Sunday, March 3, 2019

Excursion Day Out, Upcoming Outpatient Surgery, and Reading

Sharing my favorite pens.  I have to have them and they arrived this week - late but they got here.  When you find something you like - stick with it!  Little things mean a lot in my world. 

George and I ate out yesterday morning at the General Store - a place in MJ town and really enjoyed our morning.  

The buffet was upstairs and the general store, the ice cream shop and the cookie shop was downstairs. 

I loved this little bookshelf and quilt nook area.  This little girl and her Daddy were so cute.  

You know me, I loved the back porch.  ;-) 

This was at McKay's bookstore, our next stop, mainly to get Nurse Jackie's future seasons.  And George and I stopped to peer inside this book.  I don't really think it's a book I'd want, but the RV got my attention.  I really didn't get to look at it closely as it was in a main aisle-way which was crowded.

 At McKay's I had an unbelievable sugar surge or plummet - I'm not sure.  I had eaten a pancake with syrup. And also had potato casserole.  I knew when I ate it I shouldn't be doing all of the carbs and sugar as I've not been eating that way. So I began feeling weird and shaky.  As we left, I told George we quickly needed to get to a drive thru for some meat/protein.  So I began drinking water and then we went to Wendy's and I got a double and just at the burger and felt back to normal. Note to self:  Cannot have a pancake with that kind of syrup ever again.  Ok for bite of someone elses.  Not my own whole pancake.  Then we went to Green Hills and went to Whole Foods. 

We ended up buying some Ravioli for dinner.  Look at this pasta. 

And we went a bit ape crazy over all the little cheeses in the baskets that were leftover small cuts. ;-)  We have a cheese party scheduled for Monday!

Bought a couple of things of coffee that we have never tried before. 

Then we went to CZann's for a brewski.  George was happy they still had the Pecan Porter.  I had to take a pic of the BIRD scooters that are causing so much trouble and controversy here in Nashville.

They don't have a lot to eat.  I limited myself to 1 beer and we had pimento and cheese and crackers.  Not the healthiest, but if I was having a beer, I needed food.  It was lunch.  A very late lunch.

Then we came home and I did laundry, prepped for the week, ironed, packed things up, put together my cleansing kit and so forth.  

Then we ate our ravioli and wonderful sides that George had made.

We watched Nurse Jackie and Tugie now loves to sit in my lap.  Here she is in clothes and diaper.  I have my flannel pants on!  lol  And then not long after that we all crashed.  It was a great day.

This morning, we awoke to Tugie barking.  George fed her and then she barked again.  She wanted to go out I think.  So we all got up - both of us and dogs and by the time we did all that and fed everyone it was getting too late to go to church.  We really overslept.  Normally we are up.  I already had felt that the weather was not ideal hovering at 37 or 38 and didn't trust to be away from home and it turn to snow.  So we didn't rush.  So I'll do a devo here.  

I have done laundry (it never ends) and rebooted dishwasher, and did something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I read!  I finished 1/3 of a book just sitting there.  This thrills me to death to be able to do that.  They say that doing the MLM business you need to give up your hobbies to find the time to do it.  You know me though.  I'm the rebel.  If I want to read I will.   But I'm 56 and if I want to stop and ready, by golly I will.  The RV can wait one day longer.  My choice.  No one controls my time but me - well and my family.  That's the beauty of it - you work when you want to. 

So I went to the surgeon the other day.  He was a bit rude.  He walked in and said "Hello what is wrong with you?" 

So, ok....I explained that had two cysts on my head that needed to be removed.  He measured them and looked at them and then said he could do it but it would need to be done in the operating room and that I would have to be put to sleep and then have staples in my head.  One of them is pretty big.  They need to be removed.  So I'm going to do it.  I never imagined it would cause so much trouble.  And I'm kinda worried about our insurance.  But regardless they need to be removed and we can't wait for George to have insurance again as Lord knows when that would be.  So I'm going to do it and it will be March 14th.  Then they will install "Nest" on the 15th while I'm working from home.  Then George doesn't have to take off work and I'll be home anyway and we won't have to pay extra for weekend service.  However, my head may be all damaged and wrapped like a mummy.  lol 

Last time it was an office procedure and didn't cost much, but b/c of the fact that the scalp bleeds a lot - is why he wants it done in the operating room.  I'm a little hesitant about doing it thru this doctor.  But I guess if I'm actually in the operating room at the hospital perhaps it'll be ok.  

Geez.  I am dreading this so much!  But it needs to be done and I'll do it and get it over with.  

Katy has sent me her dates of availability so I think we are planning a San Antonio girls trip and do the river walk.  

And this afternoon, I need to do a few things for the business, plan out the week ahead as far as my schedule.  I get nails and hair done this week.  I need to send out my prayer cards for the people I've been praying for.  All is going well I think.  Just really needing to feel some warm air!  We'll end up going from winter into the heat of summer and I need some in between and some flowers!  

Ya'll have a good day!  


  1. Hi Sonya, sorry to be missing for a couple of days but a bit like you I have been kinda busy....I hadn’t realised having the cysts removed was going to be such a major op. I am praying that all will go really well. How many days do you think you might have to take off work? Knowing you..none would be your answer!! But you must take a few days just getting back to full steam ahead ....
    I was sorry to read about George’s work place in difficulty let’s hope they pull through and having seen the work that George does so well they may realise just how good he is....well love I am about to start the week again so I had better stop and get my first cup of tea of the morning ....God Bless, have a good week. Xxxx

  2. I love that country store and the other places you went too. It's nice that you have lots to see and do nearby. The ravioli looks delicious. Glad you recovered quickly from that swing in your sugar. It's nothing to mess with for sure. That surgery is necessary, but it doesn't sound pleasant. Will say a prayer, all goes well. Hope you have a good start to this new week. Happy Monday!

    Love and hugs,


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