Sunday, February 10, 2019

Office is Set Up and I'm a Happy Camper

We converted the back bedroom to the office in ONE DAY.  I had to start before George because I had to unmake beds, take things down from the walls, remove the sheets in the closet that went with the bed and deal with all the stuff in the drawers.  I had a lot of things in shadow boxes - country style in decoration and lots of old things.  I put that in a box for safe keeping.  And there were a lot of things in the "catch all" drawers that I just plain threw away or put in a yard sale pile.  I also went through the bedroom closet in there and have a lot of clothes for ThredUp if my bag will ever get here.  And then some for yard sale. ThredUp is picky about some things so I try to follow their policy.

Here is the shadow box.  I was shocked at how the essential oils fit right in.  I was happy to have a good use for the shadow box.  We bought this at a flea market I think when George and I first began our life together.  I loved these printer boxes or whatever they really used to be and I loved collecting little miniature things.  He gave a lot of miniature things to me for Christmas until it was filled up.  So lots of sentimental stuff going on there.  It felt weird to dismantle it in a way.  But a much more functional use of it I'd say.  I'd really gotten out of the "country" style of decor and honestly this was in the back bedroom to begin with b/c I just couldn't bare to part with it.  But I'm ok because I'm keeping the things in it. And using the shadow box.

However, the tears stung my eyes as my grandparents bed room furniture began it's exit out of the front door and into storage downstairs.  I had a momentary feeling of "what am I doing".  But the decision time was long over.  The bedroom is just not serving a functional use.  We never have a houseful of guests - no one has come and slept in that bedroom in the 11 years we have been here but twice.  We always travel to everyone else.  Do I want to get rid of the furniture? No.  I love it.  Maybe I'll have a chance to use some of it again someday.  But honestly a regular size bed is just not coveted anymore. The Western style diet has expanded the American waistline and everyone has to get Queen and Kings. lol  

We had a time getting it out but George has done this so many times.  lol He also used to work for his parents doing auctions and they'd have to empty the house.  We have also moved a few times.  He is not one to mess with when he moves.  He tried to give me directions to help and we always end up arguing.  I can't read minds and his directions are not always to point.  My mind is way too open to seeing different meanings for each direction and you have to be specific with me.  For example does push it up mean push away from you or toward you - it depends.  Is he saying from his perspective or my perspective.  Push up toward me or push up toward you, push up where? He was getting irritated with me and kept saying "just do it".  I finally yelled out "I don't know what you want me to do!"  My Momma came out in me right there! lol  Then he got more specific.  

So we got it all out done.  It is all in the basement now. 

Now we have a place for the printer.  I put a dog bed in here for Maisy, and she sat in it once, but since Roger and Tugie have been laying in that one she doesn't want to.  She has been laying on the floor.  I will try another pillow or blanket I guess.  She wants no part of it.  But she did this for me for the photo because I asked her to get in the bed and she did.  She is pretty smart.  Not poodle smart, but she is pretty smart.

Roger had to check out the scene.  He said "hey Momma, what about me? You gotta bed for me?"  He will be by George's side though.  He has to keep an eye on George like Maisy keeps her eyes on me.
And I have put a quilt over it now and Tugie is in here.  Maisy is on the other side of me.

The closet is my bookshelf for now.  I don't have too many things right now to put there anyway.  I love looking at my teddy bear.  

And this seemed appropriate.

I moved it from the den to the new office.  

George pulled up the floor in the bedroom and it was NOT hard wood.  We were told the floors had hard wood, but it may be in other areas of the house.  He has told me we can work on the flooring but it will be a while and said I could get an area rug for the office to make it look nice til then.  He didn't see but in another room I let the tears fall that he was being generous about it and the floors and upgrades to the house have always been a sore point b/w us.  I have had blue linoleum since I've been here in the kitchen and hated it but have always had some other project or decor going that I've been able to ignore it and pretend it was my ocean. lol So I put Greece pictures all over the wall.  George has been open to my decor changes.  I usually don't spend a lot - we often paint and then I shop downstairs in our basement and pull together from what we have and then add a few things as I see them from yard sales.  Probably the most expensive things we have done is had things framed. But when it comes to remodeling or flooring - the big bucks and dollar signs show up and it's few and far between.  Appliances also have to be on their last whimper. lol   So our house gets really old before it gets remodeled.  And so tears of joy came down my face b/c with the pets now - and three of them at that.  We need a different flooring situation.  And it needs to be a pet friendly solution at that.

So here it is - the new office.  I ended up using a buffet table and love it better than the desk I was going to use.  The buffet table came from the sun room.  We have another piece of furniture we can move into its spot down the road.  But it works perfectly for what I need. 

George didn't intend on me bringing that floor lamp up - it was one he used downstairs.  I was going to buy one and he said to use one from downstairs.  He said that one was not the one he meant.  I said "oh you wanted me to use the old ratty one that one of the lamp socket things hang loose?"  lol  He didn't answer directly but just said not the one I brought up.  So he said he would get another one.  I said "well you wanted me to use the ratty one, why don't you use it if it's usable? If it was good for me it'd be good for you right? "lol lol.  I had him on that one.  He just said he'd go buy another one.  lol

Anyway, I'm grateful that he helped me yesterday by moving the furniture around.  He was trying to make me happy and I appreciate it and he did make me happy!

I'll be hanging the white board up.  I'll be getting a calendar system and bulletin board and a trash can and the rug.

The first thing I did when sitting down at my desk was read scripture.  And prayed and thanked God for my new office.  Daddy's spirit was there and I could feel that he was excited about his office when he had his.  So I loved that.  And I am a happy camper!

Random up close pics.

And then it was sundowner time - and the bartender arrived.  George made stir fry and we watched a movie Everest.

So I'm all moved in and this morning's blog entry is the first one from the office.  It feels really good to have my own separate place that is not cramped.  And now I can spread out and also expand my thoughts.  It's amazing how that happens.  It just feels right.

We are headed to church this morning.  At least I am.  We'll see what time George gets up.  I think I have to iron something to have something to wear.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning ready to have coffee and get in here and do my blog entry and start working on things.  It makes me want to work instead of being in the same room with the TV and all my reading books staring at me.  Anyway, have a happy Sunday.  I'm craving an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning so I'll have that instead of my shake.  I usually crave my shakes but I have those most every morning and this morning I have time to make one so I will.

Take care!


  1. The office looks good. It will give you more space to work and make it easier to work.

  2. I love it. You have your own she-cave! Looks peaceful there.

  3. Yes, it does look wonderful and there is plenty of room too for any additions you might want to make later on. It is a joy to have a room of your own. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
    Love and hugs,

  4. It looks very nice. Doesn't feel good to get rid of stuff you don't use. I have been slowly but surely getting rid of things I have had for years and don't need or use. Clutter makes my anxiety worse. The less you have the easier it is to clean. The home office is a very wise investment. It looks like you little doggies are happy too.

  5. Oh my goodness you and George worked hard yesterday. But your new,..looks wonderful. I pray that it will bring all manner of joy,happiness, peace and love....I know I’m an old bossy worry bod. But it’s only cause I love you and have seen you go through so much over these last ..?.??? Years...seems for ever, I can hardly remember a time you have not been around . Now you have a new vision in life and your health has improved so much I just know that you will be able to keep going..with Gods help. My heart jumped and I smiled when I read that you spoke to our Lord before you started working in your office. I am sure he will bless both you and George...........I have had a very busy day today. The second Sunday in the month we have lunch at church it was started just over two years ago by our church worker. Unfortunately her time with us has come to an end her contract ended aa1st Jan, Anyway I offered to take on the organising of the lunch. This was the first one I had to do. Also we had the most diners we have had I really was a bit anxious..but God was by my side and everything went well..people were great to help me do things I couldn’t do and I’m thankful for that in the end we had 28 for lunch of cottage pie with Carrots and broccoli followed by apple crumble with ice cream or custard. People were going up for seconds !!..cost is £7 they also have tea / coffee if they want...Oh nearly forgot we had three little ones 2,3,4 plus a baby 10 weeks old. So the age ranke was 94-10 weeks !!! Just thought you might like to know what I was up to today. ( All this was after our church service and communion ). Night night. God Bless. Xx

  6. congratulations on your new office. everything looks really good. enjoy.

  7. The new office looks great! I like how you repurposed the table for a desk. May only good things come from the new office!
    Take care, Sheila


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