Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday's Wacky Babble

Well, yesterday was ok, but you could see a little "full moon" in it.  Everyone is a little chaotic and needing to do something with that extra energy.  I think I "get" the full moon now.  It used to be a mystery as to why the world slid sideways when a full moon approaching.  I also think the seasonal change full moons are stronger than the others.  So we already knew the moon had an impact - I mean the tides are impacted.  Our bodies are also mostly water.  So we feel that energy.  And energy has to go somewhere.  I heard that in a podcast yesterday and I'd not really thought of that before.  But energy moves.  It has to go somewhere.  And it does.

It's why if a person doesn't "get out" the negative energy within them they will get sick in some form.  It bubbles out.  So the full moon has unleashed it's energy and people are at unrest. 

God's Mission for the me the past couple of days has been to "pray" and "talk with Him".  That was simple and it feels nice to have Him by my side. 

Cleanse day went ok yesterday.  I'm sippin my coffee this morning and awaiting a shake which I'll drink on the way to work.  I'm thinking of going for some chocolate this morning. 

The Birthday Cake Shake came out. I made this graphic from a free app (well you can do pro if you want) - Canva is the app.  What a beautiful cake and picture.  I am not sure if it's a birthday cake or not but I'd love to have a birthday cake that pretty.  Only I don't eat much actual cake anymore.  I can do a couple of bites.  That's it. 

I'm really looking forward to the birthday cake shake.  Mine is ordered and will be here soon.

Well, Tugie is coughing a WHOLE lot more.  And so her decline continues.  It's just sad.  I've pet her a lot this morning.  Any day we come home, we expect her to be gone.  But she keeps hanging on.  She is not in any pain and actually as far as I can tell still eating good.  However, yesterday she did look at her food like she didn't want it, but she still ate it.  She threw up a bit this morning from her coughing. is getting close.  She is almost 18 and will be on tax day if she makes it that long.

We had our team call last night and had a speaker with some good points.  So I took good notes. 

It makes me sad that sometimes that people with success handle it with such a prideful attitude sometimes.  Some handle it with such charisma and charm and others just sortof make fun of the ones who aren't successful - like things like "you are smoking pot dude if you do it XYZ way - no dude you gotta do it this way - other wise you are delusional". 

I mean really? That kinda turns me off and sideways and down under.  A person may be making a lot of money telling others what to do and making them successful, and I"m not.  So they have that over me.  The process for me works, but the persona didn't - if that makes sense.  I am not trying to place judgment, but I am trying to discern what works for me and what doesn't.  If that makes sense.  Like considering mentoring with this person which he does - is an option.  I've opted out.  I don't think our spirits would mesh.  I'd love the info but not the sarcastic pride, if that makes sense.  lol

Anyway, I get raw and honest here sometimes.  And that was my thoughts and feelings as I listened last night.  Good points but perhaps delivered in a way that was not attractive to me.  I would never want to hurt any one's feelings but no names and pretty sure this man is way "too important" with his time to be reading the likes of my blog.  lol

Anyway, thankful God gives us discernment and I get to eat today!  And George and I are going out with his sister and her husband tonight.  So that is good.

Got all the flights scheduled and arranged for the trip across the country to do the open enrollment meetings with the week I was given - with no parameters of course.  It was a beautiful schedule.  I worked hard on it and sent out the emails but it's all flubbed up now b/c one of the dates won't work for one of the plants. ::sigh:: I had spent so much time on it yesterday that I didn't redo it as I had other stuff going on.  But I will attempt it again today.  Lord help us.  It's so hard to have dates that work with everyone involved.  Something is always going to be off for somebody but I'll keep trying.  But the window of time and options are slimming.  It's already way past the time to be making the flights as they have already gone up and are booking up and becoming unavailable.  But I'll keep trying! Worse case scenario we may have to stay an extra night somewhere just to get the meetings in and make the flights but something will have to give.  Wish I'd been given the parameters BEFORE I began spending time on this.  ::sigh:: again!

Anyway, what on earth would I have to blog about if life were not interesting and a challenge?  lol 

Every day a rat race!    And this cracked me up.  I have no words that I will place here.  You can draw your own conclusions and I'll have mine.  ;-)

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. It's for sure that nothing is ever really easy in life, but hey, we do what we can with what we've got! One way or the other, it'll work out. I think we've got to be discerning in most most every thing we do and with people. Not all that glitters is golden. Enjoy your night out and have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. I’m actually commenting on Thursday night..glad things are coming to fruition with your time away. Hope you don’t have to take another night away...I’m so sad that Tuggie is coughing so much, I have watched Tuggie brow up for a long long time now and more than once we have thought the end was near, but I really thing this is the last days.mi bet you are loving poor old Tuggie more than ever now....So long as she is not suffering she is ok....take care of yourself...night night God Bless. Xxx


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