Friday, March 15, 2019

Yesterday's Surgery, Vacation Day, and Nest is Installed

I lived through it.  The horns are cut off my head now.  The doc said it was my halo rack.  lol 
Yesterday we got there about 6 and they prepped me up and gave me nausea meds and a slight pain pill I think or something to relax me and hooked me to IV.  I began to relax a bit in my little room.  Then they wheeled me back to the pre-op room.  There may be a different name for it. The doc was 30 minutes late so I had to wait a bit. His nurse came in and asked questions.  A nurse with the anesthesiologist came in and asked the same questions.  And the the anesthesiologist himself came in and asked the same questions.  The surgery was not until 8:30.  Finally I was rolled back to the surgery room.  I tried to look around and see what it looked like and a guy came across my nose with a balloon like thing and told me to breathe in a couple of deep breaths and I was OUT.  And then I woke up when I was in the recovery room with a nurse saying "Hello it's all over".  How happy I was.  And I was very groggy and laid there and realized how dry my mouth was.  As if she read my mind she said "we'll be taking you back to your room and giving you something to drink here in just a bit.  Is it ok if we call your husband to meet us back at the room?  What is his name?"  So they rolled me back and George was standing there.  And they told him my horns were removed.  I guess they got a big kick out of that.  He reminded them it wasn't he that came up with that term.

So they brought me a coke and I was a little combative about it b/c I don't drink cokes anymore and unsweet ice tea was not on the ticket, lol.  George said "just go with a coke".  So I did.  It was really good too - over ice in a little styro cup just like I used to drink them.   She (the nurse) said water would not be good b/c it goes down too fast and would make me nauseated but something carbonated would be good for me to drink.  And it worked.  They had a anti nausea patch behind my ear. 

As I laid there my head was really starting to ache and burn.  Like hunks of raw skin laying open.  The pain radiated into my temples.  I had just had staples put into my head where it had just been cut open.  So no wonder.  She gave me two Percoset which is in the family of bad addictive drugs.  I also was concerned about that.  George is over there going "just take it".  The nurse had to explain I wouldn't get addicted to it unless I began taking it other than physical pain.  So I took it.  And they gave me a prescription. I had to stay for a while to make sure the pain level went down and to make sure I could go to the ladies room.  Once the meds kicked in and I did that, they wheeled me out to the car.   But I've not used any of the meds we picked up the prescription for (same drug).   I am going to take some Tylenol here in a few I think b/c it is aching a bit now off and on.  Not bad. 

We had errands to run after it was over.  I stayed in the car b/c I was woozy and dizzy - while George paid the sewer bill, got my meds, and got us a Subway sandwich.  Soon we were home.  He took dogs out.  I helped hook them up.  I gathered phone, laptop, my unsweet tea from Subway, and some crackers by the bedside - thinking I'd play games on the ipad a bit but nope - I was out.  I slept for hours.  I woke up and fixed myself some instant mashed potatoes.  And watched some of my you tube shows and then headed back to bad "for a few minutes" as George was fixing us dinner that would be ready in about an hour. 

But...I was out again - and slept until around 11:30 or so.  I got up as George was going to bed.  Maisy had barked and that is what woke me up.  So I got up ate chicken he had fixed and spinach souffle.  And watched more shows.  I've been very behind.  lol

And  I was up until about 2:30 or so.  I actually had a shake before going to bed.  Then I didn't eat again until about 10:30 this morning.  I got up around 6 though.  I enjoyed my coffee, took a shower and just poured hot water over my hair to rinse the blood out and didn't put shampoo on it yet.  I will do that tomorrow.  I was afraid it was still too raw b/c I still have blood oozing out on my towel when I sleep.  Not much but a little.  Sorry for the graphic description there.  So my hair still is funky but I'll do shampoo very gently tomorrow.  I am using a plastic cup instead of putting my head under the shower head b/c mine comes out pretty hard. 

I think tomorrow - the 3rd day - it might be really sore.  Usually that is the hardest day.  But today I've vacuumed, ironed, made soup base and it's in the crock pot, and the Nest guy came and installed our Nest camera for the front porch.  Here's "Vladimere" setting up the Nest and we are trying to see if it was going to work.

I may have to take off the Motion b/c Little Bit gonna set it off, all day but it's kinda cool to see him. lol. 

And it caught me going out to take out the dogs.  Here I am trying to coax Roger into coming back in.  I actually had to go get him.

Anyway, this afternoon I will do more laundry and folding, add last minute things to the soup, and fix popcorn and watch Sister Wives and read.  And I need to do some things in the office here.  I am going to begin using Evernote to capture a few things. I'll use it as a storage point for the business related items. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day!  Off to do the pop corn.  Maybe have to take Tylenol. 

Hoping to stay awake so I can sleep a normal night.  Just glad it is all over and I have the weekend ahead.  I made my appointment two weeks from today to get my staples out.  Then I think that next week we go do benefits stuff.  Man it is up on us! 

Ya'll take care.


  1. So glad to hear it is over and you are doing fine. It does take awhile for that anesthetic to wear off and that is why you were probably doing so much sleeping. It is a very good thing you have the weekend off to recover. Take care and don't do too much.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Glad your surgery went well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Oh dear I wrote a longish reply to your comment it’s gone and disappeared on me. Anyway love I am so proud of you getting through your op so well. I didn’t come in yesterday as possible I didn’t think you would be able to come on to give us a report ! Take care when you go back to work and don’t overdo things, just tell them your not feeling very well, even if you feel ok...take it easy. Take care, night night. God Bless. Xxx


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