Thursday, March 7, 2019

Needing More Sleep and Needing some Me Time

I'm really having a hard time getting up this week for some reason.  Perhaps it is the cold weather or the very fully packed day(s) making my body call for rest.  It will be even worse next week with the time change.  I hadn't realized until yesterday that it was upon us.

It's been a crazy sassy little week in many regards to which I've chosen to stub my nose at rather than give it any more of my precious time coaxing, lamenting, and stewing over.  I've way too much other things to accomplish than to beat my brain out as to why others do what they do or don't do as the case may be - just moving onward leaving it behind to steam in a pile on its own - some piles smell a letter stronger and deeper if you know what I mean. lol

I've been able to get nails done and hair colored and cut. 

I've been doing the side gig in pockets of time. 

And it's Thursday and I'm just about ready to have some time of my own - self time, time to rejuvy, time to have nothing on the calendar, just calm and peace and serene time. 

I've picked up the file cabinet this week (the plastic one) and it is now upstairs in my office and my hanging files came in.  So I'll work on that some this weekend.  I want to work in the design shop this weekend.  That is a software that my side gig company provides to make graphics and other marketing visuals.  It's 9.99 a month. And I'm thinking about ditching this other tool I'm paying $14.99 for b/c it's not doing for me what I need.  I can do my own stuff via Paint Shop Pro if need or snag from all my other resources!  So I've stopped to look at the $14.99 one a bit just now and based on what I'm seeing, how much I've used it in the past and what I've used it for - it's not worth it and I can do better/quicker on my own.  It's weird how the program is hard to use and it's just not really meeting my needs.  It's actually limiting what I want to do. Most of us use IM to talk to everyone now and this is not really supporting that - that I can tell.  It often doesn't work or crashes.  So I'm getting rid of it completely and that will save me $4.99 per month.  Once I see how this $9.99 program does - if it doesn't blow me away I'll get rid of it too. 

Anyway, I'm ready for this day to inspire me somehow.  I need to be inspired today.  Because today I'm just ready to be done and move on to blessing my house and finding some pleasure - even if it's working on my goals - which are pretty much being taken away from me I think.  Sadly. 

Off to the land of mysteries!  lol


  1. Our bodies do have a way of telling us what is needed for sure ! Remember that every day is a gift and what you do with it is up to you! It's your choice ! Every day might not be a good one, but there iw something good in every day if we look for it. Hope that inspires you and you have a very happy Thursday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. hope you find something to inspire you. inspiration can be found in the smallest things. good luck.


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