Monday, March 4, 2019

Squirrel Surprises and Busy Week Ahead

When you hear a loud noise of chirping and squealing and look out the window. 

And you scare each other!  lol lol lol

He finally figured out how to get down, but he fussed for an hour.  I hope he made it.  I guess I'll know this morning when I back out of the garage, lol.

I fixed "Chicketti" last night for dinner.  It was really good.  Pretty cheesy.  I've been trying out some casseroles lately so I can use my new Pioneer Woman casserole dishes.  Trying to pick some that are not too many calories.  Only one can of soup in this one and I used whole grain spagehetti or some kind of equivalent, might have been the corn spaghetti.  Anyway it was easy.  I did have to chop an onion and a green pepper.  And I did have to get the chicken off of the roasted chicken we bought at Kroger.  

Then we watched The Shack.  I've been dreading it.  But in a way looking forward to it.  I don't like movies that make me cry and I knew this one would be touching.  So I grabbed a box of kleenexes and warned George.  I saw him wiping his eyes too.  It really deals with the issue of "why bad things happen to good people".   And it gives you a good picture of who God is and about judging others.  Very powerful movie.  

What a great weekend.  I didn't get much planning done for the week.  I will keep going but I'm kinda tired of pushing myself to be honest.  I will continue but every now and then your mind needs a break and I enjoyed reading "Whale Island" and I am ready to catch up on some shows I've been missing:  My YouTube shows and also Sister Wives - I'm so behind on that.  

Well I believe the high temp here today is going to be in the low to mid 30's and a low of 18.  I think it starts to moderate later in the week to 50's and maybe a 60 degree day or so.  I have to look at the forecast.  That was Saturday morning when I looked.  

I'm ready for flip flops.  And I'm going to go buy some more if I can get to the store.  We were supposed to stop on Saturday and didn't.   

A busy week for me for sure.  

Tonight I pick up my file cabinet (plastic one, lol) but it fits the decor since my business is not ready for fancy yet! lol  And it won't ship so I have to pick it up.   
Then I'm getting nails done. 

Tomorrow night is Zoom call night. 

Wednesday night is color and cut hair cut night.  

Thursday is my only free night.  

Friday we have a fun time planned with our friends.  

I did a monthly subscription to a Design Network through our company where you can create and develop digital designs and marketing posts  - you know I love that kind of thing.  Was sad that it was time to cook and I didn't get to play with it.  Looking like I'll probably have to wait til the weekend.  

Anyway you all have a great day.  Let's make it a good week and get done what we can and have fun when we can.  And ugh, I keep thinking about next week's surgery thing.  Ugh.  But then maybe spring can begin when that is all over! 

Ya'll take care.  Lots to do on the 7:30 to 5:30 job - I started to say 8 to 5, but all I know is I leave here about 6:45 and don't get home til 6:15 so whatever.  Whatever happened to 9-5?   I heard that song yesterday.  I am ready for life to be balanced.  Being gone 12 hours a day is not good.  Eight to 10 is much better.  And more proper for the one who runs a household: laundry, cleaning, shopping, and sometimes cooking.  

Have a good one. 


  1. Glad you got your day started well...let’s hope it continues in same mode all week. Glad your weather is warming up a bit. We had that horrid tornado news on TV so many poor folks killed....We are having very stormy weather for next two days but not quite a tornado.....!!!....we have had such a funny month we had the highest recorded temperatures for February there was even a couple of days when I sat out for a wee we are into March and temps have dropped, tonight they are saying we might even get a frost.....I will be glad to get to California in 6 weeks can hardly believe it will be six weeks tomorrow till we land in LA. After an 11 hour flight from London...then once we land we have a two hour car journey to least it’s going to be dry and warm,,,I hope...
    Night night. God. Bless. Xxx

  2. what a cute squirrel. hope he got down with all his fussing. your file cabinet sounds nice. enjoy.


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