Saturday, March 30, 2019

Staples Out, Planning Girls Trip, and Filling Up the To Do List

Yesterday I went to get the staples out of my head.  I thought I had stitches too, but no it was just Staples.  Anyway, it didn't hurt.  It's still healing - scabbing over so it'll take a while til it's completely gone.  I'm so glad all of that is OVER. 

At least their office was pretty.  Loved looking out the window.  All went very quickly. 

Since I had time yesterday and hadn't had eggs lately, I fixed an egg on toast for breakfast before I left.  That was fun.  It doesn't have the nutrition though that my shake does but sometimes it's nice to have a normal breakfast.  Then I am always craving my shakes again the next day.  

Since I had the doc office visit and the later breakfast, I was kinda off all day.  I didn't want to take lunch since I was late to work b/c of the doc appt so I ate at my desk.  I snacked on PB and seed crackers and then later on had my meal replacement bar which kept me satisfied for a long while.  I also had a little bitty chicken salad kit.  So just small meals all day. 

This baby above has 18 g of protein!  ;-)  Gets you pretty far down the road.

I think it's funny that yesterday I had "appointments" to talk to friends/family.  lol   Katy called and said "what time is good for a face time call?"  "Six thirty".  And then my friend Lisa texted and said to call her, and I said "Ok, Five o'clock". 

At least if it's on the schedule, it gets done.  Otherwise we roll on to the next "to do" or "goal".

Loved checking in with Lisa.  She won't be able to go to San Antonio with Katy and me.

Katy and I planned our trip in San Antonio - well mainly picking the hotel, which to me is sometimes the hard part.  I had been there before, and I think what we picked will work great.  Good reviews too and on the River Walk.  While on the phone with her, I got my flight booked.  So excited.  This does not take place until June though.  Will be here soon enough.

Katy posted on Instagram (in white letters).  I reposted on mine (in Orange letters).

George had said last night that we should go out to eat!  But since we had a planning session on our trip he just fixed Shrimp and Grits as it would be late when we ate.

Oh my gosh it was so good.

George's Shrimp and Grits

It had a little heat to it, which I loved.  It was just right.  So we ate and watched The Durrells in Corfu.  And then a show of Nurse Jackie.

And then bed.  So up this morning and doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen a bit.  Have been plugging some things in the calendar this morning and making some "to do's".  Several things to do this weekend that I don't want to forget and time is going to be in shortage.  Here's the list:

___Order baby shower gift
___Do Target Order (household/pet needs & office products)
___Add Isagenix needs on my next Autoship order
___Create the Customer Form I want
___Type of the Script on one page that I'm using
___Order some kind of anti slip/trip strips for my slippery new shoes
___Order my new calendar system as mine ends in June
___Order new updated pics for my office at work (pic frames)
___Planning time for my posts next week

I've been listening to Essentialism on the commute.  Loving it.  It's unfortunate that I'm listening in the car, b/c he has some really good quotes I want to remember!  Here's one.

It is and will always be a challenge to get done what I want.  It's so easy for an evening of domestic chores and laundry or conversation to obliterate my side job business time, which I lovingly call "power hour".  Then the week is gone.

But there's been a lot going on.  George's job offer and our trip planning have been our top priorities.  I took a look at his benefits yesterday compared to mine that we are on.   Mine has some good coverage in spots.  However, overall, we decided to go on his health and dental.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has really been good for us before.  They have a good reputation for claims processing.  Our deductible is a bit more but the cost for the two of us is waaaaaay less than what we are paying now.  Our premium savings on a monthly basis will build up and easily pay for the higher deductible costs when we need it.  We can afford a higher deductible now and so it's a savings plan situation instead.  Also his dental was cheaper - it had lower coverage on major services but not much difference.  So we went with the lower premium.  And we'll stay on my vision insurance.  I kinda wanted to change b/c his coverage was a little better and better networks but it would have been $32 per month for the both of us and that is a bit much for a vision plan when you rarely use it - once every 3 years for glasses other than an exam.  So we are staying on mine.  Of course I have no idea what ours is going to be after May as they wait til the last possible minute to make decisions on rates for the next year.  That was unfortunate for our planning this week, but we pretty much knew we wanted to go on his plans to be on BCBS.  So I don't think it would have mattered had we had the new rates.

We also had to look at our life insurance planning.  I had to laugh that George sent an email yesterday while doing some life ins planning...."I'm getting enough so you can pay of the house, pay off the car, and be able to buy a big RV....but don't get any ideas!"   Made me giggle!

Anyway, I need to go and try to get some things done.  We are going to see Mom today and I still need to do laundry and all that kind of stuff and try to work on my list above.

I can tell you though that I am pleased as punch to be able to have even enough office time this morning to blog.  Getting  time to do anything I want to is VERY difficult.  Truly life is full.

Ya'll have a great weekend.


  1. What a relief it must be for you with George now at a permanent position with his company. Great you can have better insurance too. Sounds like a wonderful day for you. Enjoy the time with your Mom!

    Love and hugs,

  2. congrats to george on the job. you must be thrilled. the Shrimp and Grits look yummy. glad the staples are out. you must be relieved.


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