Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday and Setting Up the Office Day!

mmmmm....sipping my Saturday coffee and it's feeling good!  I was up early this morning to get started on the day.  Much to do.  I'm glad we do not have any significant plans to go anywhere.  However, my to do list is long.  Mainly getting the bedroom turned into an office.  Really excited about all that.  If you have read the previous days, you knew that already as it is all I've talked about.  

Am I diving in too much Sybil asked? No I don't think so.  When you love what are you doing, it's not an issue.  It is a mindset.  I'm loving this and I'm loving the connection with others.  It's a process.  I'm learning still and at age 56, it's a slower process, especially when we are busy, but I am making progress ever so slowly - enough so that I know when I expand the office, it will expand the work space and expand the mind and will make things so much easier for me.  Right now I'm limited, cramped and pinched and my business is too.  I need the room to grow and it will all take place! It is a lot of consistency though and it's taken some effort and commitment to figure out the schedule.  It'll never be perfected as there is always way more to do than there is time.  But I have been able to figure out a system to be fairly consistent and building upon that.  

Also as I get better and learn more I'm able to do more "on the go".  And can do the business in pockets of my day.  For example, I do about 10 min of work in the parking lot before I go into work every morning.  I also do some at lunch.  And I have a power hour at home and sometimes another 15 to 30 before bed.  It's a challenge but it's fun.  It's a team effort.  Progress is progress!  

What happened to the private blog?  It's still there - hasn't gone anywhere.  I have updated it a couple of times in the last week or two.  The link is above for those long time bloggers that have the access.  I rarely need to vent these days, but when I do it goes there!  

I am off for loads of laundry and office moving time ya'll.  I'll pop in tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  Maybe some pics, but it's not going to look like much for now! 

Here we go!


  1. It will be nice to have your own space. I hope you take time to relax a bit today too.

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your new office. Have a good weekend.

  3. I'll be checking on your progress as I see you have another post ready for reading. It's true when we love what we do it isn't really work at all.


  4. it will be great to have a place to call your own.


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