Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Office Space Decisions, What's Hard About the Business, Why I'll Overcome It

Well, do you know how many times I saw MY RV over the weekend?  THREE at least.  I took it as a sign.  I like the THOR Motor Coach, Four Winds Class C - more room for the price.  

I'm excited about the office now that I've slept on it for several days.  I'm beginning to envision a bit of what it will look like.  And I'm itching to make it happen!  I know it is going to need some lighting so I'm going to order a brushed silver floor lamp - doesn't have to be expensive - but one of those lamps that has two lights on it.  And a desk lamp that will be tall enough have brushed silver or white tones and will rise a bit above the desk to give more light in the room.  

I've had to go and stand in the room to get a feel for what it will look like.  We also need to get a date for the yard sale put on the calendar.  I'm ready to get rid of some things.  This is going to take some time to do all this, but perhaps we'll have LESS outings and can focus on things at home.  

Will George be upset with me if I'm in the back of the house in a bedroom turned office?  My thoughts: 

  • He will have to come back further to tell me things as we'll be in opposite ends of the house - but at night that will only be 30 minutes to an hour.  He can surely handle that and I deserve to have the uninterrupted time to focus on my business and he enjoys listening to his music anyway while he cooks (which he prefers to do the cooking as he loves it). Often I'm the one interrupting him, lol. 
  • On Tuesday's his time won't be interrupted when I do my team call. I often do it in our living area of the house and he can't watch TV or play his X box as it will be too loud.  I can do it from my office.
  • He wants me to succeed in the business and is supportive for the most part. 
  • We still get loads of time together - as we eat together and watch movies almost every night.  This makes it very challenging to get done what I need to do, but I've found if I come home and go straight to work on my business power hour - then I get it done.  Otherwise it's time for dinner and movies and I'm not in the mindset to get back into the groove.  
  • He is actually fine with it and says it is a good function for the room.  He certainly has lots of space within the house to spread things out - he claimed the downstairs basement as his and it is the entire length of the house- another floor! He has musical instruments in every room and has most every bookshelf taken up and most of the storage.  So from a space standpoint, he can't complain.  
  • He's looking forward to having a good window opportunity to look at the flooring back there.  That was one of the first things he said
  • The very first thing he said was "that's a good functional use of the room". 
  • In the mornings we are not together anyway and the time I'm in the room he is sleeping.  

Sometimes you have to make decisions - am I going to do this or not?  Can I do this or not?  Am I willing to do this or not?  These are hard humps to cross.  The learning is fun, the people are fun, the connecting is fun.  Finding the people who "get it" - who need help nutritionally and are open to trying something different is hard to find.  You go through a lot of 'no's' before you get to the yeses.  So if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  It takes 3-4 years to get to six figures.  We have people on our team who have done it in two and we are following their lead.  The only way to lose is to quit.  So if I am to expand and grow, I have to have a place to plan, organize, print, make and store files, have white boards and bulletin boards.  I have to make it a real business and from that it can grow.  So it's time to get serious.  I want it to have a little table - like a breakfast nook table so when people come over we seriously talk about their needs, discuss the comp plan and their future and they will be able to see my vision board and plans and be able to duplicate.  I want to grow my team and this is going to help me do this.   

That should tell you how serious I am about how this has helped me.  The nutrition has saved me from whatever autoimmune situation was attacking my body.  No longer tired, no longer having pains, weird fevers (except for the flu, lol).  Off the sugar meds b/c my body is beginning to function like it is supposed to.  

I want to help others, and this is God's way of allowing me to do that.  I will also be tithing now 10% of all my earnings toward helping older people.  Alzheimer's funding is what I'm leaning toward at the present time but sometimes it may be hands on things in the community - being able to take simple gifts to the folks in assisted living at holiday times - things like that.  

So decision time has come and gone.  And I'm in! Any time I've been to a fork in the road when it seemed hard - I've made the decision to stay with it.  What's hard? 

1.  People think it's just a fad that will pass. They watch you.  They don't really want to "join your parade".  
2.  People even make fun of you, or whisper behind by your back about this, that or the other. 
3.  Some might even think you are crazy when you start dreaming. 
4.  Most tell you "no" b/c they don't understand and are not educated at how this can help.  Rejection is hard. 
5.  People let the price scare them off -  but people don't see that if you bought all your groceries in the month's time and eating out and Starbuck's - how much would that be?  (We have a lesser price pak now anyway and can meet people at their price point if they will take the time to understand the price per meal).  It's VERY affordable.  Where there is a WILL there is a way. 
6.  They say "family" is the hardest to support you, to want to use the product, and to find reasons to NOT want it. 
7.  People don't understand MLM - multilevel marketing but if you saw the comp plan you won't sleep at night.  ;-)   
8.  It's hard having confidence in yourself when all the above is happening.  Really hard.
9.  Time.  Time is hard.  Giving up hobbies, is hard.  Giving up sleep sometimes is hard. Getting things done when you don't feel like it is hard.  
10.  Learning and having it stick at age 56 is hard.  Repetition and notes are key. 
11.  Being an introvert is hard.  

But oh there are so many things that over come all of the above.  
1.  My determination is great. 
2.  My love for my team is great and I love being a part of it. 
3.  I love how I feel! Health has no price.
4.  I get to travel
5.  I'm heading toward some dreams
6.  I'm making some money
7.  I'm spending some money, lol
8.  I'm not a quitter
9.  I no longer care what people think
10.   I can help people if I want to and I want to find those that want to be helped. 
11.  I'm getting better at figuring out the schedule.  
12.  I'm less overwhelmed. 
13.  I'm improving. 
14.  I'm learning. 
15.  I'm growing. 
16.  It is starting to fit me like a glove. 
17.  It helps me in so many ways besides nutritionally. 
18.  I love my community of peeps and friends I've made. 
19.  I'm going to continue to enjoy the travel.  
20.  I understand that practice makes perfect. 
21.  I'm willing to face my fears. 
22.  I believe in this with all my heart.   I know what this has done for me. 

And now I have to go do the day job with as much fervor.  lol  

Ya'll have a great day! 



  1. I think I’d love RVing, but even if someone gave us one, we couldn’t afford the fuel to go far. Those things only get about 5 MPG.

  2. Oh dear, I just made a comment and forgot to put is on the anonymous setting. These changes are not easy. But anyway just wanted to say, your enthusiasm is showing in all you do. Make it a great Wednesday! Over the hump we Go...

  3. I think you can use the items you buy for your business as a tax write off. I am happy for you that you are getting your own office. I read something the other day that really struck a cord with me. If you are not using the stuff in your home, get rid of it. You are not going to start using it more by shoving in a
    closet. Joshua Becker.. We are selling and getting rid of books, clothes, furniture we don't use or need.

  4. Well love you have certainly thought things through so it’s onwards and upwards ...I can only as a friend wish you every success. Please try to watch out though that you are not overdoing things. It won’t be easy working all the hours you do at work then coming home and working again for an hour or so. Makes a very long day. Please give yourself time out. Remember God made the whole world in six days he took the seventh day off ...On that day he did no work..remember that is what he asks of us....
    Nothing will work if you get overworked.....take care. And God Bless always.....( what’s happened to your private blog ? Remember there are still folks out there who do not always see things same as you and can be jealous !)


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