Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Sentiments

We went to Nuit Belge event the other night at Marathon Music Works.   You will need to go the link there, to see what it was.  But it is a lot of restaurants and a "beer pairing" that goes along with it.  It was a fun event!  

It was dark and people everywhere so it really wasn't a good event for me to take a lot of pictures.  I just didn't want to be THAT PERSON!  So we just enjoyed the evening with our friends.  

Below, George and Don pose for Lisa as she takes a pic.  They have on beer socks that Lisa bought them.  

We had a very nice home day at home.  Of course George ran his errands.  I did the usual laundry and cleaning and picking up and mopped the kitchen floor as well.  

I played around with the Design Studio program that my nutrition company offers.  I'm not very good at it but I see now how it works.  It's worth having.  I discontinued the other app I was paying for.  I'm just not getting much out of it and there are other apps that are working better for me. 

First go round: 

This one didn't fill up the FB Cover screen.  Although I liked the simplicity - it didn't work right. I might not have clicked "facebook" though now that I think about it.  I kinda like it plain and may go back to that later. 
Here was the 2nd take.  Learning to add in other pictures.  I thought I liked it and would have but I didn't realize how to make a frame and it looked weird to me.  Now I do know how to do it  - you would add a white rectangular shape behind it.  So this was "take 2". 

I ended up with this one.  I played around with the translucent feature.  I'm still not completely satisfied with it.  But I'm learning.  So this is my current FB Cover right now.

I kinda like just the plain and simple version.  And may eventually go back to that.  But right now it looks weird to your FB friends if you change your Cover Page every few minutes, lol.  So I'll wait. 

 I may even use the thing to make a blog topper at some point just to see if it works for that - b/c the images you have access to are copyright free and there are so many.  

I'm discouraged about a few things right now.  Looking at my Joy Indicator I see it's easy to jump from a 5 or a 7 all the way to a level 1 skipping a few steps.  It's all about how others make you feel.  Most days I'm pretty strong and let "the words others have told to me" just fall off. Which is saying that most days I can ignore the truth of the matter.  I guess today is not one of them.  We always say that allowing others to make you feel bad is allowing them to control you.  But not really in this situation.  I am in control and seeing the light, I guess you could say.  The truth is making me sad.  But you know, they say the truth sets you free.  

 We did not go to church this morning.  I wanted to go.  But first of all the time threw me off.  I was already behind by the time I got up.  George is sick with sinus stuff going on.  And he didn't get up until 8 or so.  

I've decided to go ahead and have shakes this week.  I'm just dropping off the vitamin supplements which have Vit E and Fish oil in them. I'm not supposed to have anything that would be considered a blood thinner for 5 days before surgery, such as those and also ibuprofen and aspirin but I don't think they really care if you eat something that has Vit E or fish or anything that would be a normal meal.  Lord knows we know that most of our fork and knife meals these days do not have the proper nutrients that they once had.  My shakes probably have Vit E in them but I don't think as a meal that would be a big deal.  I am NOT leaving off my Ionix stress supplement though.  A quick look at ingredients there includes mainly the superfood berries and root ingredients - none of which are listed in the "cannot have" ingredients and Lord knows I need my stress formula to deal with the likes of what all I have to deal with all the time.

I am dreading this week's surgery deal getting the knots cut off my head.  But I'm trying to be positive about it.  I mean lets look at the positive: 

1.  I get two days off from the day job. 
2.  I won't know about it when they are doing it
3.  You get lots of attention getting all comfy and pampered
4.  It won't take long
5.  It shouldn't be complicated
6. By the time I am asleep, I'll be waking up - it seems time is lost in b/w
7. I get to read and play and be with doggies for two days. 
8.  The Nest guy will come and install that 
9.  I'm going to get to eat something cool after the surgery (drive thru or pick up on the way home). 
10.  I'm going to allow myself to catch up on shows and play computer games and read. 

If this little guy had his tongue sticking out it would look like Roger. 

So George may be hearing something soon on his job. As you know he is working a temp job through Robert Half which is an accounting temp firm agency. There is someone that is quitting and some movement may happen that puts an opening in his department.  He's been told if that happens he will be brought on board.  So keep your fingers crossed. Actually say a prayer - that works best. 

I set up my file system some yesterday.  That helps a lot.  Now I can file my ideas too and reach for the subject matter when I need something.   So I enjoyed my filing time and office time yesterday.  Sadly though those things are not income producing activities.  Connecting with others is incoming producing activities.  So for me that is hard to do when I'm trying to be recluse from folks.  I get my energy and focus from being by myself so that I can go and be with others.  One of my goals is to be more outgoing so this is easier for me to get out of my comfort zone.  I still have to have my quiet time though.  When I don't get it, I become an angry frustrated persona. So much of what I experience across a week, leaves me feeling frustrated if I half way think about it.  So I have to spend time getting away from those frustrations.  So getting a balance has been interesting b/w having some me time and connecting with others time.

  I keep holding on to "The only way to lose is to quit".  I can see that now.  I will keep trying.  I've got to connect more though.  Connect. Train. Connect. Train.  And dreaming also of the RV at the end.  And being able to see how I've helped others feel better.   

Me by the time I get there.....

It's getting easier.  It really is.  I'll be better.  And I'll be a better person.  My "Mission/Vision" is starting to come together too.  They are melding into one.  I really want to experience cool things and share it.  That is really what I've been about all along.  I love sharing with this blog.  I've loved sharing my feelings, my photos, my dreams, my desires.  I've shared the bad along with the good b/c it is a reality blog.  I've also created a harder time for myself along the way b/c no one likes seeing the truth in black and white.  Journalists pay deeply for exposing the truths they cast out there.  My little blog has been no exception.  Evil lurks and looms around the one who expels the truth, ready to devour and sink the one that portrays it.  Telling the truth always causes trouble.  But it is the best policy. Isn't that what they said?  lol 

Anyway my point and my direction is this - my mission and vision - Sharing GOOD things - God, Inspiration, Nutrition, Experiences.   That is who I want to be.  It's who I've tried to be.  It's a part of me.  It all fits together. 

The rain and storms have come.  Today the sunshine is here.  Leftover clouds around at times.  The leaves are starting to come out and the blooms will start to come along this week.  The freeze killed off some of the blooms, but I'm hoping it is a pretty blooming week.  Things will awaken! Mid March is always the time.  

Today I want to focus on the week ahead.  Some on the business, some on personal planning, some on training.  I will do some connecting today.  I will do my devo today.  And I will do some planning on San Antonio today with my trip with the Katebug in June.  I need to go to the store and try to exercise some.  Have a couple of music CD's to import.  I may buy me an iTunes card at the store for myself.  And I may also buy myself some flowers.  No one else ever does.  But I'm worth it right? Right?   So I'll buy myself some.  

And I'm going to finish out some laundry and vacuum.  If I get all that done with it being almost lunch time already then I'm a super woman!  lol 

Ya'll have a good Sunday. 


  1. I am so proud ,of you Sonya, you are doing so well at trying to become more outgoing, I know just how hard it you know...everyone thinks I’m so good at talking to others....little do they know how much it takes me to actually to is even harder for you when you are trying to sell your product that has done so much for you. I know if I could have afforded it I would have been your best client ...I am having an extra prayer that your op. Goes well, I am sure it will, and if you really truly rest afterwards you will be doing yourself a great that you and George had a good night out with your friends....good luck to George as well on the job front, it would be such a boost for him. He has had such a hard year what with his Moms illness and then death, it’s about time he got some good news. I have not been tip top this week but just keep going and trying to ignore the aches and pains....I am getting excited at the thought that it is only 5 weeks till Mary and I set off for California, my friends stay about 2hour drive to their home in Norco....keep calm love the op. Will soon be over and done with. Night night God Bless xx

  2. A balance life is a necessity when it comes to being happy and fulfilled. I think you do a pretty good job of it with so many things to love and do. The more things you love, the more you have to be happy about. I'll be saying a prayer for George's job. Hopefully there will be good things coming his way too. I'm reading this Monday morning so will move on to your post for today...
    Love and hugs,


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