringing it to mind.  You can't help but notice how you "feel".  But I'm really trying to find joy through those moments of levels 1-5 to break through.  In the last week(s) I've dealt a lot with frustration.  

Getting this office is helping me to be more organized and more fruitful in my time and in my thoughts.  And for that I am grateful.  <------and I ordered a Gratitude sign on Amazon this week to hang up in my office.  

So being more "content" is hard one for me.  I'm a serious person.  And it takes a special person that I can trust to laugh at life with and open up to and be silly with.  I have a few friends that "get me" and laugh with me.  So this goal alone has required a lot!  Geez. 

So yeah, taking steps to help other people, is really making me focus on taking myself to the next level.  It feels good to do this.  But I realize this is not easy.  There are some low hanging fruits, but taking the baby steps forward is not always going to be easy.  

But today is my starting date of reality and taking footsteps forward to grow myself, help others, and in taking strides toward my personal business - or "my hobby" as George and the IRS have called it.  Well ok.  I'm off to do my hobby.  lol


  1. i like yhe idea of a joy meter. sounds like you have a handle on this.

  2. Happy Monday. Hope today is a 10!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Your office looks very nice. I love the new rug. I thought it was funny all three of the doggies followed you in there. They like it too. I think its great you have this going on for yourself. If we don't have our health we have nothing at all. Have a good week.


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