Monday, February 18, 2019

Training Time, Office Time, Planning Time....Just What I Needed

Well I had some luck on line yesterday buying 3 things.  First of all a planner for the wall.  And then the rug Hubby G promised since the flooring in our house will be a while.  (It's NEVER time to do flooring in our house, lol).  But I got a good deal on a 5 X 7 area rug to throw in the center of the room to give it some color.  

And I bought a combination bulletin board and white board.  I'll likely be getting another big bulletin board and then Mom has another white board for me. 

We went to church yesterday.  And then came home after - no lunch out or anything.  Just straight home.  I boiled two eggs and put it in tuna, along with some pickle relish and made a tuna salad.  I watched a couple of You Tube shows about 20 min each, while eating.  Then it was time to get to work in my office. 

I planned away the day.  I watched some role plays and enrollments.  And I am "remembering my why" - after a while you forget how bad you felt before you started the nutrition program.  So this week's focus training is going to be on enrollments, memorizing the various customer options (I need to memorize it but you don't have to - I just need to imprint it in my mind).  I also studied the various pack options and instead of trying to remember what is in each pack vs the other one, I'm remembering what is not included.  I found a website to get some images I need for posting online.  I worked on my Mission Statement, and my Vision Statement.  I listed 50 goals I wanted to accomplish in the next 5 years.  That was harder than I thought.  At 25 I really had to stretch a bit but once I got started into the next 25 it flowed. I then put a timeline on the ones for the next year and a half to two years.   I worked on some social media posts I'm going to do this week.  And I reviewed a video that I am going to be using.  And I did some prospecting.    So I got a stretch of several hours to do some much needed planning and training and it was nice b/c back here I can concentrate, spread out, find what I need and not have to dig around to find it.  So this office is really going to help me. I got out my "Social Media guide" as well and I have Snapseed, Pic Collage, and Canva to help me with my posts. 

So all that was good.  I'd been NOT doing those things b/c I've been diving in and having conversations but I need to focus on how to get from on line to a phone call.  First of all I am having to get used to phone calls. As an introvert, it's really not my thing.  There are some that do the whole thing from texting or IM but most take it off line to the phone call. So I'll follow their lead.  I have been very excited about the product and ramble on about it, but watching the role play - you give your quick why at some point, but first of all you mainly ask a lot of questions about their goals.  It's about them and not you.  lol   I have some scripts to follow.  So I'm going to be studying those more this week.  So I have just been failing forward the last few weeks, stumbling all over and usually getting to a point where most are ghosting me b/c they are not ready or they have not watched "the video".  And again it may not have been me.  I've picked pretty easy targets that I felt comfortable with as I do this thing.  I have a lot of folks on my chicken list.  I'm supposed to contact one chicken list person a day but I'm not there yet! lol

I'm also happy with the schedule changes.  I was up at 4 - well I always allow myself 1 snooze at least and 2 if it is just necessary but I understand that if I do that I'm giving up something or have to rush.  I was setting the alarm for 4:15 or 4:20 and getting up by 4:30 or later.  Then I'm rushing and all inconvenienced and angry or frustrated by the time I get to work.  Making Maisy get up with me is a little trouble waking her up and getting her off the bed, but she is happily complying if I give her a tummy rub.  Then I can take both dogs out at the same time and not have to go out twice.  So all that will work I think. 

So I did NOT get my power hour done yesterday (actually working with people on line or in a phone call) because I decided it would be worth the while to do the things I did yesterday.  I'm loving reading "The MLM Woman" as it lays out everything for you. 

Hubby G was telling me yesterday the IRS sees this as a "Hobby" and not a business until a certain amount of income is made 3 years in a row so he is afraid to get any tax breaks from the business yet.  So all the keeping of receipts was for naught.  He doesn't want to get audited and have to go through all that.  He does report the income of course, but just doesn't take the tax breaks.  Hmmm.  So whatever. 

So I'm going to be over here doing "my hobby" then.  lol I do enjoy it so call it what you need.  They call it hobby til you make the dough then they want a slice of it.  Til then they don't want want to fool with you.  Well that is ok I guess we don't want to fool with them either? 

So George then was very discouraging to me by reminding me that "most don't succeed in this".  It's true they don't.  It's hard and they give up.  He wanted me to go ask my uplines what they are making and see if they are making a profit vs what they spend.  I am NOT going to go ask my uplines what they are making. Several of them already posted their w-2's anyway, and many on our team are already at six figures.   But there is minimal investment in doing this.  The travel to events is optional but recommended.  You can view it online at home but what fun is that? lol That's where the hobby comes in.  So I hate we didn't get the tax break.  And I hate that George was discouraging me.  Like I said, people don't have faith in me.  Or they at least see the statistics and know the odds are against me.  People are leaving their businesses in droves as there are many earning the six figure incomes.  While there are only 280 millionaires with Isagenix, that is still pretty huge.  I'm not even shooting for that.  I just want an RV that I've paid for own my own.   And yeah after that it'd be nice to retire early to enjoy it.   So I'm going for the residual income instead of having to trade time for money.  Every time I go through a bad patch of "why am I doing this?" and come through determined, then I have surpassed many groups of others who didn't. 

I think my Phoenix trip sent him over the edge and I think he doesn't like that.  I also spent more on product than the average person would b/c I have wanted to try out everything.  That is leveling out some as I have everything and as I need it I just replace it.  I didn't have to order all the shake flavors, I just wanted to so I did over time.  Things like that.  But now I don't spend much at the grocery so it's pretty reasonable and affordable.

Anyway, got to get on with my morning!  Here's some more pics.

George fixed a pretty dinner last night.  It was duck. He made these little pancakes.  You put sauce on the cakes (either duck sauce or another sauce that I don't know how to spell) and then duck on that and it makes a "taco".  

He also had caramelized cabbage. Now that was wonderful!  May not look like much but akin to fried potatoes only it was cabbage.  

My plate

An excellent meal!  

Ya'll have a beautiful Monday.  I need more coffee!  Thanks for reading my rubbish!  


  1. I love that new rug! It's bright and welcoming ! When I worked we used a yearly calendar like the one you got. It was dry erasable too and changes could be made when needed. It's good to get your thoughts and plans organized. No matter what your business had brought a lot of joy into your life and that is what's important. Hope you have a wonderful Monday. They do set the tone for the rest of the week!

  2. Hello Sonya, sorry I have been missing, although you are so busy I doubt very much if you have missed my comments etc. I haven’t been very well of late and was disappointed when the Consultant said that there was nothing they could do about the pain...if all things had been equal they might have been able to give me a new hip joint but as my lungs are not good ....they can’t expand due to my shape, my rib cage has dropped therefore the lungs can’t expand.....All she could suggest was taking even more pills when necessary and I don’t like taking pills but that’s the answer....but back to you..I think your really doing so great, your office is just brilliant and as the weeks blog has gone through I’m glad that you are seeing a way through the ...woods...that pleases me. I’m sorry that you are having to get up earlier but hopefully maybe if you can go to bed a bit earlier everything will work’s such a good idea to make yourself your goals and stick to them....just watch out that George does not feel pushed out know as well as I do that men are funny they always want to come first, the answer is to just let them...think...they are first !!....take care love...your in my prayers always. Xxx

  3. The IRS considers a business Schedule C a hobby if you do not show a profit in 3 years. The first year they are tolerant of start up cost which they understand. If you are a large corporate business just starting you have start up cost. If they go over a certain amount they need to be carried forward to another year. You do not count your personal product but any product you purchase for demo. etc. I do this type of tax returns all the time They are tolerant of a business conference expense when you are starting and then when you are making profit You should have some profit in your business already but not enough to cover your first year expenses. Never buy email list. They are a waste of your money, expenses and do not pan out I see clients that do this and never get anything off of them.

    Just thought I would throw this in as I do it regularly


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