Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine Plans, Burn Outs, and Business Thoughts

Well, George and I finally discussed Valentine's Day.  I was the one that had to bring it up.  But he said to pick 14 places and he'd pick 14 places and we'd play our game and each take turns crossing it off.  So we did and we are going to go eat pizza.  We have pretty much removed pizza from our menu. So I think we both left it on the list b/c we miss it.  We used to eat it at least once a week.  And out to eat out at pizza places a lot too and also at work.  Even at work we seemed to have slowed down as many are watching their waistlines or health numbers truth be known. George and I will have one on occasion now and it seems like it's about once a quarter.  Often if I have it, it will be the Caulipower pizza, if I can find it.  But we will go eat pizza for Valentine's in the name of love on Thursday night.

 I crossed off the nicer places to eat for several reasons.  Mainly b/c I spent a chunk going to Phoenix and I know that he probably was not happy about that.  And at this late date, there are likely no reservations left at the dinner hour we'd want or the places will be so crowded and the wait so long it would not be enjoyable.  So pizza it is and it'll still be crowded.  George doesn't think so, but we'll see.  All the workers will call in sick anyway and the wait will be slow for food b/c that is how society seems to roll.  Sorry I am all a downer this morning, but I'm a bit experienced at life and I'm basing it on that.  Maybe they will show up for the tips though.

George had promised to take me to Hermitage Steak house for my birthday when I got back from Phoenix and no mention of it, I guess he thought I'd spent enough in Phoenix to account for it - so I had thought maybe there for Valentine's.  But too late I think for reservations.  Also I had a birthday dinner already with my sister and law and her husband took us out.  So it's ok.  Another is not necessary. So pizza it is.

So yesterday's entry I re-wrote 3 times.  The first time had a little anger tone to it, the 2nd time was just sarcastic and the third time was toned down and more loving.  But I'm better today.  I don't think I have ever been burned out on the week on a Monday before - sometimes it's never - often it's by Thursday - and Wednesday sometimes.  But Monday is bad to burn out already for the week. And by burn out I mean "tired of the scene and needing the weekend break already".  I did have a better day yesterday.  And that is probably a good thing.  Because Monday night after that day I was not in a good place and was not when I got up yesterday and left the house.   I had to have private therapy with myself (yes I coach myself, lol) before I could go on with the day and prayer made it much better.

Today the mood is 'ehhhh' but getting there and part of that really is just part of coming off of the cleanse day and not having much to eat in the last 33 hours.  I'm drinking coffee now to wake up but will have my shake soon.  Today I'm mixing my chocolate fudge shake and my salted caramel shake and making what they call a "Snicker" shake.  I saw one of my co-horts make that.

I didn't get a lot of planning time in on the weekend so I'm struggling with my business this week.  I have several things going.  What gets me is when people "ghost" you.  And don't respond.  We've been told to "bless and release" them and not let it get to you.  I've been doing a lot of blessing and releasing.  You have to get thru a lot of no's before you get to a yes.  So it's a process.  You mainly have to find the folks that are really serious about wanting to have a healthier lifestyle.  People don't know what we know yet about this nutrition system.  If they did - they would be knocking our doors down.  But you can't easily transfer your mind and how you feel to another person.  It's just like talking to someone about Jesus.  If they don't have fertile ground, they are not going to listen.  lol

But since we worked on the office I did not get a lot of planning time in.  Only about an hour and a half.  So I'm working on the fly this week.  I think I will specifically lay out some goals in writing also.  They say to "fail forward" and keep moving and the only way to lose is to quit.  So I guess I'll keep moving.  I'm determined.  But is is discouraging that you do have to go through mostly no's to find the yes.  And I will keep educating.  I will get better.  I will keep learning.

People think I cannot do this I know.  And no one but my friends really show faith in me.  But I have also risen about that.  I don't really care what people think any more - not here, not at work - I've grown so much through this and a few other programs, like "The Joy Junkie" and my boundry studies.  So life is good.  I don't really care what goes on in the minds of others.  I do have my goals and God is in it, and I might be slow at what I do, but it's slow, methodical and steady.  I have my progress at what very little efforts I've put in to the helping others part.  I've mostly just been learning and helping myself and sharing.  Now I'm getting in the position where I'm able to dive in more and that feels good.  The routine is starting to come together, the "how" is coming together, and the planner is opening up to get this all going.  Last year, I have to laugh as I was just so overwhelmed with all the newness of it and the excitement.  And that finally I have an answer to my health problems.  And how it helped me emotionally too.  I realize now just how lacking our society's food system is. And I just don't trust a lot of it anymore.  Even the fruits and vegetables don't have the minerals and vitamin levels they used to due to soil depletion.

So sometimes you go through these valleys doing this business b/c like anything it's not always easy.  But you work through it.  And just keep moving and keep failing forward.  So here we go.  I have to get better at the time management thing b/c I have so little of it to spare.  I'm getting it going in pockets of the day.  I listened to a lady talk on our call last night that started a little before me.  She is about to leave her day job at the end of the year.  She is working 7 to 9 every night.  And 3- 15 minute  segments.  Due to George, I will not be able to do that but almost.  My power hour is from 6 to 7 pm ish.  And I do about 15 in the mornings at home, 15 in the parking lot before work.  I do 15 to 30 - sometimes an hour - at lunch.  And power hour at home.  And then another 15 to 30 before bed.  So we'll see.  Then several on the weekend.  Anyway I need to get off of here and go finish getting ready.  I'm just mouthing off and blogging what's on my mind this morning.  Just diving forward.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. We do have to move forward and not backwards if we hope to ever accomplish any thing. No since worrying about what went on yesterday but give every day a fresh start. The past is over and not a thing we can do be move forward. I saw a quote in my morning devotions about remembering to pray about everything. I should have copied it down for you. I said something about if you want to succeed, pray about it. Any way it was Good advice for us all. It's hump day and I'm hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday !

    Love and hugs,

  2. happy valentines day. pizza sounds good.


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