Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday and the Current State of Being

Good morning!  I spent this morning putting together my vision board in the Paint Shop Pro.  Just bringing it all together in one place.  Printed it out and hung it in my office.  Only my color ink is not working too well.  lol  It looks pretty here though. 

Well, It's been an odd couple of weeks.  But aren't they all now?  You can only rise above it to get over and above it.  At least the frustrations were fewer this week.  I truly think the weather, the rain, the lack of sun has everyone in low spirits.  We have to make our own energy.  Thank goodness I have the power within me to do that now.  That and good friends that love to laugh with me and talk and listen.  Much needed.

So I'm thankful to have a few minutes this morning in the office.  Maybe I'll get some pics of the changes tomorrow.  The Yearly Planner up.  I hung up my dry erase board and also the bulletin board/dry erase combo.  The rug is in and moving forward. 

This past week week I spent some time in training, and less time connecting.  I was not in much of a connecting mood anyway and needed the training segments anyway as they were important ones. 

As I type Alerts are going off in our area - Flood Warnings.   

  They sky is lighting up in the distance though - I think the rain is closer to moving out but storms coming tonight - and severe ones as well.  Pray for us as we will be up on the 34th floor in a restaurant with a view of it all.  Lord please watch over us with no tornadoes!  A 34th floor tornadic experience would be one hell of a ride, and probably your last adventure.

I have Alexa going on a lite rock station this morning here in the office.  And the "Content" essential oils are emitting their wonders across the room. 

Tugie and Maisy are in here with me now snoozing. 

The laundry is going and almost finished.  We have two outings today.  One for a friend moving to Singapore.  And tonight our night out into a nice steakhouse in Nashville way up high.  This makes my heart pound.  I'm not one to be high up in a building - the fears from 911 and any other emergencies that could happen.  Makes me really uncomfortable for this gal that likes to be in control.  But I will just look at it as an adventure and pray and hope for the best.

The shakes have been good this week.  Added strawberries to this one.  

Got to go have lunch with a friend at Cracker Barrel and get my salad.  A lot of fun.  

Got to sit close to the fire.  

And I love this salad.  I have it about every other week.  

Nummy Nummy.  I often do this meal the day after a cleanse day.  I love the eggs, the chicken, and the cheese wedge the best! It hits the spot.  One of the switches I've made is moving from Fried Chicken salads to grilled chicken salads and to a vinaigrette for dressings.  I do allow the occasional ranch and french when I am overpowered with desire for it.  It's best to get it now and then than to feel bummed eternally that you can't have it.  You blink and go "lifestyle choice" - get it and enjoy it - then your cleanse day will forgive it.  I do dessert that way too.  I don't want dessert much anymore but when we go out sometimes I'll get it.  Most of the time I don't.  As I improve and go forward I want these things less and less because I know how they make me feel and I want the good stuff going in!

Well, I wish I had more exciting stuff to talk about. 

George and I have been watching "Nurse Jackie" and we are already on Season 2.  lol  I was thinking we'd have a while, but we are addicted and enjoying it. 

I'm behind on my "shows" on You Tube and even a new season of Sister Wives is on I think.  My goals and dreams have been on front burner though.  (This seems odd to say this since at home our primary cooking is done on the back burners, lol).  Anyway - I will have the shows to watch during pop corn hour one Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Or the next time I feel a burnout coming on.  So it's ok I guess. 

I need to keep moving forward here - finishing laundry, cleaning a bit, planning the week, doing my Target order and this week's additions to the office include finding my "gratitude sign"  and a phone tripod holder so I can do some live videos without fear of the phone falling over during it.  It's one of those small ones.  Oh and I must change the sheets!  And we need to do the grocery - may do that tomorrow.  Tugie needs more diapers.  ;-(  It makes me so sad to see her little body shrinking up.  I just want to bawl at the thought of losing her.  What a wonderful dog she has been.  It's coming and soon.  But right now she is not suffering.  But it has been a little frustrating dealing with the diapers and the poop and a few other things.  But we love her.  She still eats and enjoys hanging out with us and loves her treats and sneaks and gets Rogers every now and then.

This weekend I also need to take the goals I've written and plug the breakdowns into my calendar/schedule.  They do no good if you write the down and put them away!  ;-)  My biggest challenge is always time.  Trying to do things that are income producing during the nooks and crannies of the day.  All one can do is the best they can.  At least having this office is helping me to focus on it.  It's very snail pace slow though, this building of a business in 30 min here and 10 min there.  Others have done it.  That is encouraging.  Building blocks here to the momentum stage:  learning myself, educating others, healing myself, healing others.  As it gears up on all fronts - it will all interplay and be a furthering of success.  Right now I still have fat on me.  Why would anyone want to listen to me yet?  lol  I still have splurged more often than I should have.  The beauty of it that only I see - is that through all my splurges I'm maintaining my weight loss.  I've not been able to do that before. 

I just have to continue to try to put God first, others next, and me last.  Sounds easy.  But all will be on track when that happens.

You all have a lovely weekend.  What are you doing that is fun?  Or are you getting caught up or doing spring cleaning?

Off to be productive! 


  1. It has rained here on and off all day. Cold too. I am in my jogging suit and we are having a fish fry tonight at our house. This weather does affect our mood. I have not had much energy this week. The vision board looks great. I need to do one. We have seen Nurse Jackie, It is good. I am hooked on Jamestown now. It is very good. interesting look at how things were for women in the 1600's. you need to check it out. Outlander is great too. Hope little Tuggie has many more good days left. She sounds like she has a good life.

  2. Hang on and love your Tuggie as long as she is there and not suffering She is close to you because she is devoted to you. Little furries love so strongly to their people.
    You stated that you put yourself last That is totally wrong. You need to put yourself first, make yourself priority and you will find that your life will change for the better. No more feeling that other do not appreciate you etc. You put yourself first and you will no long worry about what others think etc. You will know that your are important and worthy of all sat before you

  3. hope the storms don't interfere with your dinner out. enjoy.

  4. Sounds like you do have your priorities straight for sure. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday and a beautiful Sunday! We have high winds today, hopefully blowing Spring our way. I'm decorating for Spring this weekend. Happy Sunday !

    Love and hugs,


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