Sunday, March 17, 2019

What a Lazy Recouping of a Weekend

I have soooo enjoyed my home time with the babies.   We have been hanging out.  It's been a pleasure filled time for the most part.  Just chillin' and doing whatever we want.  I love my recluse time.  

I have parked all my business related PDF's and documents and links and notes on Evernote.  Took hours to set up.  I kept thinking - "how is this free"?  About 3/4 of the way thru the project it said "that's all you can upload for free" then it's $3.99 a month but only if you pay for a whole year up front.  Grrr.  Anyway, if you paid by the month, it was $7.99 a month - so I bit it and paid for the whole year.  Out of any tool that Isa business has provided, this one tops theirs.  I just didn't like their tools.   I do like the Design tools though.  But for what I need "on the go" this is great b/c I can put notes, attachments, photos, webclips, training clips, ideas and internet links and it syncs automatically b/w PC and Phone.  I love it and am happy with the decision.  So I downloaded the PDF's and video links and such so I'd have it available so I can share on a whim as I go about my busy day.  

I also uploaded a few songs from some CD's George had given me from McKaye's.  And I used my $15 iTunes card and downloaded some much loved songs from iTunes.  I will admit they are songs mainly heard from the travel YouTube shows I watch - about nature, travel, adventure - different from any music I've heard before.  One is "Woods" by Wanderlust.  Another is Burning by Nowe.  I made that one my ring tone!  ;-)  And that took about 1.5 to 2 hours to figure out how to turn a iTunes song into a ring tone but I kept digging til I figured it out. 

Another song is Kiss the Sky by Jason Derulo.  Very upbeat - the kind of song they would play at an Isagenix meet up.  Kissing the Sky is certainly something I'm hoping to do!  lol 

 Isn't Roger a little cutie?

I've really enjoyed the long sleep, NO alarms, and just being at home.  The day after the surgery I cleaned a lot and moved a lot.  On Saturday - I was mainly the NERD doing my computer work.  

Also downloaded "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" - John Mayer.  Pretty song.  Simple. Like to sing along to that one.   

Ms. Tugie is hanging on.  Her days are limited.  She's been sitting in our laps.  She soils her diapers as often as any baby now.  We check her diaper often.  I wash them often.  We have six and I have two going in the washer at most any time.  They have to hang dry.  Almost tempted to order one more set, but I've been able to keep up.  To order another one, is to surely tempt her end even sooner.  These have been good diapers though.  They fit her well and she has been cooperative to let us put them on her. 

Another song - is - Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I'm listing them as they come on.  I'm listening to my recent purchases on iTunes as I type this.  

We are loving the Nest.  I'm mainly getting a kick out of George's pics.  He said I missed the one where he showed his tonsils.  I guess it only clicks every so often.  You gotta love his NOSE STRIP!  lol 

I'm really going to love being at work, and getting a "storm warning" and being able to "go live" and watch.  Here is the view. 

We went to church this morning.  It was very tempting to just stay home one more day.  However the Spirit said just keep moving - get in the shower and go!  So I did.  We went to Aldi on the way home and then I fixed a sandwich - turkey and pastrami and swiss and made a panini sandwich.  I then parked my butt in the recliner and binge watched Sister Wives for hours!  

George went to pick up his new ukulele from a friend that picked it up for him at a special sale with Epiphone.  He loves it so.  

We are having salad for dinner and will probably watch Nurse Jackie.  I forget what season we are on now, but we have watched a LOT this weekend. 

Wow, the Nowe albulm is so good.  I may just buy the whole thing!   I needed way more than $15.  

Anyway, back to work tomorrow.  I imagine it will be crazy.  My watch shows that it's almost a full moon.  Life will be back to the grind.  

I'll also be back at my focus on the 2nd job and making that happen.  There is So much to it and the learning and getting organized.  

I also liked "Of Dirty Paws" Of Monsters and Men.  I'm not sure what kind of music it is, but I like it.  

So my head?  Well I think the headaches are over - I had felt great the day after, and felt pressure yesterday but today it's only had moments of "pulling pain" as the area dries up and begins to heal with the staples.  Not bad, but felt.  I've had some itching.  But as of last night it was really still oozing.  Sorry for the description of it but that's what you deal with.  

Anyway, I've been careful to wash my hair with a cup of water over it and not the shower head.  I have to be careful when doing my hair not to hit the staples with a comb.  

I should be planning my week out for the business but have been reluctant to let this precious time slip away.  I'm just letting God lead me to what He wants me to do.  And sometimes that means not beating my head against the wall.  To share is one thing.  To belabor it is another.  I figure if God's gonna open a door for this - he will do it.  

Anyway,  that said, I'm cycling some this month (getting paid) so at least getting paid for the efforts somehow.  Nice to have a little extra coming in.  Have a few customers and then get credit for others on the team bringing in business.  Kindof amazing how this system works.  

Just glad that this surgery is behind me.  It's like I have a refreshing clean start going into Spring.  I no longer have to dread that now.  What an ordeal.  Still have to get the staples out the last week in March. 

Well I'm going to work a bit until dinner.  Hope you all are doing well!  And thanks for the prayers and all.  I was a bit uncertain about the surgery but so glad it's over.  

Sun is going down and it's shining pretty in the office window.  Soon the desk lights will need to come on and our salad will be ready.  

More - if not tomorrow then Tuesday.  

Also this week, Katy and I need to plan our trip to San Antonio for June - getting hotel booked and also my flight scheduled.  I'll also be planning our open enrollment flights and possibly a "stay over" in Portland so I can go to explore for a day before coming home.  :-) 

So lots to focus on this week.  Will be a busy one for sure.  


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you are doing so well and enjoying your down time, even though having surgery is a hard way to get some time to yourself. Starting this week off feeling refreshed and renewed will certainly make a difference.
    Love and hugs,

  2. I’m happy you had a good, restful weekend.


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