Monday, February 11, 2019

The Challenge and Maintaining the Weight Loss

This is me having maintained my weight (ok I gained 1 lb and loss 1 inch) through two vacations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays galore, not really exercising any cardio, and indulging in way more than I should have repeatedly and almost always having an extra snack every day.  I was afraid I'd really gained and was dreading getting on the scale and measuring as my 16 week challenge came to an end.  

But I will take it.  Our system compared to the others out there (yes there are studies) have shown that people have been able to keep the weight off on our system.  So yay me. I'm still a little disappointed I didn't lose more.  But honestly I've not focused enough on it besides drinking shakes and taking vitamins and eating healthier snacks. I can't expect change if I don't continue to come around the curve changing my forever life that has to be a new lifestyle.  I entered the next 16 weeks of contest as this one ended (the end photos of one are the start photos of another - saves time and why waste time?) 

Time to work on toning tummy, butt, and thighs. lol lol  And actually the challenges - I'm supposed to be wearing a sports bra.  I need to get one or two.  I will put it on my spring shopping list for March.  

So why do I do these challenges?  

1.  To be honest, for free product of $200.  Even if I gained, I still get $200 just for entering the contest to spend on food.  
2.  Who doesn't love a free T-Shirt?  
3.  Now I see it will shed light on making you see results in comparison to where you were 16 weeks ago.  Or lack of results. And what I'm seeing is how bad I can be and maintain my weight.  Giving me powerful faith in these shakes and vitamins that are building muscle, repairing my body at the cellular level and giving me nutrition I need so my body functions like it should.  My faith is building intensely b/c this is insane compared to how bad I was over the last quarter of the year.  I mean I still ate good things too but you know how the holidays are.  Or going to a brewery or BBQ with friends.  Am I skipping the dessert or the potato salad?  Probably not on the holiday and probably not at the BBQ, lol.  I may learn to only have a few bites though and so I'm learning a two bite rule and seeing how that goes so as not to be left out. 

So yeah, this is all a learning curve and I'm getting around it and I'll focus on more the next 16 weeks. 

The office space is truly working out well.  I've gotten more done in a day than over about 3 days office wise.  I'm amazed at the difference.  Before, I would stack up everything and then I'd have to go through the pile to figure out where I was and what to do next.  No more - it's all spread out and I can hop to work.  

I didn't realize how being in the den and kitchen areas were distracting me.  Not having to use ear plugs or fighting to think through George's music.  Or him having to be quiet if I 'm having a phone conversation.  Big surprise was I could go live on Facebook from the quiet of my office.  Would just have NOT done it if I were in the other place.  So I'm loving it.  I've ordered a cute little round silver metal mesh trash can.  I could see right away that was my first need.  

I will be ordering a filing system for A-Z files, a bulletin board system and perhaps a wall calendar of the whole year.  I think that would be helpful to see the whole year.  I need a rug for the floor center to lighten it up with the beige carpet against the grey walls.  One thing at a time though. 

Well we went to church yesterday and I picked up an Awaken Packet.  There is a campaign going to awaken the Nashville area to the presence of God.  It's praying that people's hearts and minds will be open to how much God loves them.  

I have 15 people that I personally am praying for and will for several days.  Until the end of the month.  I have post cards to send them at the end to let them know that I have been praying for them.  The packet gives you several message examples of what to say.  We do not have last names and we do not share our last names. 

So, it's Monday but it's ok.  I've worked hard here this weekend and even had time to dive into the business already.  Working with a few folks on line.  I have some goals I'm working on specifically over the next month for both training and results (success in sharing).  And a team of folks to help me if I need it.  And focusing on God through it all. 

George and I have not really had any fun at all picking out Valentine's like we used to.  He wanted to do Thai.  I didn't really want to Thai.  So he gave up talking about and so did I.  Is that his version of a man pout?  Or a not care?   I finally brought it up b/c no one is saying anything.  He even suggested we not go anywhere if we didn't want to. That he was waiting for my suggestion since I didn't like his. How romantic is all that?  So yeah I can see how special this year's Valentine's will be. Whatever. At this point reservations are probably not happening.  I give.  But who needs negativity.  I'll eat whole grain spaghetti or something and get over it. And I'm sure we'll be eating Thai b/c no one else on the planet will be and we can't get in anywhere else.  lol

I need to go to work! Ya'll have a great day!


  1. You new office space look s wonderful and the idea of praying for others sounds wonderful too. You and George are so blessed to have each other to celebrate with so I'm hoping you do! Today is a fresh start and a clean slate. Setting goals is always a good way to start. Happy Monday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Sonya, well your Monday at work will soon be done and it will be home to the office, I’m pleased that it’s going well. Sorry you are a bit disappointed after your 16 weeks but just remember what you might have looked like if you hadn’t been on the nutrition @/ diet..I think you have done really well. That is the problem I think with any kind of diet or change in the way we eat it’s fairly easy at first but it really has to become a way of life and not actually a diet...that’s the hard part, but I know you and how determined you are you’ll get there.......Please love try to suck up to George for Valentine night, like you he has had a really hard time these past few months and it’s not as if he didn’t suggest going out for valentine night it was just you didn’t fancy both ways you didn’t come up with anywhere either !!! go on suck up and go to the will enjoy it if you decide to !! Night night xxx

  3. you look great and so does your office. that's nice you are praying for nashville people. could you add me in there and say a prayer for my daughter. she was in an automobile accident this morning.


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