Monday, March 25, 2019

Relaxing Sunday Non Productive Healing Day

George fixed the prettiest drink for me this weekend with Blood Oranges.  I have found I really like them a lot.  And they go pretty good in a drink too.  A stiff one was welcome after Saturday's loss of our 18 year old poodle. 

So last weekend it was the surgery. This weekend it was the Tugie's death.  But I've had two weekends off with very little work and planning on the side business.  It's ok.  I've decided not to push push push all the time.  But I do believe in the products and will continue to share how good it makes you feel and will continue to give others time to share that, my faith in God, and to share nutrition, information and good things.  Because I believe it so.  I'll get back in the ring shortly though as I do have several folks to follow up with. 

But the last two weekends I've needed to chill for obvious reasons.  One thing I did was watching the sunset on the webcam in Panama City at Schooner's.  It was beautiful.  

We loved hard on our other babies this weekend.  And Maisy was good to follow along by my side.  At night for some reason she snuggles with George.  But last night I told her that when Tugie slept in the bed that she would snuggle with me and would she snuggle with me like that?  When I woke up she was snuggling with me and sleeping by my legs.  I think maybe she gets hot easy and prefers to have space but she listened, much to my surprise.  It's difficult getting up and realizing that Tugie is not there in her little bed.  I took the covers off and washed it (I always keep blankets and throws on their pet beds so it's easy to toss in the washer).   

This weekend I will move the beds around a bit.  We don't need 3 beds in places.  Some rooms don't have any beds so I'll move some things around.   Katy sent some pics.  They had a hiking day yesterday on some bike/hike trails on the ranch.  

It's getting warmer out there too.  Probably warmer than here.  

It's time to plan the San Antonio trip.  I meant to do more toward that this weekend but just haven't focused on it.  

I downloaded the Canva app a while back.   This verse was on my sermon notes calendar.  I had bought a Christian planner book but didn't like it for a planner and used it for just the sermon note and class notes.  So I used the verse to make this.   

We went to church yesterday and then came home and George mowed.  I did laundry and dusted and cleaned the kitchen fan blades, and swept the kitchen floor, and then fixed a bowl of pop corn for lunch and began catching up on Keep Your Daydream on YouTube, We're the Russo's, Gone with the Wynn's, and Sister Wives.  Yes I was a recliner potato for a long while.  George read a lot.  

It was truly a pretty crazy week - even trying to keep the crazy stuff at bay.  But evil will find a way to try to get AT you.  

But all you can do is Keep Calm amidst the craziness, with Grace and Kindness.  Yes I made that one too.  

When one person blows steam at you and you let it eat you alive, that OTHER person has controlled you.  So you just have to duck and let the steam roll on by.  Energy moves right?  So duck if you don't want to be steam rolled.  

I love this one though.  I didn't make it.  I can't take the credit.  But I love the message.  
It reminds me every day that if I'm not a miserable cow, I might actually have a good day.  When a person is miserable, they want everyone else to be too.  Misery loves company right?  So sometimes others pull you down or sometimes it might be ourselves pulling others down.  Sometimes it's a chain reaction.  People respond and usurp that negative energy and pass it on.  I am learning to deflect that as best as I can and sometimes can mean setting boundaries with others.  It doesn't mean you don't care or it's selfish.  It just means you just want to keep your mental and emotional health and don't want the drama mess in your life.  Life is hard enough.  And there is nothing you can do to solve the problems of people that don't choose to be happy anyway.  When will we finally learn that we are not responsible for everyone else's happy?  With some you can never make them happy. They have to decide if they are going to "find happy" on their own.  And if they choose not to, they need to leave you the "ack" alone! 



I have to go get the staples/stitches out of my head on Friday.  Yee habadaba.  It's been itching really bad the last few days but that means healing.  

Well, you all have a good day.  


  1. when you lose someone you love you have to pause and reflect. i'm glad you gave yourself that opportunity this weekend. i bet the stitches/staples will be easy coming out and then you can heal the rest of the way.

  2. Good to take time to heal. It had to have been a very emotional weekend for you. Hope this new week is filled with only good things for you...don't let anyone bring your down!

    Love and hugs,


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