Friday, March 29, 2019

Crossing Bridges, Business Progress, and Organization

This is where we are with spring.  Forsythia bushes in bloom, the dogwoods are coming out in places - or I think that is what they are.  There is also some purplish bush or tree that is blooming.  The birds are back and the leaves are just barely starting to come out.  The wind is blustery at times, and the skies often look just like this above.

So what can you tell from this graphic?  It appears the woman has just stepped outside "for a minute" to perhaps put out the last few bits of laundry.  While there, she heard the ducks flying in and stopped to watch.  And now she is taking in the spring blooms.  She is probably thinking about the garden in the summer.  Looks like there might be a tilled area left over from last year just on the hill beyond the laundry.  The door to the kitchen is open.  She may have something going on the stove for a meal later that day.  Kindof looks like there might be a child's long john pajamas on the line.  And a little girls slip.  It looks like Tennessee.

I love doing that and imagining what is going on and picturing myself in the scene.

Sorry I was not here the last two days.  I overslept both days.  Have been staying up for various reasons.  Just busy.  Wed night I had a call.  I have two people that are wanting to sign up.  So I have some yeses but not right now.  Even though we have smaller pack sizes they want to start with the big pak and want to save up for it.  So that is good.  It's only a dive in that first month and after that you only order what you need.   Mine is a little more b/c I buy extra and like to have all the flavors in stock and such so - I've built it up over the past year but now to the point where I'm only replacing. Except for when I new flavor comes out and I order extra knowing it will be gone. But it is exciting to have come across a curve.  I mean if nothing else I'm getting good practice.

I was so excited to have come across some better scripts that I can use when on calls to help guide me in explaining the system - that are just beautiful.  It's a combination of two different ones.  So I need to type up "my version". On this last call.  I followed the scripts, asked questions and let her do the talking, and eliminated a lot of my "verbal vomit" as we laughingly call it.  We go on and on sometimes b/c we are excited and it confuses people.  lol  So I let her ask questions and do a lot of talking.  I still probably talked too much.  lol  Anyway, I LOVED it.  I have been so shy of doing the calls but I'm absolutely loving it and the ability to begin helping someone else lose weight, keep it off, or just simply get in the nutrition and feel better, sleep better, feel younger and having energy.  I'm going to love doing this.  It's been a slow go.  But I'll keep getting better.

So now that I'm going into the next phase of this, I see I'm going to need to figure out a better system for customer files and my follow up files.  I have considered doing a 1-31 hanging system or a notebook divider system of 1 to 31.  I keep going back and forth on which to do. I think I've changed my mind back to the hanging file system.  It's really nice for when you need to call customer X on Day 5 of the program b/c she is starting her cleanse day that day - you put her customer call sheet on the day of her cleanse.  Each day you grab the date of the month and call those customers and check in and follow up with those you promised to follow up with for the "not now" folks.  As this grows it seems better than just writing it on the calendar as I've been doing for my follow ups. I can also put rolling reminder sheets in for monthly things like "Printing last months business receipts".  Birthday reminders and such.  I use the 1 to 31 for work and have found that I love it.  I have a pending file that I use as well in conjunction with that - and it's a weekly pending file.  I suggest a daily pending file as well but I just toss back into my in box for tomorrow as my daily pending file.  At home I don't really have an in box, lol.  There is no one here but me that is giving me things, lol.  And my pending file here at home is just laying it on the side table til it's resolved.

I'm such an organizer geek.  I spend more time getting all these things set up and perfected but once it really takes off I'll be set up for it.  I don't have a lot of time to work on this side business so the whole year has just been:  1) experimental with the products 2) learning 3) fixing and growing myself  4) organizing myself 5) expanding my thoughts 6) dreaming 7) gathering data 8) testing, changing, and organizing tools and materials 9) setting up the office 10) learning how to post 11) morphing into a brand (still in progress)  12) getting an entrepreneurial mind set 13) setting up a schedule that works 14) making new friends 15) going to events and doing weekly business calls 16) reading and listening 17) learning how to talk to people 18) thinking about my mission in life 19) learning gratitude 20) having sipping events sometimes 21) learning this comp plan which is still in process.

I have done the above in little pockets of time.  I've done a lot with a little time over the last 12 months and have loved every minute of it for the most part. Any parts not loved were moments where I doubted myself, my personality, felt that others thought I was crazy, others judging me thinking I can't do this or others rolling their eyes at network marketing.  There were some days where I had to get over humps of finding new ways to find time and to be organized b/c five days would go by and I wouldn't get a darn thing done.  So I've constantly been reinventing and listening and watching how others are doing it and duplicating the same. Trial and error.  And then finally Trial and Success.  The only way to lose is to quit really.  It does improve and get bigger with time.  And so when I cross these big huge hurdle bridges, it brings me one step closer to where I want to be.

So this week, I reached 30 lbs of weigh loss.  I cannot believe it.  lol  But have been able to keep it off with this system b/c of the nutrition it gives.  Hardly any exercise and still eat bad sometimes.  So this week the bridges were more weight loss and then a successful script sheet giving me confidence to do the calls and actually enjoying them.  This was my big fear - the calls!  So I have a few failed forward calls that just were totally the verbal vomit version and me trying to do it my own way.  When I found this script I liked, it was like the heavens opened.  Now I do need to refine it.  But angels sang!
So two bridges crossed, two challenges met and won.  And I continue on.

Now this weekend I want to find time - probably on Sunday  - to create this Call Sheet (I need a fun name for it - Life Changing Worksheet sounds good to me).  The sheet for each person you are working with - customer or prospect.  Everyone gets a sheet, customer or not.  They never come off your radar.  But I need to set the sheet up with name, contact info, and information about the person (their family, job, recreation etc) and their health/wellness goals, and then below that would be lines for date and what was discussed.  Like "not right now - didn't think the timing was right - husband lost job, mom in hospital", etc.  And I'd put in a future dated file - perhaps a month or two away.
So there would be a lot of follow up sections.  Once they become a customer - they really will have another sheet added to it now that I think about it b/c there is already a check list for that.

So I need to type up this worksheet, type up my personal script as I'm using half of two different ones, and set up my files for the 1 to 31.  This has been a massive but fun thing for me.  I say massave b/c of all the information.  It's overwhelming and I've been trying to get my hands around all of this in the past year!  Gathering and assembling and organizing information and myself!  And I'm about to get there to the point of where it's going to grow and blossom.   I always have that "just one more thing to organize or learn" but it feels good and it's been worth it.  Some people can do this on the fly - I have to be organized and scripted.  lol  But it's getting easier and it's starting to roll in forward motion.  Wish me luck.

The secrets to my success I think are going to involve me having 1 to 2 hours in the evening before dinner.  Maybe some after.  And having a few hours on the weekend to plan the next week's posts and so forth.

I'm rambling b/c that is what I do!

George and I are going to a UB40 concert in Aug.  The calendar is starting to shape up for the year somewhat.  My open enrollment trip across the US is coming up week after next.  We are planning another trip for me after open enrollment to go back to Portland OR to do handbook rollout and supervisor training and be there to consult with employees so they can be heard and such.  And Katy and maybe friend Lisa, and I are going to San Antonio in June.  Katy is coming home in July for a long weekend with a friend.  Global Celebration with Isagenix is in August.  And we are going back to Texas and Hot Springs AR as well for Thanksgiving.  George wants an extra day in Hot Springs.

So the year is really stacking up.

I get my staples and stitches out today! I hope it doesn't hurt.

We are going to see Momma tomorrow.

We miss Tugie but our schedule is so much easier.  I feel guilty saying that, but it's the truth.  It really is less stressful.  But I loved her so.  Bless her and I hope to see her again and she remains faithfully in my heart.  I accidentally called Maisy "Tugie"  today.  Tugie was on my brain and in my heart.

Anyway, I better go so I can get ready and get to this doc appointment.

Thanks for reading all my fluff and tuff today.  Let me know if you read it to the end.  lol  Ya'll have a good weekend.

I hope I get the sleep schedule going again.  I've kinda been going to bed later and not wanting to get up since the time change.   Sleeping good just not a the right times.  lol

Take care ya'll.  I'm sorry if my blog posts have not been very interesting - but just crazy trying to figure out time to get everything done.  I'm about to get there.  I'm also listening to Essentialism by Greg McKeown.  Hopefully that will help me across the board.  Oh and George's first day as an employee instead of a temp is coming up on Monday!

Ok I'm really gone now!


  1. Being organized does help in the long run. I used that 1-31 type of file for years when I worked. It's a good way to keep on track. Congrats on the weight loss. That is a lot! And congrats on your growing business. I think you are successful because you want it to be. When you want something, no matter what, if you set goals it helps a lot! Sounds like a win win situation for you! Happy Friday! Yay!

    Love and hugs,

    1. It's slower than I want it to be, since I have next to NO time to doing this. But have come a long way in learning and getting it set up and sticking my toe in the water so I can jump in.

  2. Things are turning your way! I’m happy for you.

  3. it sounds like you really are organized and things are coming together for you. continued success.


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