Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Morning Catch Up over Coffee

We get so excited at the warm days and it puts cheery thoughts of flowers, flip flops, being outside, running around without coats, everyone out in the neighborhood - and then comes a cold front to remind us - Spring isn't here yet.

So, we are expecting another cold front to bring some of our winter's coldest weather it appears.

I really don't have a lot of news this morning.  But it does feel good to get the blog post in.  It's been a busy week of working the FT job and also working up the side gig.

As far as the side gig. I've been told that you work at it and work at it with nothing happening and that it takes about 12 touches before someone finally gets it or sees it (that we are talking of unheard of nutrition experiences here) and often they have to see yours and others transformations and life changes, but then finally they say your business will explode as others finally "get it" - that you are not just fluffing at the mouth and that it is not just "another shake company".

  It took me a year from my first exposure and it took several people and it took experiencing my first shake when I felt like gold moving through my veins.  So I will keep plugging away at trying to change people's lives and help them see they don't have to be stuck and they really don't have to do a whole lot either.  I lost my weight just getting the nutrition in so my body would work the way it is supposed to.  So I've been reaching out to folks.  At least I'm planting seeds and trying to help.  It is not only weight loss but it does help the body begin to work again.  And really why I was seeking something in the first place was being able to bring bad numbers down (BP and cholesterol) tame the diabetes, and stop my muscles from deteriorating.  BINGO.  DONE!  Weight loss was the side effect. And I will NOT stop trying to help others and I feel like God is putting me in the place I need to be.  I wish I could just send out a free pak to everyone!  ;-)

So we talked to Katy yesterday and we are going to be working on a summer girls trip to either Austin, Waco, or San Antonio for the river walk.  If we can do June it'll be better than July b/c it gets really HOT.  But on the river walk at least you can pop in to a/c as lots of shops have it.  She is sending 3 dates and I'll choose from there.  There was also talk of us going back down there for Thanksgiving again this year. I thought that someone else had "called it" but Katy said there were no plans.  George said "they have hotels" - so I guess even if someone else did go - we could too.  We know enough to get around on our own down there.

I will also be going to do our benefit open enrollment at all the plants the first week of April.  So Oklahoma City, Phoenix, AZ and the Portland, OR area.  I am hoping that the Portland one is last so that I can stay the weekend and be able to see some of the area.  That has been a dream.  I've offered to stay into the next week for training, handbook rollouts etc. If they would like me to do that. 

And I'll probably do Phoenix again next January.  ;-)  We'll see.  I like it when I get my travel plans on.  Was a little depressed it wasn't getting on the schedule.  Also would like to try and get a RV rental thing going on but with George's job this just becomes a hard thing.  He will not want to take off much due to his temp job.  He doesn't get vacation and will probably only take Thanksgiving.

So this job thing.  The place he is currently at is also having financial difficulty it seems much akin to his former company.  Almost exactly like that.  So the job there is most likely not coming to fruition.  In my opinion it's time to seek something else.  However, I get it.  It's a sweet deal - a good drive, good friends he is adores being around now, and and finding another job is work so why do it til you have to.  I get it.

I'm glad it is Friday.  I have a doc appointment today.  I need to have a place (two actually) removed from my scalp and so I'm meeting with a surgeon today.  I don't think they will remove it today but will probably be a consult.  We'll see.  I've been dreading getting this done but it needs to happen.

I am so glad that it's Friday though.  Yee ha.  I'm glad to have some free time and to get my house back in to shape a bit.  We are going to go to McKaye's Book store and get the rest of the Nurse Jackie seasons.  We're almost through with Season 2.   We are going to a place to eat breakfast in town tomorrow as well.  And we'll see what all we get into tomorrow.  So I won't have a lot of free time but I'll have some.  I want to go to Church on Sunday as we did not go this past Sunday since neither of us slept well Saturday night and so we stayed home and got the rest.

One of the things I want to do this week is Yoga.  I have a DVD "Candlelight Yoga" and I really need to be focused on that.  I wish I had more time during the day.  I always say that.  I have way more that I want to do now than time to do it.  I guess that means I'm living life fully.  lol

I don't really have much to report - life just keeps on ticking and I just keep on trying to get everything done and goals reached.  I guess I better go get ready and get my face on.  Ahhh, I dread going to this surgeon.  But whatever.  Not everything in life can be fun. lol

Ya'll have a superb Friday.

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  1. I will be praying all goes well with the surgeon for sure. You certainly do live life fully. Good thing your job is a permanent one with George's being so iffy. Nice to have plans with your daughter. I know you must miss her so. Happy Friday and hope you weekend is all you want it to be

    love and hugs, 'ma'


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