Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Meatloaf for Tacos and a Lazy Night with Dogs

Taking a shot of Ionix yesterday (non-alcoholic) to shield against the stress.  It works.  

My daughter shared a pic on the ranch with the long horns.  Hope there are no bulls out there!  They can knock you to kingdom come! 

George's meatloaf that he made for tacos.  Is this not HUGE? lol  There will be leftovers for a while.

You just slice a thin slice and place into your taco shell and then add the "fixin's". 

I had to go to Target yesterday to pick up my file cabinet and dog treats that they won't ship.  So now I can start making some files and can be organized by subject matter.  

Then I went to get my nails done.  They look and feel so much better.  Did not like them last time.  There is one lady that does them that I don't like her style so much and I seem to end up getting her every time.  It's ok when she does pink and white, but on the 2nd round when you just get the fill in of the pink - it's not as good.  

Well look who joined me last night in the chair?  Little Bit.  He got to come in from the cold and wanted to be with us instead of hanging out in the back.  Tugie was tolerant.  And so was Little Bit.  He did have to go to the garage though when we went to bed.  He has a bed and litter box down there and water.

Here was the rest of the crew. 

It got down to 17 degrees last night.  

It's not supposed to get out of the 30's today but I think starts to get warmer the rest of the week.  Looking into the forecast it appears we have several more rain days coming.  ::sigh::

So I got the name wrong...on Nurse Jackie the other day.  Her name is Edie Falco.  She played Carmella in the Soprano's.  We are now in Season 3 I believe.  I'm about to lose count.  I love this show.  We are enjoying it so much.  It has comedy, drama, and like a soap opera b/c it hangs you at the end and leaves you wanting more.  We watched 3 shows last night. 

I just now noticed the "pill" in the "i" above. lol  

This show was on ShowTime a long time ago.  But a little trip to McKay's bookstore here in Nashville and you can get all 7 seasons or whatever there is.  

Anyway, it's Tuesday, and a cleanse day for me.   I won't be cleansing next week due to surgery (it's just removing a cyst, but still have to be put under and a surgeon does it).  I will also be laying off the vitamins and supplements b/c I know you are not supposed to have fish oil for some reason before surgery and I'm not sure which vitamin pill it is that has it in it.  

After some consideration, I may just take the Friday off instead of working at home that day.  I could use the break.  We've got a guy coming to install the Nest.  I can work on my side gig, read, and play! 

Anyway, take care.  I'm off to the races!  It is a race for sure trying to get everyone's needs taken care of.  Everyone is having to wait their turn  - it's not a quick thing anymore.  And some things I just can't do any more for folks.  But I try to find a way for them to help themselves.  lol 

Anyway, til tomorrow!  


  1. Wow! I never thought about having meatloaf tacos. I do love meatloaf and always have leftovers so now I'll know a new way to use it up. You all look so cozy there cuddled up with the dogs. They do make good companions. You do deserve a day off after surgery, so I hope you do take it. Have a terrific Tuesday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. your family looks nice and comfy cozy. meatloaf is thwe ultimate comfort food. yum. yum. i hope having the cyst removed goes well without too much stress.

  3. It has been thought that fish oil may have blood-thinning properties.

  4. Your daughter is brave to stand out there with the longhorns. Yikes!. Meatloaf tacos sound delicious and I loved The Sopranos!!! We also thought it was cool that my Last name (DiMeo) is in the show.
    Now I'm headed to google to see what "Lonix" is.


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