Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Coming Down with Something and Becoming Unhooked

Not feeling good these last two days.  I think the weekend wore me out with the yard work and moving furniture and I'm trying to get a cold or sinus from the pollen.  Somehow I'm trying to move forward.  But I kept waking up last night.  George's snores were also very loud making it hard to go back to sleep.  I did my sleep spray and that helped some.  And as always at the time my alarm was going off I was sleeping good.  I think I could go back to bed and sleep all day honestly.  I will go into work and see how long I make it.  But I may end up back home.  I'm not sure how I'm even going to make it out the door, but I'll keep pushing.  I just feel completely exhausted. 

I got a lot of things done yesterday.  Made some good progress at work and also at home.  My doc appt set for the BP meds.  Mom's Mother's day gift ordered.  Ordered a thred up bag.  Scheduled the pedi's with the nail salon.  And began doing some contacts on the business side of things on the side gig.  Then it was time for dinner. 

I tried to go to bed early but it was 9 when I got in bed.  I did get 3 solid hours of sleep but after midnight it was toss and turn.  Up at 2 and 3. 

So I will finish my contact work tonight and we have a zoom call.  I still have much to do on my desk.  I have to do the insurance thing today for sure to activate our 5/1 insurance through George's company.  And with Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

I was happy to get some fun email on the side gig with money coming into my account - bonuses and PIB's and a cycle  and all that.  So it was $200 this week just for sharing this program I love.   I am meeting my goals but a bit slower than I thought. 

Anyway, I will keep sharing.  I love the residual income. 

So I need to get running here.  Coffee is helping to perk me up.  I'll be doing e+ shots during the day to keep energized I guess.  It's cleanse day.  And that is fine with me.  Don't have to worry about eating and my cleanse pak is ready to go. 

Better go get make up on and do hair, takes dogs out again and then hit the road.  I'm reading a book in traffic that is along the lines of boundaries.  I won't go into further details.  I am not even going to share the title as it will make others mad, lol.  But it's less about setting the boundaries and more about "unhooking" yourself emotionally from situations where people are trying to manipulate you or stonewall you or whatever.  It's VERY interesting.  I'd never heard of being "hooked" and "unhooked" before in this kind of light.  So I'm on a mission to not be "hooked".  And it really is how things resonate with you and to be able to remove yourself from it.  In a way I guess it's making your self not give a flying hoot.  lol  So title it that if you want.  I think I've come a long way with that already.  I put my heart and soul into so many things and then get disappointed.  So it's really just a way of acceptance and peace and instead of saying you don't give a flying foot, you can just say "I'm totally unhooking myself from this issue."  I like that. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Shopping, Eating, and Planting, but Much to Do

The last of the pumpkin shake!  Sad.  It was really good.  Hopefully in fall more will become available.  I like having it year round so will likely buy two next time.  

George and I had a packed full weekend.  I feel like I need a rest now.  lol  

We went to get a few plants.  

Needham's Nursery in Mount Juliet, TN

We dropped them off at home and headed on for our Saturday shopping and eating adventures!

George wanted to try Oscar's Taco Shop.  BEST fish tacos I've EVER had.  Must go back there.  

I wanted to go to Steinmart as we don't have one near us.  So we went to the one in Cool Springs.  I didn't find but two tops, flip flops with bling, and finally some rain boots - which where more like hiking shoes I guess.  But I will enjoy wearing them around on the rainy days since we have a lot of rainy days it seems during about 1/2 of the year. 

I was pleased that for the first time ever, I was able to shop in the regular ladies sizes.  Barely able, but yet able.  That has been a big goal and something I've wanted for years.  No more plus sizes.  That said I am still holding on to the 1X's as they are only just a little bigger than the XL's but finding that the 2X's are just weigh huge.  No more of those.

I saved this pic while looking through facebook ads on my phone.  This just lights my heart up.  It's the future kitchen of my RV.  ;-)  To prepare those mini meals here and there.

We went to Whole Foods (We took the cooler - but only had a few cheeses and butter and fresh homemade ravioli that had to be kept cool.  

Then we went to Carraba's to use a gift card that one of the Gibson vendors sent - even though George is not employed anymore.  They were good friends.  So that was really sweet.  We had a nice time and a really good dinner.  I got lamb chops.  Rare to see lamb on the menu anywhere.  It was delicious.  And so were the mashed taters!  ;-)

It was a beautiful Saturday in Franklin, but clouds were in and out and eventually took over. 

We went to "The Bottle Shop" next to whole foods.   They do some wine tasting on Saturdays.  We bought everything we tried.  

I had never had Gamay before.  I liked it.

When George told her I didn't like gin, she had us try this one.  It does not have the juniper taste.  

She said it tastes like a forest.  

Immediately I knew I'd like it.  I'm not a liquor person at all but will occasionally have a dark rum drink, or a refreshing vodka spritzer type of drink with either fruit juices or some type of herbal twists.  Have learned to like Don and George's versions of a Manhattan sipper at times - it lasts a looooong time.  lol  So George fixed a refreshing gin drink yesterday after the shower after the yard work we did and it was nice.  

We found our Charleston rice.   Yum Yum.

I planted yesterday and swapped out the back porch furniture and put it up front.  May not be perfect but it'll do.  

Planted the little pink flower there.  This spot is so bare.  

I've always loved the caladiums.

Flowers didn't do well in these flower beds for some reason but the herbs do. 

I put bricks around Tugie's grave.  Probably won't keep it there, but just really wanted to protect it and have flowers there for NOW.  Miss her.

Blooms everywhere.  And George's ladder...but what can you do? lol

George's parsley and other herbs.

And the ravioli was good. 

IF  you can get to Whole Foods, go buy their fresh made pasta.  ;-) 

We went to church yesterday.  And ate lunch with friends at Captain D's and then George had to get a haircut.  I spent most of the afternoon outside.  Made a lot of progress, but I'm sore and tired this morning.  And I didn't get much of the desk work I wanted to do.  

I did get with friend Cheryl and we are going for Pedi's this week and then also we are going to meet my SIL and BIL for dinner Friday.  Thursday we have a fundraiser event.  And I have two nights of personal and business office work to do over the next two nights.  Tomorrow night is our Zoom call with PK Smith. 

I did sell a Value Pak this week.  So was very excited about that.  I have plans to build my customer base.  And then I will begin to build consultants.  I am fine to share and build slowly.  The residual income from this business can be passed on to your children after you are gone.  I think they can even take it over or not but still get the business/money from it.  So I will always share this.  Why not get paid for it and build it and enjoy some extra things - like the RV and early retirement?  ;-) 

Anyway, better go get these dogs out and get on the road.  I'm moving slow today.  VERY sore from yesterday.  

What a weekend. But have some side hustle work to do, activate our new health insurance thru George's work, order Mom's day gift, figure out when and where to go out with our neighbors, set a doc appt for BP refill, print expenses for March and April, do my f/u's with the side hustle, order another Thred Up bag, schedule our pedicure with the Pedi place, and go in a fix a google account for my blog domain.  Still working on the last blog posts list of things to do.  Just didn't get much office time this weekend.  I need three days instead of two.  

Well, ya'll take care.  Gotta get moving!  Happy Monday.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Bliss with much Coffee!

So I slept pretty darn good last night.  I'm two cups of coffee in and thinking about the third.  Love that hot strong nectar going down in the mornings! 

Saturday mornings make me so happy.  It's usually a piece of time that I own.  So much of our lives are owned by others.  I think that ultimately that is one thing that frustrates me.  I fear I have a bit more of a free spirit than I realize and think that is really what the entire source of my life's frustration has been.  So to have free time in the schedule is my spirit being unleashed to its natural state.  

I don't have a lot of free time at home today but George and I are going on an adventure today to shop a bit, eat a bit and so forth.  I have a call tonight at 8 so whatever we do, we need to be back home by 7:30 so I can get set up for that.  

I woke up at 6 and love it when I can just sleep until I wake up.  Have the laundry started and have worked in my office some this morning putting my prospect folks in various folders upcoming in the 12 month/31 day filing system.  And put new ink in the printer.  

This week tried to stress me out but I handled it well!  At least I am aware that I am one person.  Others may not realize that, but perhaps they have now discovered it - if not - they will.  ;-)  Not being able to handle everyone's everything tends to make others angry but it is not your fault.  

Nope.  No stress here.  The week tried me.  But I'm ok. 

BINGO!  Target ON! 

But I've tried to handle the week with grace and kindness as best as I can b/c the person calling doesn't know that they are your 90th interruption for the day.  lol

I guess we'll see what happens and what to do and where to go from there.  Facts are facts.  Sonya is still one person, not a deity, never will be, but I do have God on my side always that watches over, sets my feet and that I work for.  He is supportive of me and "our work" (mine and God's).  And he is also who I tattle to when I need help, need a reprieve, need rest, need for life to back off and He does it very quickly too.  The power of the Lord is like no other.  I love having God as my mentor, friend, and boss.  I'm never alone, never lacking.  So LIFE IS GOOD!

And today he's giving us this beautiful gorgeous day to enjoy and I'm going back for cup #3!  

Got home last night and had a call at 6:30 but she wanted to move it to 8:00 tonight.  And then we have Little Bit who has a swollen cheek and George took him to the vet b/c at that time I thought I had a call.   He had been in a fight with another cat (says the vet) and got scratched and had infected jaw.  I could see that had happened as I could see the scratch.  They gave him a steroid shot and antibiotics and drained it.  So he is better.  I noticed he wasn't eating as much.  But he immediately came home from the vet and began eating.  George said he was very mild mannered at the vet and he was proud of him.  For being an outside cat, I think he gets a lot of loving from people around.  So he was good and didn't act like an outside cat. lol

I do have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend or in the near future: 

___Need to figure out when/where to go out with the neighbors. 

___Order Mother's Day gift

___Print March and April expenses for my business now that I have printer ink

___Plan dinner with the Crouchety Gourmets Group - it's my turn to pick (lol)

___Begin planning for yard sale (supplies, where to run ad, go through the house)

___Plan a meal or two to cook in the next week from my new cookbook (more on that later)

___Call and set up Doc Appt for next few months BP meds - prob have to do that next week

___Isagenix order

___Buy into the free shipping for rest of year deal with Isagenix for shipping savings

___Buy plants and get the planted (Vincas) 

___Go in and put the correct credit card exp date for my blog domain service.  

___F/U on my shoes I ordered from LTD that never showed.  

___Do my post on "Nutrition Fun" on FB

___Download Chet Akins songs onto my iPod

___Need to vacuum and dust

___Need to add things onto the next Target order

___Would love to go for a walk or do my Tai Chi video

___Need to get with my friend Cheryl and see if she wants to go get a pedi soon

I think I have enough to keep me busy right?  There's much more but that is what I can put my hands on right now as far as my list goes.  Planner right here next to me.

Ahhh going for that other cup and getting in the shower.  We leave to go get plants at 10 at the local nursery here.  I love going there every year.  I love plants and flowers, but have to be very realistic about not being here much to care for anything.  So I'm mainly going for Vincas b/c they are forgiving in the summer and I rarely have to water them.  

Ya'll have a good day.  Update tomorrow on our outing today. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Friday Situation

No attitudes here, just dreams of Latitude changes!  ;-)  No sweatpants either - but jeans. 

Went to bed last night and saying "God let me rest in you!"  Try it sometimes.  It's the best rest you have ever had. 

I woke up and had 3 side hustle messages - one was....."Please sign me up for your program now!  I'm ready."  Sweet words ...to be able to help another person to change their life, their world ---it's so much more than a weight thing.  So getting back with her with option of lunch time or this evening to get her enrolled.

I'm spent already for the week.  But will go and do what I can.  At least I'm in jeans and a t-shirt.  ;-) 

Much to plan, do, and follow up on this weekend personally, but shopping is planned for tomorrow. 

Don't have a lot I want to say today.  I did leave a private blog yesterday.  Nothing much - just a place to park some notes/thoughts/observations.  Can't put everything here as "the trolls" have been here 43 times this year alone.  Gotta love being tracked and followed.  That's ok.  I track and follow too and know who visits.  ;-)  As long as it is for nice reasons, I'm good with it.  Not too fond of those that are trolling for the wrong reasons.  They know who they are.  Otherwise everyone is welcome.  Karma comes around.  It always does.  God disciplines and takes care of it.  I know who to tattle too when I need protection.  I love that about our God.  He sets our paths day after day. 

Ya'll have a lovely Friday. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making Mother's Day Reservations ~ Better Call and Check

Sippin' coffee here trying to wake up.  Maisy was up twice last night.   Was a bad girl on the carpet - twice.  I know she tried to wake me up but I told her to go back to sleep.  Usually it works.  I don't know that I want to get in a habit of getting up at 1 and then again at 3, when I already don't get enough sleep.  So it is what it is.  I still had to let her back up in bed with us as she will bark until you do.   Not sure what the answer is.  It doesn't usually happen so hopefully just a fluke.

Yesterday was ok.  I'm at least making some progress in life but have pretty much had to be persistent and say "no" or "not now" or just ignore things to get anything at all done.  Way too much "trying" to get on my plate.  But there is no room for more on this plate of mine so everyone has to wait for seconds and thirds of time from just about any zone in my life.  lol  I'm sorry that cracked me up.  Always room for a food or eating analogy.  lol

I have had to find some room for a shopping day.  We are going Saturday.  I need a few things and have tried to get time to go out to find them.  But the only way to do it is to get it scheduled in - other wise the time fills up with other things.

I also set the Mother's Day reservations last night via Open Table.  I wanted Mere Bulles but would have had to have booked a month or two or three or four out to get the time we needed.  So I settled on another restaurant we have not been to before.  It's a surprise.  I hope it is good and hope it is appropriate for Mother's Day.  It had good ratings.  I'll tell ya all about it after we go.  The menu looked good.  I do want to call though and make sure that the restaurant is honoring their online reservations.  You wouldn't think you would have to do that.  But last year we had it booked on line through a restaurant's own website (The Mockingbird in Spring Hill, TN) and they still didn't honor it.  I booked early and they put on their internet they would not honor reservations if it was not a phone reservation. But they put that up after I'd already made mine.  And didn't bother to call anyone to let us know our reservations were no good.  That happened to so many people who came and were turned away.  It was supposed to be a happy Day.  We were happy but many of us had grimacing angry faces that day at lunch time.  Most left and probably vowed to never come back.  We stayed in the lobby and demanded to be seated as I held on to my reservations in hand and gave lessons on communication.  lol  I don't like conflict but when in a situation where I know I'm in the right, you better look out.  I truly will indeed stand my ground.  I will never set foot into the Mockingbird restaurant.  I don't care how good the food is or how good of a feel it is to be in a country house setting, I'll never go back because of the way they treated us and others on that day.  When I make a reservation, I need to know it is going to be honored.  We finally got a table that day.  We waited in the lobby for a long time even after being told they wouldn't seat us.  I began doing a video of the scene on my phone to post on Facebook and when I did that - they quickly got us a table.  So I didn't post it, but I should have.  So yeah, I'll be calling and getting a verbal confirmation to go with the written one on this new restaurant we are going to try.

Ms. Maxine and her little attitude problem.  I think that sometimes we let others give us an attitude or make us angry. Even God gets angry.   I know that day I was not going to be taken advantage of as I had made reservations long before those other folks walking in the door and I had them in hand.  The restaurant manager had a mess on her hands but our persistence got us a table.  And she lost ours and others business that day.  I'll never go back and I'm sharing our experience with anyone that will listen.

George is leaving earlier this week and getting home a little earlier, leaving me with dog duty (walking them).  So my time is a little more crunched up than normal.  It is what it is.

This morning was hard to get up after being interrupted so much last night.  And George's snoring has been Gosh Awful.  Last night he hollared out in his sleep in the middle of snoring.  I forgot to tell him.  It was something like a snore but he was saying "Awww yeah" right in the middle of it.

George fixed a steak last night.  It was really good.  We watched the end of this season's Sister Wives Tell All part I and II.   I think it is about time for Below Deck Mediterranean.  It starts in May sometime I think.

So I need to go.  It's Thursday, Friday's sister.   I think it's gonna rain today.   But I may order something out for lunch.  I can't decide.  I kinda want Cracker Barrel's salad.  But I might just take my lunch too.  I'll have to decide soon b/c I need to get going.  Ya'll have a great day.   

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Working for the Lord

Yesterday, I changed my "theme" on my PC to a lighthouse theme.  Just mainly to remind me that God is our strong tower, our refuge, and He is more mighty than anyone or anything that is bothering us.  Sometimes it seems difficulties and even people in your path, try to make things more difficult than it has to be.  Lately it seems like I have a target on my head or something - whether it's fate, coincidence, or factual - I've had to seek refuge in God's strong tower to keep me "safe" and "to shed light" on the situation.  God says he won't put more on us than we can bare but life often tries to overwhelm us.  I have asked God for a protective shell over my life and to defend and bend the arrows and send them flying in another direction.  

I did a devotion yesterday on joy.  And copied a few screen shots.  It was a great devo on work.  Loved it.

That's good to know.  I need more joy, lol. 

Yes, God has been my boss for a very long time.  He sets our paths when no one else does.  He answers our problems and dilemmas like no one else can.  He guards the Heart like no other has access to.  He SEEs the whole picture like no one else can.  He steers and makes correct, coaches, disciplines, defines, gives clarity and prospers us forward like no one else will.

Cleanse day was yesterday and you see my lighthouse in the background, lol.  I drank some green tea and added ionix stress formula and it was perfect. 

Unlike Monday, I needed to take a few minutes yesterday for lunch.   I had a headache brewing in a big way - my head has been hurting off and on from the right "horn" (lol) that was removed.  It was a cyst on my noggin.  It was a small one on that side but the cut seemed to be the deepest.  I know the doc kept asking "So you haven't had any problems?"  He asked like 3 times.  I told him "no - no problems and no pain".  Since then it has been a little numb in places I've noticed - but it seems like that has gone away.  But the pain has been there starting up - just like a nagging pain - like a 3 or so on the pain chart.  It's enough to periodically get your attention and make you go "why is my head hurting".  I've not yet taken anything for it, but may result in Tylenol.  It hurts worse when I'm typing.  I'm not sure why.  I guess I hold my head a certain way to concentrate.  Or maybe I'm just busy otherwise and don't notice it til I'm sitting and still.  I did put more antibiotic cream on it as that seems to provide coolness and soothe it - even if there is no more open wound.  However, I did notice that it has a HUGE indention into my scalp.  So perhaps this cyst had been growing inward instead of out. I had been having some pain in my right temple before the surgery.  I haven't had that since it's been removed.  So the pain has moved and it's a different kind of pain.  I looked it up and it said that sometimes the surgery can sever a nerve and it will take time to heal and go away.  I have no idea if nerves can heal.  Or if that is true.  But I did want to go home and lay down yesterday.  I didn't b/c there was just too much to do so I pushed through it.   

I found a shadier spot to sit at lunch to drink my water and tea and red berry cleanse drink.  I think I spent the time to delete our Nashville area's channel news 2 app and downloaded news 5 app.  I had signed up for important breaking news alerts and kept getting alerts about cherry trees being moved downtown, minute by minute updates on the waffle house shooting that happened a year ago - everytime someone else filed a law suit, and alerts about the NFL draft when I said "no" to sports alerts.   I had gone in and set the alerts again not to pop up on my lock screen but they did anyway.  So I deleted one app and trying another.  I don't want a thousand updates on cherry trees or cases that happened a year ago.  I want true breaking alert - like the channel 5 alert that an inmate escaped - things that we need to know.  If a tiger escapes from the zoo - I need to know that.  If a tornado is coming I need to know that.  If there is a shooting near me, I need to know that.  If an interstate is shut down I need to know that.  

The day went by fast.  I didn't get done everything I had wanted due to so much interruption.  Last week I had zero time toward open enrollment and this week and next it's having to be my focus so I can get it done and out of the way.   Just have too many projects going and have had to say no to anything else b/c it's just not physically possible.  You feel so bad when you want to help but there is just not enough of you to go around.  I usually just try to said "ok" and then try my best to deal with it in the timing that I can, but I'm at the "no way in heck" stage right now.  It's just not fair to say you will do something when you know you can't.  No reason to act like you can.  I'm real and try to handle my load with integrity and I know the limits and I'm all limited up! lol  

I guess I'm afraid I'm becoming viewed as a bad guy all of a sudden and that everyone will panic because the yes person has just said no.  So I just try to do my best and hope for a good outcome.  I guess I just want to be trusted if that makes sense?  If I say I don't have time to do something I expect to be believed and not questioned. So I'm fearful that people won't believe me. I guess it doesn't matter what anyone thinks in reality.  It is what it is, belief or not. lol  So not sure what I'm worried about.  So I guess I always get nervous when I have to say "no I don't have time for that".  Past employers have not handled that very well at all.  It usually opens a big can of worms and I guess that is what bothers me.  Anytime you are burned in the past, where people have misunderstood or didn't care, it makes you fear for being mistreated.  Your brain thinks if it happens once it can happen again.  When over a period of years you keep being given more and more and eventually when you say "no I can't handle anymore" - you fear the repercussion of that.  I started reading a book called "Essentialism" to help me with not only work but the home business and also in my personal life.  To get more done in my time.    

But it's ok - I am good b/c my Lord watches over me, defends me, plants my feet, puts words in my mouth.  I follow Him, His wisdom, His directions, and then I'm set straight and need to worry no more.  Still - I've had to have time to reach out to Him so I've spent more time in prayer.  And several others have been stressed as well in this life of ours.  We have shared and prayed together.  

I need to wrap this up so I can put on the make up and take care of dogs.  I've decided I'm letting go of all my worries and letting God have it.  

I have some other goals I'm working on now and that will take my mind off of it all.  What will be will be.  That said I'm only one person and can only do so much.  And that is a fact Jack and no one can change that but God and I doubt he will divide me and make me two people either - so we are stuck with just one of me and one person's schedule of time. 

Oh last night we had our Zoom call.  It's back to every week now.  I was planning on working my side hustle last night so I had to go incognito so I could multi task.  I was able to get my customer sheets/prospect sheets done for everyone I've talked to in the past year.  So glad that is done.  I also got the Target order done.  So at least I can cross a few things off the list.  At least at home I don't have 700 inquiries to interrupt.

Ya'll have a lovely day!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Making Monday a Funday!

Found my favorite water at a different Kroger this weekend.  I don't always buy the expensive water, but from time to time it's fun.  It has the best pure taste.   I bought two since it's hard to find.  Would not allow myself more as I think it was close to $2.  Today is cleanse day and I'm doing the 2nd bottle today while cleansing.  

Yesterday I had a Isalean Bar for breakfast - new flavor of coconut almond chocolate.  Second day in a row I've had one.  They are so good.   So for lunch I was able to have a shake.  It's hard for me to do two meals in a row as a shake.  I can do every other - if George wasn't cooking, but if I do a Isalean bar for breakfast the shake for lunch works.  My buddy and cohort Lisa was shaking it up also.  I tried to do a thumbs up while holding the phone but it didn't work out too well.  lol  Strange enough we were both doing vanilla. 

So yesterday went by fast enough.  It was a beautiful day.  I loved looking out the window knowing it was upper 70's.  I almost went walking for lunch but ended up only taking about 10 min of time for lunch and working through and then I looked up at 5:15 and everyone was gone that I could tell but me.

Once home, I did some things I didn't have time to finish on the weekend.  Folding laundry, ironed about 5 pair of pants.  Didn't get any blouses ironed.  So I'm having to skip over some and wear the ones that are made of material that don't wrinkle.  I've been horrible about ironing the last few weeks.  It's b/c I've not taken time to plan my outfits for the week.  I've crowded out my weekend with so many other things. So I scramble more in the mornings.

I also changed our sheets and began the laundry on those.  We had a neighbor to drop by and give us an invite to his graduation party.  It's the same day as our yard sale in May.  We can probably go b/c we'll probably wrap up the yard sale early.  It is time for us to work on the yard sale so we'll probably be doing that in the next week or so.

So while the neighbor was talking to George, I boiled some potatoes.  I love rosemary potatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary.  They were good.  We also had a salad.

We finished Nurse Jackie.  So we had to watch something different.  George had me to pick.  We had tried to watch "The Wire".  I just was not interested in it.  Began playing candy crush and fell asleep.  Not my type of movie and didn't really like the characters, nor the setting, nor the story.  So last night George had one that caught my attention.  It's called "Drunken History".  A comical view of history as told by drunk people.  Being that life has been how it has been (unreasonable, overloaded, and perhaps even ridiculous) it seemed appropriate to watch something stupid, mindless, that would make us laugh.  It DID make us laugh.  Is it great?  NO!  But it did make us laugh.

Speaking of laughter.  Before I went in to work yesterday, I just had to watch a couple of YouTube funnies so that I could try to smile before entering and get pumped up b/c I really and truthfully needed another day off before coming back.  I love Bob Marley Comedy on You Tube.  He's pretty funny.  Anything that makes ME laugh, is funny.

Also at home we had champaigne pre - dinner.  Why?  Just because we could. And b/c George found a good deal on some "cava".  And I put a mix of Bergamot and Frankencense in the diffuser.  Mood enhancers!  Just trying to come out of the stress overload funk.

Drats, I have an inkling for eggs this morning but it's not going to happen!  Cleanse day.

I best get going.  My plans for today are to work on the business when I get home.  I need to finish my customer sheets.  And start back in the game.   I'm shocked as a gourd (what?) that I got paid again and cycled.  Just in my sleep.  Not even trying!  What customers I DO have are ordering.  Plus one side I get credit from my team, plus my own.  My goals are to keep increasing.  So I have to keep on!  One day will get to six figures?  That is what they say just slow and steady.  Some are millionaires.  I decided not to be greedy. lol lol

Anyway gotta go.  Maisy's hungry.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Fun with Friends and Groovy Monday Morning with Coffee

Here is the exfoliating mask I bought.  You scrub with it and then let it dry.  So I had thought Friday night was good for this before bed, but Saturday morning I have more time and it works better.  So I tried it yesterday and loved it.  It left a slight oily film but honestly it did my face wonders so it was like a exfoliating mask that moisturizes.  It also had a citrus smell to it.  So....so far I love it.  I thought the mask would be heavy and tight but it dried and didn't hurt and wasn't annoying.  So that was nice.  I just washed it off in the shower.  

The granules were perfect and had the consistency of Clinique's exfoliating scrub.  

I had a lot of time yesterday on the blogs, just getting out a few things - both public and private.  So that was nice.  I probably spent longer at it than I should have but it was therapeutic and necessary.  I still have some stuff to "get out", but it'll have to wait.  

I really moved slow yesterday and I did make us late to our party but only by 15 minutes.  I just couldn't get it all together. 

But finally we were on our way to Franklin - about 45 min away. 

With our "supposedly" trimmed dogs that look like only their head, paws got groomed.  We can't tell that their body was groomed at all.  That makes me so mad.  So we'll be taking them back in about 4 weeks or so instead of 8.  Grrr.

We arrived at Don and Lisa's and Lisa had such a beautiful set up.  And gorgeous food.

We got to see Lisa's sweet Mom.  

Lisa and Don were excited to hold some fur babies, after recently losing GiGi their standard poodle whose body had just worn out, like Tugie's.

Lisa holding Maisy

George's marbled tea eggs

Goat cheese at left, and various cheese assortment with jelly on right.

Shrimp and I took the pic before the cocktail sauce was added

These carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing were excellent.

Lisa's potato salad

My black eyed pea salad

Cucumber tomatoes and mozzarella salad

Lisa's lovely place settings

We spent some time sitting by the pool soaking the sun in.  The guys sat in the shade.  The water was too cold for swimming just yet.

Maisy's safe spot and eventually slept under the chair. 

Amber and Dillon arrived home from a long trip and got to see Roger.  Amber loves Roger.  Roger was held a lot by Don too.  Everyone talked about how Roger had gained weight.  We are going to have to walk him some this spring and summer.  He is becoming a little chubster.

We had a great time with everyone.  We stayed until about 8:20 or so and I went to bed at 9:30.  I was going to change the sheets but just had to find sleep.  

I'll likely go in a bit early today.  George has to leave early too.  So we are all up early and I'm through blogging early.  Almost through here anyway!  lol 

My first thought when I woke up, "Oh no, it's Monday already".  I don't usually have that kind of thought, but I did today.  I think the last week kinda did me in, as they say.  I knew also that we'd not have much time at home.  But I did relax a lot this weekend and made it a point to do what I wanted to do.  

Certainly when I get stressed I move slower and it takes me longer to get things done than normal b/c ----I don't know---it just does.  It literally weighs you down and then you move slower?   All I know is the coffee tastes good this morning.  Have a few things rolling around in my head this morning.  I have some expectations that need to be met, or else.  And that is all I will say! 

And with that said, I'll leave you with a suspicious but healthily, happy Good Morning!