Friday, March 8, 2019

What it is it with this Sleep Thing?

So just a quick post.  I kept hitting snooze.  I cannot get up in the mornings!  It was worse today.  So I don't know - I may have to start trying to go to bed a few minutes earlier for a while. 

It's Friday.  Yay!  That's all I'll say for now on that subject.  But we do have a fun thing with friends tonight. 

The surgery thing next week is weighing heavy on my mind.  I have to quit taking some of my supplements this weekend.  For five days before there are some things you cannot have.  Fish oil is one of them.  It can make you bleed worse.  I don't know which of the vitamin pill has the fish oil in it out of the pack. I think it is a blend of things.  So I am going to be feeling horrible by the time the surgery is over if I can't take it.  I'll have to look at my shake ingredients too and see what is in it.  Our foods have *some* vitamins in it so I have to eat food so - I just need to look and see what needs to be eliminated and then see what to eat. 

I'm a bit worried about it. I don't know why.  Well, I do - it's b/c you have to be put to sleep.  I'm sure it will be fine, but when it's you and you are out of control it gets scary.  At least I won't care at that point.  I guess it's worse before - all the dreading of it - than during and after. 

I was supposed to have someone enroll in a pack this week but an emergency happened.   I was so excited and it burst my bubble a bit.  When you are new at this thing and you know you have gold in your hands and try to share, and no one believes it or thinks it's just another "thing" - it's a slow process.  But I'm learning and growing and will get better at how to share it.  Right now I'm just a bubble over about it- and it is hard not to just blow science and facts around and I really need to do more listening instead of talking. lol  I'll get there.  I'm enjoying the process in the mean time and connecting with folks.  This is a beautiful thing and I'm so glad I found it.  If no one else wants it I'll keep it to myself.  But I know that I'm really not finding the ones that are wanting to make a change.  When you find the ones that are wanting to make a change like I was - is when the magic happens.

Well, I said this would be quick.  But here I go typing away. 

This gal has gotta go for more coffee as well as more no's.  The more no's you have the closer you are to finding the one that has an open mind and wanting change.  We have Maxwell House French Roast going right now and it's pretty darn good.  Back to the basics on some things.

Looking forward to home and office time the next two days.  And I need some inspiration and also some spiritual motivation. 

I guess I'm just a bit burned out with a few things in my life.  I need a reset.  And that is the one thing I'm looking for - for next week.  A 4 day reset.  Surgery is part of it but - it is what it is.  And once it is over and all goes well, I'm planning on taking the rest of Thursday and Friday for nothing but reading and watching!  That makes me at least look forward to the time.

Ya'll have a great weekend. More tomorrow at some point. 


  1. Oh yes, any surgery comes with some concern, but this is something that needs done. It will be over before you know it! Better than having those worrisome bumps. Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great night out too!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Good luck with surgery. It won't be that bad. I know several that have had it done. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. it is natural to worry about things when you have surgery scheduled. i'm sure once it's over you'll be able to get back on your program with no trouble at all. meanwhile, hang in there.


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