Thursday, February 7, 2019

Rain and Storms and Dog Cuddles

This rain band going from west to east - trained over our area beginning yesterday afternoon and into the evening.  Made it difficult to get home and flood waters all around.  Severe storms coming today as we go from 70's to 20's.  So I may leave early today in ahead of that.  Because last night was a mess.  

(I just noticed the ad on the above pic!  lol lol lol  At the bottom.  Good grief!)

The dogs huddled a bit last night, not caring how close they were, as the thunder rolled, lightning flashed, and the rain poured.  

George fixed an excellent clay pot salmon, broccoli and little potatoes last night.  I'm fixing spaghetti tonight.  Have been working in little pockets of time on the side gig.  Lots of interest and it's getting busy.  

So I've been working some this morning too.  Thus the short blog.  

It's Thursday and that makes me happy b/c it's Friday's sister!  ;--) 

Looking forward to working on the office and working on my agenda instead of everyone else's. 

Ya'll have a lovey day!  

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