Thursday, March 14, 2019

Off to the Surgical Procedure, Without Coffee!

Today's the surgical day.  We leave in about 30 minutes.  Easy no make up and no hair style day.  Kinda nice.  I decided to put doggies in this post as they cheer me up.  I guess I'm not supposed to have coffee but I do get to drink a drink that is very similar to my system's "hydrate".  I chose grape over strawberry.  I had one last night and have to have the other this morning on the way in.  Then nothing after 6.  The surgery is at 8.  It should take about 30 to 45 minutes and then post op recovery and all that and then home.  I may just fix something here once I'm good and awake.  They said you would have amnesia for 24 hours.

Yesterday for the PreOp - I did my registration on an ipad in the lobby and even paid for it out there in the lobby by swiping it on the ipad.  That was different.  Then they came out to put a  bracelet on me and I'm like:  "Wait, my procedure is not til tomorrow".  A little moment of confusion but they had to put a bracelet on and admit me to take my blood.

The storms are about to come through and of course the wind is sustained at 22 with gusts up to who knows what - about 40 maybe.  So now I think I'm more nervous about the ride in than the surgery itself.  Ugh...I'll be so glad when this is over ya'll.  I don't like having to do the procedure and I don't like storms when I'm out in them.

I've prayed for both to be fine so it should be ok.

And all will be ok when I'm back home and have some coffee.

I hope the staples in my head don't hurt.

I had to take a bath last night and this morning with some antibacterial soap like they scrub down with at the hospital.  All over -especially on my hair.  I had to sleep in fresh sheets - we even changed the bed spread.  It said to avoid sleeping with pets - but that was a little hard to come by.  We still did.  But for the most part other than Maisy getting her Tummy rub - they slept over next to George.  I also had to have another shower this morning - same stuff.

I bet they get all kinds coming in for surgery.  And I bet some of them do need two back to back baths.  Anyway, I feel squeeky clean this morning, lol.

Well I guess I'll gather my drink and get treats ready for the doggies so we can head out.  Keep me in your prayers and I'll *try* to come back and post.   If not I'll post in the morning.  I'm sure I'll be on face book at some point.  If I remember who I am.  lol

Ya'll have a great Thursday!  It's Friday's sister.  I'm off tomorrow and we have an installer coming to install the Nest doorbell thingie.  I can't wait for that.  I will get to see every delivery now!  And can see who is knocking at the door!

Ahhh I hear the K Cup coffee doing George's cup, giving it's final sigh.  I want it so bad but I'll not mess it up.  The worst part about all this is the dread and having to do without the coffee.  I guess I'll not care about anything but the grape drink is a nice touch.

Ya'll take care!


  1. At this point in the morning your surgery is probably over and done with so I'll be waiting to hear how it al went. It will be a good thing to have it done and over and on the way to recovery now. Prayers have been said that all is well. Take care and enjoy that 1st cup of coffee when you get to have it!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi love, wonder how things are going. Just want to let you know I am thinking and praying that all will go to plan, you should almost be getting out of hospital about now. I hope George will make you a jolly nice dinner tonight....take care love. You will be ok I’m sure
    Night night God Bless. Xxx

  3. saying prayers for a speedy recovery.

  4. Hope your surgery goes well.

  5. Good to hear you are still alive and kicking. That is funny about the horns. I would have got a kick out of that.


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