Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Job Offer for George, Katy Planning a Weekend Trip Home

I didn't sleep very well last night.  Bad dreams.  Weird.  So I was awake off and on from 1 to 5 a.m.  Then of course I was ready to sleep as the alarm went off.  Oh well.  I'll try to get through the day as best as I can.  Without proper sleep it's difficult.

However, the day yesterday was a good one.  George was offered the FT job to come on board in Purchasing with the zinc mining company.  And the offer was far greater than what his former employer had paid.  We are thrilled.  I am anxiously awaiting the benefit package but we expect his insurance coverage to be really good and the price as well. So I may go back on his insurance.  He is lucky as their 401k has a match and the company also puts a significant percent in there and then matches 50% to what he puts in.  Wow.  And he doesn't really have to wait for vacation to accrue but gets a couple of weeks a year.  He gets 10 paid holidays.  I only get 8. He gets Good Friday and New Years Eve and also gets 1 floating day of his choice so I guess that makes 11 days.  Nice. 

Katy called and she is coming home in July for a long weekend.  Yay!  She and a friend are flying home and wanted us to put it on our calendar.

And that is about all the news I have right now.  It's cleanse day today.  I have a lot of to do's for my office time this week if I can ever get any.  Yesterday I needed to iron so I'd have pants to wear during my power hour.  Also we went over the offer letter.  So power hour was not happening.

I should have time today for some home office time and then tomorrow I am getting my nails and toes done.  And this weekend we are going to see Mom.  So maybe Sunday I'll have some office time although probably will be doing laundry again, lol.  Oh well.  Life is always busy.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Relaxing Sunday Non Productive Healing Day

George fixed the prettiest drink for me this weekend with Blood Oranges.  I have found I really like them a lot.  And they go pretty good in a drink too.  A stiff one was welcome after Saturday's loss of our 18 year old poodle. 

So last weekend it was the surgery. This weekend it was the Tugie's death.  But I've had two weekends off with very little work and planning on the side business.  It's ok.  I've decided not to push push push all the time.  But I do believe in the products and will continue to share how good it makes you feel and will continue to give others time to share that, my faith in God, and to share nutrition, information and good things.  Because I believe it so.  I'll get back in the ring shortly though as I do have several folks to follow up with. 

But the last two weekends I've needed to chill for obvious reasons.  One thing I did was watching the sunset on the webcam in Panama City at Schooner's.  It was beautiful.  

We loved hard on our other babies this weekend.  And Maisy was good to follow along by my side.  At night for some reason she snuggles with George.  But last night I told her that when Tugie slept in the bed that she would snuggle with me and would she snuggle with me like that?  When I woke up she was snuggling with me and sleeping by my legs.  I think maybe she gets hot easy and prefers to have space but she listened, much to my surprise.  It's difficult getting up and realizing that Tugie is not there in her little bed.  I took the covers off and washed it (I always keep blankets and throws on their pet beds so it's easy to toss in the washer).   

This weekend I will move the beds around a bit.  We don't need 3 beds in places.  Some rooms don't have any beds so I'll move some things around.   Katy sent some pics.  They had a hiking day yesterday on some bike/hike trails on the ranch.  

It's getting warmer out there too.  Probably warmer than here.  

It's time to plan the San Antonio trip.  I meant to do more toward that this weekend but just haven't focused on it.  

I downloaded the Canva app a while back.   This verse was on my sermon notes calendar.  I had bought a Christian planner book but didn't like it for a planner and used it for just the sermon note and class notes.  So I used the verse to make this.   

We went to church yesterday and then came home and George mowed.  I did laundry and dusted and cleaned the kitchen fan blades, and swept the kitchen floor, and then fixed a bowl of pop corn for lunch and began catching up on Keep Your Daydream on YouTube, We're the Russo's, Gone with the Wynn's, and Sister Wives.  Yes I was a recliner potato for a long while.  George read a lot.  

It was truly a pretty crazy week - even trying to keep the crazy stuff at bay.  But evil will find a way to try to get AT you.  

But all you can do is Keep Calm amidst the craziness, with Grace and Kindness.  Yes I made that one too.  

When one person blows steam at you and you let it eat you alive, that OTHER person has controlled you.  So you just have to duck and let the steam roll on by.  Energy moves right?  So duck if you don't want to be steam rolled.  

I love this one though.  I didn't make it.  I can't take the credit.  But I love the message.  
It reminds me every day that if I'm not a miserable cow, I might actually have a good day.  When a person is miserable, they want everyone else to be too.  Misery loves company right?  So sometimes others pull you down or sometimes it might be ourselves pulling others down.  Sometimes it's a chain reaction.  People respond and usurp that negative energy and pass it on.  I am learning to deflect that as best as I can and sometimes can mean setting boundaries with others.  It doesn't mean you don't care or it's selfish.  It just means you just want to keep your mental and emotional health and don't want the drama mess in your life.  Life is hard enough.  And there is nothing you can do to solve the problems of people that don't choose to be happy anyway.  When will we finally learn that we are not responsible for everyone else's happy?  With some you can never make them happy. They have to decide if they are going to "find happy" on their own.  And if they choose not to, they need to leave you the "ack" alone! 



I have to go get the staples/stitches out of my head on Friday.  Yee habadaba.  It's been itching really bad the last few days but that means healing.  

Well, you all have a good day.  

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tugie's Last Day

I slept on the front end of the night but about 1:30 through 6:00 was waking up - knowing Tugie was not at the side of our bed in her bed.  It hurt knowing that her body was in the ground out back in a box amidst the dirt and soil and not comfy.  Part of my care and love for her was to make sure she had a warm and comfy place to sleep.  But I know that her body was just a shell that housed her sweet little heart.  And her body was not lasting her will to struggle to live to be with us every day.

In recent days she followed me around again and wanted to be in whatever room I was and would make a bed out of whatever was in the room.  Our laundry, clothes left on the floor, and even this week she laid on the empty pizza boxes in the kitchen that was staged to go outside in the trash.  We laughed at that.  It didn't work out too well, lol.

I was not going to bring it up that time was getting close.  I had brought it up when she started peeing, scratching, and had the stench - is she dying inside?  But docs said she had a while and they could fix part of it.  Her body was just decaying though.  It wasn't meant to last the 18 years.  Her ears were like an elephant's and her legs had lost the hair and her skin was drying and peeling.  It was hard to bathe her b/c she would have spells if you did.  She did well with the groomer until the groomer gently said "no more, let her go".  Groomer ignored, we kept paying for meds.  They could have given her more meds to mask the symptoms but the doctor said it was not going to get better and was prolonging the enevitable but the decision was ours.  Knowing how she is struggling now and seeing the battle - the last few days were pretty miserable for her.  George mentioned on Friday "She's suffering now."  I said "yes" and said "are you thinking we should take her to the vet now on Saturday?"  He said "Yes, I think so."  I said "do you think this is it -?"  He said "yes, probably so?"  And then the tears began to fall.

Saturday morning we got up - I really was thinking that we wouldn't go for some reason.  I tried to keep myself from thinking about it at all.  I didn't mention it at all.  But George said he had to go run errands and he did and then came back and said "I guess we should take her in".  And I knew it was the right thing to do.  I didn't want her to be going through what she was going through any more.  She has been uncomfortable (itching/scratching) for some time but seemed to be happy to be with us but as the doc describes her heart is getting larger and larger and makes her cough.  So I agreed that we would take her.

As much as she has been my dog, George had the hardest time with it.  He broke as he told the lady what we were there for. I'm not sure what he said but was something like - "Probably her last visit."  Anyway we found two chairs around the corner and both cried our eyes out as we took turns holding her.

We probably had to wait 45 min to an hour.  Tugie was miserable waiting, coughing, itching, wanting to be in her soft warm bed.  There were at least two other folks there having to do the same that day.  It was a beautiful Saturday with Sunshine and warmth but broken hearts all around.

Then the time came.  It was very peaceful and we said our good byes.  We both got nose licks and was able to have our hands on her petting her as the comfort shot came and then again as the 2nd lethal one came.  I wanted to scream "nooooo stop", but I knew it was too late and knew that it was the right thing to do.

It's so hard.  George walked out with the box.  He went back in to pay and they said "no not today". So that is nice they let you settle later.  George donated the left over meds we had and he said they would give us credit for it.

Typing through all this, the tears are just pouring.  My eyes are so swollen and puffy with black circles.  I look like I've been in a fight of some sort.  We have to go to church this morning and somehow I have to get make up on my face.  We are taking sausage and biscuits for the table.
Otherwise I'd probably just do a devo at home.  But need to go get ready and try to fix myself up.

So where do dogs go when the die?  They don't have a soul I've heard - I guess a soul is your "right or wrong concieousness of a spirit" best way I can describe it.  But the dog had to have a spirit if it was alive, right?  But a bug is alive too, does it have a spirit?  So I'm all confused about all that.  However, b/c it's man's best friend - I keep thinking that somehow she does have a spirit that has been carried on somewhere.  How could something that has such love, and God's own name spelled backwards not?

I asked God and the answer that popped into my head was that her spirit was reborn into another life and was going to a little girl in an Italian Villa?  Really?  Did I dream that up on my own or did God really answer that.  Who knows?  I don't want my Tugie that far away.  Or maybe she is in her own little state of being like the Rainbow Bridge playing with our other pets who have gone before her.

Meanwhile it hurts to look at the little grave out back with yellow flowers sticking above it.  Her body is there, but where is she?  I pretended she was in spirit on our bed with us, last night b/c I had to.  I also told her I'm sorry and she kept saying back "it's ok Momma - I'm ok now".

Anyway I'm going to quit typing, get more coffee and try to put on makeup.  The weekend is pretty shot for me now as far as productivity.  But who cares.  This was too important and it's a death in the family.  I'll pick up from here AS I WANT TO.  I did get the Target order done as it was much needed.

I need to begin looking at San Antonio so we can try to get some deals and plans on the schedule.
Need to get laundry done.  We did get to the store yesterday.  We decided on steaks.  It seemed to console.  And we watched Rich Crazy Asians.

Better go.  Ya'll have a good Sunday!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tugie Laid to Rest Today

We had to put her to rest today.  Her body was just wearing out.  We had to let her go.   What a WONDERFUL friend she was. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

TGIF, Pizza, Over Organizing, and Communication

T G I F and Thursday wasn't too pretty but we go through it.  George and I talked after work quite a bit last night and then George got a few phone calls regarding employment and then Katy and Cody called.  I just ordered pizza as the night got away.  We ordered from Marco's pizza and it was really really good.  We don't eat pizza like that much and I got two mediums - one with thin crust and one with original.  Oh they were so good.  No I don't feel guilty.  I've eaten pretty good all week.  Sometimes it's good to have a higher calorie day to trick the metabolism, so long as it's not every day which will trick you when you get on the scales, lol. We watched a couple of Nurse Jackie shows.  Bed felt good.  The last two mornings has been easier for me to get up.

Tugie is still constantly coughing.  Not pain but just coughing.  So we are hoping she will naturally pass so that we don't have to take her.  When she sleeps she does not cough.  But I think she is getting tired of having to cough - just like a human how we moan sometimes like - ugh really.  She is kinda doing that.  We may have to make some tough decisions this weekend.  Right now she is asleep near me and it is not as peaceful - she is shaking a bit and kinda breathing a little different - hard when she breathes out.  I wish she would just go in her sleep peacefully.  Bless her.

Well, we get to sleep in - in the morning.  I think we are going to work outside some.

I finally got the flight schedule worked out.  There was no problem with the sold out flight - the partner I work with on open enrollment with the ins company had looked at the wrong date.  So I worried for nothing, lol!  The flights are booked.

I tried so hard to figure out how to get my outlook calendar to work with my iphone calendar.  Or for the outlook calendar within my app to at least give me alerts w/o the email itself giving me alerts.  Good grief if the email gave me alerts I'd do nothing but stare at alerts all day b/c they are constant, lol.  But I'd like to be able to see my work appointments coming through on my phone.  They are there in my app for it but - what good is a calendar if you can set it up to remind you for your appointments coming up.  I spent a good hour and a half googling that and trying to make it work.

Then I got confused plugging my flights in the calendar b/c I had plugged it all in a CST time in outlook.  But realized some of the flights were PST and Arizona time since they don't do daylight savings. So as long as I keep looking at my itinerary instead of my calendar I should be ok in case I goofed something up.  I spend so much time trying to be organized!  lol   However, I guess it's been the secret to any success and the reason things keep coming my way b/c I always follow up and follow through and have systems in place for not dropping the ball.  That does though keep me from doing other projects and pushing that b/c I'm working on so many administrative things that involve a level of experience and knowledge - like how to process the FMLA's, collecting premiums from employees past due insurance, compliance pieces, insurance auditing and corrections - invoices, workers comp follow ups, OSHA log keeping, overseeing a lot of other programs and reports and compliance that my assistant does, creating and running ads, policy interpretation, and being information central and answering emails all day.  It gets a little crazy trying to keep up with it all.    Today I'll be working on the EEOC reporting for last year. My assistant did the tabulating from a Dec 2018 payroll date.  So I think I just have to go in and input the numbers.  But I'm so glad it is Friday.

Yesterday was hard to concentrate b/c there were some other stuff going on that I'm trying to figure out how to handle.  But I have about got it figured out.

Anyway, hoping today is a better day for everyone!  I'm listening to the Joy Junkie podcast this morning on the way to work - on the issue of "How to have tough conversations".  I think that people do not know how to communicate properly.  Often I have to do training on this and or coach our supervisors or coworkers how to handle issues.  So I think this will be helpful.  And I could use the training myself.  So looking forward to that.  I also get to consume the "Birthday Shake" for the first time today.  But right now I'm having coffee.

And TGIF for sure.

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Flirting with the Impossible

Not much in the way to offer for today's blog.  The sun greets me over the hilltop every morning and I dig for my sun glasses.  For this I am thankful.  

Red birds have been prevalent everywhere all around me this week. 

And pictures have been coming in from Texas every now and then.  Here's GrandDog Findlay sporting her new cowboy hat that her parents got her on their recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX.  

And while they were away their caretaker, Clint, had a surprise for Katy and Cody. He died her white patch orange.  lol

Fun times on the ranch!  I think it backfired on Clint though.  As I understand it the dying part and bath did not go well and perhaps a few stains to prove it. He ordered some type of doggie dye on Amazon. lol

Well yesterday, I finally got the flights figured out.  Well, Maybe and maybe not. At dinner I got a text that one of the flights had sold out to get back home.  (Insert eye roll emoji here.) Ok then just send me home on the next flight on Saturday morning.  I do not do late night flights.  I have to be in bed by 9:30. lol The one I was on didn't get back til 10 as it was.  I can't do those midnight and 1:00 a.m. flights that turn into 2:00 or 3:00 by the weather, and don't expect for George to come get me that late and I don't think it's safe to be ubering by myself as a woman that late at night.  So I will refuse a midnight late night flight.  That weekend is already screwed up anyway. 

This is all so late and last minute, that trying to pull this schedule together so it meets everyone else's schedule including the flight times has been ----interesting.  I inspected my hair in the mirror.  I still have a few hairs left among the staples.  Love flirting with the impossible.....NOT!

 I'm a planner and that makes everything so much easier - and cheaper too. (I wish everyone would try it.)   lol And less time - b/c you can do something once instead of three times.  But I just have to deal with the cards given.  And this week has been a complete reshuffle and still not yet sure if it is successful if the flights are sold out. And I've had to ignore most of my other work to try to sort all this out. 

Thinking about all this gets my day off to a bad mojo.  So let's turn and think of something else. Like coffee.  I'm going back for more. 

Ok I'm back. 

We went out with George's sister and her hubby last night at Catch 22 close to our house.  I had tacos and mainly just ate the meat out of it.  Pretty good.  They don't have a lot of options to eat healthy there.  But it was fun to catch up with them.  I love our conversations these days just about what is on our minds and what we are doing.  And giving each other ideas or even reminiscing. 

Still waiting to hear from George's job.  His boss is out of town so I guess when he comes back we will hear more.  I sure hope they come through with their promises.  He's been very patient with them so far.  But it looks like he will be offered a job in his dept.  They told him if another girl in his department took the position opening in another area, that they would be able to offer him this position.  She is taking the other job, so he will be offered her role.  So hopefully that will happen soon upon his return. 

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and work on some business related things.  Ya'll take care...

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday's Wacky Babble

Well, yesterday was ok, but you could see a little "full moon" in it.  Everyone is a little chaotic and needing to do something with that extra energy.  I think I "get" the full moon now.  It used to be a mystery as to why the world slid sideways when a full moon approaching.  I also think the seasonal change full moons are stronger than the others.  So we already knew the moon had an impact - I mean the tides are impacted.  Our bodies are also mostly water.  So we feel that energy.  And energy has to go somewhere.  I heard that in a podcast yesterday and I'd not really thought of that before.  But energy moves.  It has to go somewhere.  And it does.

It's why if a person doesn't "get out" the negative energy within them they will get sick in some form.  It bubbles out.  So the full moon has unleashed it's energy and people are at unrest. 

God's Mission for the me the past couple of days has been to "pray" and "talk with Him".  That was simple and it feels nice to have Him by my side. 

Cleanse day went ok yesterday.  I'm sippin my coffee this morning and awaiting a shake which I'll drink on the way to work.  I'm thinking of going for some chocolate this morning. 

The Birthday Cake Shake came out. I made this graphic from a free app (well you can do pro if you want) - Canva is the app.  What a beautiful cake and picture.  I am not sure if it's a birthday cake or not but I'd love to have a birthday cake that pretty.  Only I don't eat much actual cake anymore.  I can do a couple of bites.  That's it. 

I'm really looking forward to the birthday cake shake.  Mine is ordered and will be here soon.

Well, Tugie is coughing a WHOLE lot more.  And so her decline continues.  It's just sad.  I've pet her a lot this morning.  Any day we come home, we expect her to be gone.  But she keeps hanging on.  She is not in any pain and actually as far as I can tell still eating good.  However, yesterday she did look at her food like she didn't want it, but she still ate it.  She threw up a bit this morning from her coughing.  So......it is getting close.  She is almost 18 and will be on tax day if she makes it that long.

We had our team call last night and had a speaker with some good points.  So I took good notes. 

It makes me sad that sometimes that people with success handle it with such a prideful attitude sometimes.  Some handle it with such charisma and charm and others just sortof make fun of the ones who aren't successful - like things like "you are smoking pot dude if you do it XYZ way - no dude you gotta do it this way - other wise you are delusional". 

I mean really? That kinda turns me off and sideways and down under.  A person may be making a lot of money telling others what to do and making them successful, and I"m not.  So they have that over me.  The process for me works, but the persona didn't - if that makes sense.  I am not trying to place judgment, but I am trying to discern what works for me and what doesn't.  If that makes sense.  Like considering mentoring with this person which he does - is an option.  I've opted out.  I don't think our spirits would mesh.  I'd love the info but not the sarcastic pride, if that makes sense.  lol

Anyway, I get raw and honest here sometimes.  And that was my thoughts and feelings as I listened last night.  Good points but perhaps delivered in a way that was not attractive to me.  I would never want to hurt any one's feelings but no names and pretty sure this man is way "too important" with his time to be reading the likes of my blog.  lol

Anyway, thankful God gives us discernment and I get to eat today!  And George and I are going out with his sister and her husband tonight.  So that is good.

Got all the flights scheduled and arranged for the trip across the country to do the open enrollment meetings with the week I was given - with no parameters of course.  It was a beautiful schedule.  I worked hard on it and sent out the emails but it's all flubbed up now b/c one of the dates won't work for one of the plants. ::sigh:: I had spent so much time on it yesterday that I didn't redo it as I had other stuff going on.  But I will attempt it again today.  Lord help us.  It's so hard to have dates that work with everyone involved.  Something is always going to be off for somebody but I'll keep trying.  But the window of time and options are slimming.  It's already way past the time to be making the flights as they have already gone up and are booking up and becoming unavailable.  But I'll keep trying! Worse case scenario we may have to stay an extra night somewhere just to get the meetings in and make the flights but something will have to give.  Wish I'd been given the parameters BEFORE I began spending time on this.  ::sigh:: again!

Anyway, what on earth would I have to blog about if life were not interesting and a challenge?  lol 

Every day a rat race!    And this cracked me up.  I have no words that I will place here.  You can draw your own conclusions and I'll have mine.  ;-)

Ya'll have a great day!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Slow Spring, Message Units, and Laughable Nest Stories

Spring seems to be taking forever to get here and show us its warmth.  Then as always we'll hop from winter to summer and then be ready for cooler air.  Yesterday looked warm but was very chilly.  Starting from 30's and taking a long time to rise.  Soon we'll be in the 60's in the upcoming days.  Today getting up to 57.  

Yesterday I was ready to go back to work.  Well, I was "ok with it" as guess you could say.  I knew it would be busy and there was enough stimuli to put you in a state of paralysis but I was ready for it.  I took my Ionix stress formula, prayed, and had listened to the Joy Junkie podcast of "Work Life Balance".  And was ready for it.  Some of the take aways of the podcast for me was that we have to take away the perfectionism, we have to understand priorities, we have to let some things go (wait til later) and basically get over our trying to please everyone because even trying it's impossible. Also it was interesting to hear that your brain can only take in so many "message units" in a day's time and once you are overloaded you start to shut down.  It's interesting to hear it put like that.  It makes me laugh to think of me saying "Oh my gosh, I don't have enough message slots for your issue today."  lol  Of course I would never say that.  I have thought things like "Yes I will do this for you but it won't be today dear".  lol  I used to give people a time frame for when I could do it because I thought it was a nice thing to do.  But after 30 years + of HR I realize it only makes people mad if they realize they aren't your top priority or some other issue is more urgent than theirs or you don't stop and do their issue right now.  I just smile and say "sure we'll take care of it".  Time passes and they don't realize it and it's done and everyone's happy.  We are slower than we used to be though getting around to meeting the needs and it's going to be more noticeable.  Instead of a 12 to 24 hour wait it's more like a 24 to 48 hour wait.  I've been trying to figure out how to be more efficient.  The email questions and requests are exploding - especially with the add on of another plant.  And rightly so.  But there are still only two of us trying to meet all these needs on an ongoing basis.  So this podcast was affirming - we don't have to expect ourselves to be everything to everyone at this very moment.  I'm pretty good at prioritizing.  And have a pretty good judgment so have that going. 

All that said, b/w my head staples pulling as the skin heals and all the "message units" coming through yesterday  - doing the prioritizing, answering the questions, pilfering through all the to do's and requests and what to delegate and what to keep and when to do it and all the interruptions and so forth - I had to take a Tylenol.  My head was pounding.  I normally don't get headaches, and haven't even needed any  since home from the hospital, but that helped.  

I'm trying to plan flights for a tentative schedule two weeks from now - we are already at a disadvantage for waiting so late to book - as the flights are now so expensive.  I'm trying to figure out whether to start in OKC or Oregon and which way to work across.  I've printed the flights  and have to compare expense and ease of schedule so it works with the plants and not too horribly grueling for us flying around the country.  I stayed til almost six yesterday working on that. 

Something really funny happened yesterday and I have been laughing since.  George got home and took the dogs out.  It dinged my phone and showed that he was through my Nest app.   I remembered that I had a talk button and so I pushed it and said "hellooooo" and then I said "Welcome Home" and then I said "iiiiiii seeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu" and said it a little louder b/c I wasn't sure he could hear me.  A person on a bicycle was going by at the time I said that.  George looked back and waved and the person on the bicycle almost wrecked trying to figure out where the noise coming from.  George said that it was REALLY LOUD - like neighborhood loud speaker announcement loud.  He said people could hear it two to three houses away.  I have been laughing my head off since.  I mean think of the possibilities. 

I woke up in the night and my mind flooded with all the things you could do with this.  
On Halloween - ghost noises.  
Talk to the cat. 
Tell the neighbors good night:  "Good night Everybody", "Good night John Boy" 
Humming the Pink Panther Music when someone walks down the street. 
Would never do this but made me laugh thinking about it - when neighbors mow without shirt off repeatedly go "Boom chic a wow wow, Boom chick a wow wow". 
Burp and fart noises (George of course). 
Weather warnings:  "Go to your safe place everybody"
Singing to the Post Man the post man song "Mister Pooo ooo ooo ooost Man, Give Me a Letter"

I began laughing so hard at all the possibilities that it made the bed shake and I had to get up so I didn't wake up George.  

Then I thanked God for the humor and the laughter.  I will never get the sight out of my head of the cyclist trying to figure out if George is saying "I see you".  He said it was sooo awkward.  I am still cracking up to tears.  He says he is going to get me back.  

I had no idea the thing was so loud.     

Anyway I'll leave on that note.  Ya'll have a great day.  I'm running about 15 min behind and need to catch up.  Still having trouble getting up every morning.  I think it's b/c I worked an hour later but still needed to do what I normally do and then I went to bed later and then slept later and now I'll probably be late to work so - it's best to just not work over I guess and keep to a schedule if it's gonna throw the whole thing off. 

Ya'll have a lovely day! 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

What a Lazy Recouping of a Weekend

I have soooo enjoyed my home time with the babies.   We have been hanging out.  It's been a pleasure filled time for the most part.  Just chillin' and doing whatever we want.  I love my recluse time.  

I have parked all my business related PDF's and documents and links and notes on Evernote.  Took hours to set up.  I kept thinking - "how is this free"?  About 3/4 of the way thru the project it said "that's all you can upload for free" then it's $3.99 a month but only if you pay for a whole year up front.  Grrr.  Anyway, if you paid by the month, it was $7.99 a month - so I bit it and paid for the whole year.  Out of any tool that Isa business has provided, this one tops theirs.  I just didn't like their tools.   I do like the Design tools though.  But for what I need "on the go" this is great b/c I can put notes, attachments, photos, webclips, training clips, ideas and internet links and it syncs automatically b/w PC and Phone.  I love it and am happy with the decision.  So I downloaded the PDF's and video links and such so I'd have it available so I can share on a whim as I go about my busy day.  

I also uploaded a few songs from some CD's George had given me from McKaye's.  And I used my $15 iTunes card and downloaded some much loved songs from iTunes.  I will admit they are songs mainly heard from the travel YouTube shows I watch - about nature, travel, adventure - different from any music I've heard before.  One is "Woods" by Wanderlust.  Another is Burning by Nowe.  I made that one my ring tone!  ;-)  And that took about 1.5 to 2 hours to figure out how to turn a iTunes song into a ring tone but I kept digging til I figured it out. 

Another song is Kiss the Sky by Jason Derulo.  Very upbeat - the kind of song they would play at an Isagenix meet up.  Kissing the Sky is certainly something I'm hoping to do!  lol 

 Isn't Roger a little cutie?

I've really enjoyed the long sleep, NO alarms, and just being at home.  The day after the surgery I cleaned a lot and moved a lot.  On Saturday - I was mainly the NERD doing my computer work.  

Also downloaded "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" - John Mayer.  Pretty song.  Simple. Like to sing along to that one.   

Ms. Tugie is hanging on.  Her days are limited.  She's been sitting in our laps.  She soils her diapers as often as any baby now.  We check her diaper often.  I wash them often.  We have six and I have two going in the washer at most any time.  They have to hang dry.  Almost tempted to order one more set, but I've been able to keep up.  To order another one, is to surely tempt her end even sooner.  These have been good diapers though.  They fit her well and she has been cooperative to let us put them on her. 

Another song - is - Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I'm listing them as they come on.  I'm listening to my recent purchases on iTunes as I type this.  

We are loving the Nest.  I'm mainly getting a kick out of George's pics.  He said I missed the one where he showed his tonsils.  I guess it only clicks every so often.  You gotta love his NOSE STRIP!  lol 

I'm really going to love being at work, and getting a "storm warning" and being able to "go live" and watch.  Here is the view. 

We went to church this morning.  It was very tempting to just stay home one more day.  However the Spirit said just keep moving - get in the shower and go!  So I did.  We went to Aldi on the way home and then I fixed a sandwich - turkey and pastrami and swiss and made a panini sandwich.  I then parked my butt in the recliner and binge watched Sister Wives for hours!  

George went to pick up his new ukulele from a friend that picked it up for him at a special sale with Epiphone.  He loves it so.  

We are having salad for dinner and will probably watch Nurse Jackie.  I forget what season we are on now, but we have watched a LOT this weekend. 

Wow, the Nowe albulm is so good.  I may just buy the whole thing!   I needed way more than $15.  

Anyway, back to work tomorrow.  I imagine it will be crazy.  My watch shows that it's almost a full moon.  Life will be back to the grind.  

I'll also be back at my focus on the 2nd job and making that happen.  There is So much to it and the learning and getting organized.  

I also liked "Of Dirty Paws" Of Monsters and Men.  I'm not sure what kind of music it is, but I like it.  

So my head?  Well I think the headaches are over - I had felt great the day after, and felt pressure yesterday but today it's only had moments of "pulling pain" as the area dries up and begins to heal with the staples.  Not bad, but felt.  I've had some itching.  But as of last night it was really still oozing.  Sorry for the description of it but that's what you deal with.  

Anyway, I've been careful to wash my hair with a cup of water over it and not the shower head.  I have to be careful when doing my hair not to hit the staples with a comb.  

I should be planning my week out for the business but have been reluctant to let this precious time slip away.  I'm just letting God lead me to what He wants me to do.  And sometimes that means not beating my head against the wall.  To share is one thing.  To belabor it is another.  I figure if God's gonna open a door for this - he will do it.  

Anyway,  that said, I'm cycling some this month (getting paid) so at least getting paid for the efforts somehow.  Nice to have a little extra coming in.  Have a few customers and then get credit for others on the team bringing in business.  Kindof amazing how this system works.  

Just glad that this surgery is behind me.  It's like I have a refreshing clean start going into Spring.  I no longer have to dread that now.  What an ordeal.  Still have to get the staples out the last week in March. 

Well I'm going to work a bit until dinner.  Hope you all are doing well!  And thanks for the prayers and all.  I was a bit uncertain about the surgery but so glad it's over.  

Sun is going down and it's shining pretty in the office window.  Soon the desk lights will need to come on and our salad will be ready.  

More - if not tomorrow then Tuesday.  

Also this week, Katy and I need to plan our trip to San Antonio for June - getting hotel booked and also my flight scheduled.  I'll also be planning our open enrollment flights and possibly a "stay over" in Portland so I can go to explore for a day before coming home.  :-) 

So lots to focus on this week.  Will be a busy one for sure.  

Friday, March 15, 2019

Yesterday's Surgery, Vacation Day, and Nest is Installed

I lived through it.  The horns are cut off my head now.  The doc said it was my halo rack.  lol 
Yesterday we got there about 6 and they prepped me up and gave me nausea meds and a slight pain pill I think or something to relax me and hooked me to IV.  I began to relax a bit in my little room.  Then they wheeled me back to the pre-op room.  There may be a different name for it. The doc was 30 minutes late so I had to wait a bit. His nurse came in and asked questions.  A nurse with the anesthesiologist came in and asked the same questions.  And the the anesthesiologist himself came in and asked the same questions.  The surgery was not until 8:30.  Finally I was rolled back to the surgery room.  I tried to look around and see what it looked like and a guy came across my nose with a balloon like thing and told me to breathe in a couple of deep breaths and I was OUT.  And then I woke up when I was in the recovery room with a nurse saying "Hello it's all over".  How happy I was.  And I was very groggy and laid there and realized how dry my mouth was.  As if she read my mind she said "we'll be taking you back to your room and giving you something to drink here in just a bit.  Is it ok if we call your husband to meet us back at the room?  What is his name?"  So they rolled me back and George was standing there.  And they told him my horns were removed.  I guess they got a big kick out of that.  He reminded them it wasn't he that came up with that term.

So they brought me a coke and I was a little combative about it b/c I don't drink cokes anymore and unsweet ice tea was not on the ticket, lol.  George said "just go with a coke".  So I did.  It was really good too - over ice in a little styro cup just like I used to drink them.   She (the nurse) said water would not be good b/c it goes down too fast and would make me nauseated but something carbonated would be good for me to drink.  And it worked.  They had a anti nausea patch behind my ear. 

As I laid there my head was really starting to ache and burn.  Like hunks of raw skin laying open.  The pain radiated into my temples.  I had just had staples put into my head where it had just been cut open.  So no wonder.  She gave me two Percoset which is in the family of bad addictive drugs.  I also was concerned about that.  George is over there going "just take it".  The nurse had to explain I wouldn't get addicted to it unless I began taking it other than physical pain.  So I took it.  And they gave me a prescription. I had to stay for a while to make sure the pain level went down and to make sure I could go to the ladies room.  Once the meds kicked in and I did that, they wheeled me out to the car.   But I've not used any of the meds we picked up the prescription for (same drug).   I am going to take some Tylenol here in a few I think b/c it is aching a bit now off and on.  Not bad. 

We had errands to run after it was over.  I stayed in the car b/c I was woozy and dizzy - while George paid the sewer bill, got my meds, and got us a Subway sandwich.  Soon we were home.  He took dogs out.  I helped hook them up.  I gathered phone, laptop, my unsweet tea from Subway, and some crackers by the bedside - thinking I'd play games on the ipad a bit but nope - I was out.  I slept for hours.  I woke up and fixed myself some instant mashed potatoes.  And watched some of my you tube shows and then headed back to bad "for a few minutes" as George was fixing us dinner that would be ready in about an hour. 

But...I was out again - and slept until around 11:30 or so.  I got up as George was going to bed.  Maisy had barked and that is what woke me up.  So I got up ate chicken he had fixed and spinach souffle.  And watched more shows.  I've been very behind.  lol

And  I was up until about 2:30 or so.  I actually had a shake before going to bed.  Then I didn't eat again until about 10:30 this morning.  I got up around 6 though.  I enjoyed my coffee, took a shower and just poured hot water over my hair to rinse the blood out and didn't put shampoo on it yet.  I will do that tomorrow.  I was afraid it was still too raw b/c I still have blood oozing out on my towel when I sleep.  Not much but a little.  Sorry for the graphic description there.  So my hair still is funky but I'll do shampoo very gently tomorrow.  I am using a plastic cup instead of putting my head under the shower head b/c mine comes out pretty hard. 

I think tomorrow - the 3rd day - it might be really sore.  Usually that is the hardest day.  But today I've vacuumed, ironed, made soup base and it's in the crock pot, and the Nest guy came and installed our Nest camera for the front porch.  Here's "Vladimere" setting up the Nest and we are trying to see if it was going to work.

I may have to take off the Motion b/c Little Bit gonna set it off, all day but it's kinda cool to see him. lol. 

And it caught me going out to take out the dogs.  Here I am trying to coax Roger into coming back in.  I actually had to go get him.

Anyway, this afternoon I will do more laundry and folding, add last minute things to the soup, and fix popcorn and watch Sister Wives and read.  And I need to do some things in the office here.  I am going to begin using Evernote to capture a few things. I'll use it as a storage point for the business related items. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day!  Off to do the pop corn.  Maybe have to take Tylenol. 

Hoping to stay awake so I can sleep a normal night.  Just glad it is all over and I have the weekend ahead.  I made my appointment two weeks from today to get my staples out.  Then I think that next week we go do benefits stuff.  Man it is up on us! 

Ya'll take care.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Off to the Surgical Procedure, Without Coffee!

Today's the surgical day.  We leave in about 30 minutes.  Easy no make up and no hair style day.  Kinda nice.  I decided to put doggies in this post as they cheer me up.  I guess I'm not supposed to have coffee but I do get to drink a drink that is very similar to my system's "hydrate".  I chose grape over strawberry.  I had one last night and have to have the other this morning on the way in.  Then nothing after 6.  The surgery is at 8.  It should take about 30 to 45 minutes and then post op recovery and all that and then home.  I may just fix something here once I'm good and awake.  They said you would have amnesia for 24 hours.

Yesterday for the PreOp - I did my registration on an ipad in the lobby and even paid for it out there in the lobby by swiping it on the ipad.  That was different.  Then they came out to put a  bracelet on me and I'm like:  "Wait, my procedure is not til tomorrow".  A little moment of confusion but they had to put a bracelet on and admit me to take my blood.

The storms are about to come through and of course the wind is sustained at 22 with gusts up to who knows what - about 40 maybe.  So now I think I'm more nervous about the ride in than the surgery itself.  Ugh...I'll be so glad when this is over ya'll.  I don't like having to do the procedure and I don't like storms when I'm out in them.

I've prayed for both to be fine so it should be ok.

And all will be ok when I'm back home and have some coffee.

I hope the staples in my head don't hurt.

I had to take a bath last night and this morning with some antibacterial soap like they scrub down with at the hospital.  All over -especially on my hair.  I had to sleep in fresh sheets - we even changed the bed spread.  It said to avoid sleeping with pets - but that was a little hard to come by.  We still did.  But for the most part other than Maisy getting her Tummy rub - they slept over next to George.  I also had to have another shower this morning - same stuff.

I bet they get all kinds coming in for surgery.  And I bet some of them do need two back to back baths.  Anyway, I feel squeeky clean this morning, lol.

Well I guess I'll gather my drink and get treats ready for the doggies so we can head out.  Keep me in your prayers and I'll *try* to come back and post.   If not I'll post in the morning.  I'm sure I'll be on face book at some point.  If I remember who I am.  lol

Ya'll have a great Thursday!  It's Friday's sister.  I'm off tomorrow and we have an installer coming to install the Nest doorbell thingie.  I can't wait for that.  I will get to see every delivery now!  And can see who is knocking at the door!

Ahhh I hear the K Cup coffee doing George's cup, giving it's final sigh.  I want it so bad but I'll not mess it up.  The worst part about all this is the dread and having to do without the coffee.  I guess I'll not care about anything but the grape drink is a nice touch.

Ya'll take care!