Friday, March 22, 2019

TGIF, Pizza, Over Organizing, and Communication

T G I F and Thursday wasn't too pretty but we go through it.  George and I talked after work quite a bit last night and then George got a few phone calls regarding employment and then Katy and Cody called.  I just ordered pizza as the night got away.  We ordered from Marco's pizza and it was really really good.  We don't eat pizza like that much and I got two mediums - one with thin crust and one with original.  Oh they were so good.  No I don't feel guilty.  I've eaten pretty good all week.  Sometimes it's good to have a higher calorie day to trick the metabolism, so long as it's not every day which will trick you when you get on the scales, lol. We watched a couple of Nurse Jackie shows.  Bed felt good.  The last two mornings has been easier for me to get up.

Tugie is still constantly coughing.  Not pain but just coughing.  So we are hoping she will naturally pass so that we don't have to take her.  When she sleeps she does not cough.  But I think she is getting tired of having to cough - just like a human how we moan sometimes like - ugh really.  She is kinda doing that.  We may have to make some tough decisions this weekend.  Right now she is asleep near me and it is not as peaceful - she is shaking a bit and kinda breathing a little different - hard when she breathes out.  I wish she would just go in her sleep peacefully.  Bless her.

Well, we get to sleep in - in the morning.  I think we are going to work outside some.

I finally got the flight schedule worked out.  There was no problem with the sold out flight - the partner I work with on open enrollment with the ins company had looked at the wrong date.  So I worried for nothing, lol!  The flights are booked.

I tried so hard to figure out how to get my outlook calendar to work with my iphone calendar.  Or for the outlook calendar within my app to at least give me alerts w/o the email itself giving me alerts.  Good grief if the email gave me alerts I'd do nothing but stare at alerts all day b/c they are constant, lol.  But I'd like to be able to see my work appointments coming through on my phone.  They are there in my app for it but - what good is a calendar if you can set it up to remind you for your appointments coming up.  I spent a good hour and a half googling that and trying to make it work.

Then I got confused plugging my flights in the calendar b/c I had plugged it all in a CST time in outlook.  But realized some of the flights were PST and Arizona time since they don't do daylight savings. So as long as I keep looking at my itinerary instead of my calendar I should be ok in case I goofed something up.  I spend so much time trying to be organized!  lol   However, I guess it's been the secret to any success and the reason things keep coming my way b/c I always follow up and follow through and have systems in place for not dropping the ball.  That does though keep me from doing other projects and pushing that b/c I'm working on so many administrative things that involve a level of experience and knowledge - like how to process the FMLA's, collecting premiums from employees past due insurance, compliance pieces, insurance auditing and corrections - invoices, workers comp follow ups, OSHA log keeping, overseeing a lot of other programs and reports and compliance that my assistant does, creating and running ads, policy interpretation, and being information central and answering emails all day.  It gets a little crazy trying to keep up with it all.    Today I'll be working on the EEOC reporting for last year. My assistant did the tabulating from a Dec 2018 payroll date.  So I think I just have to go in and input the numbers.  But I'm so glad it is Friday.

Yesterday was hard to concentrate b/c there were some other stuff going on that I'm trying to figure out how to handle.  But I have about got it figured out.

Anyway, hoping today is a better day for everyone!  I'm listening to the Joy Junkie podcast this morning on the way to work - on the issue of "How to have tough conversations".  I think that people do not know how to communicate properly.  Often I have to do training on this and or coach our supervisors or coworkers how to handle issues.  So I think this will be helpful.  And I could use the training myself.  So looking forward to that.  I also get to consume the "Birthday Shake" for the first time today.  But right now I'm having coffee.

And TGIF for sure.

Have a lovely day!


  1. It's good to hear that everything worked out as far as your travel plans were concerned. Sounds like a great evening too with pizza and a call from your daughter and relaxing watching TV. It is a concern that your sweet little Tuggie is getting worse. We all hope our pets go peacefully when it's their time. But sadly that is not always the case. Hope it is a fantastic day and all goes well!

    Love and hugs,


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